Philoso-Fortress 2 Episode 1 | Vegetarianism [HD]

| October 2, 2012 | 50 Comments

Remember to Watch in HD! Hey guys I’m here explaining my reasoning behind me being vegetarian. Leave a Like comment, take care!

Jack Scalfani shows you how to make Eggplant Parmesan Bites & Deviled Eggs. Subscribe to his new channel
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  1. Cameron Dekens says:

    next episode should be on magic jew pixie dust, and its corilation to quantum physics

  2. smeecko says:

    Great vid, great conversational topic, if someone posted a rebuttle, I’d be impressed, I personally don’t have one, but if someone else did it, once again, I’d be impressed, lol. There are countless things you could talk about in later videos, like your stance on war, religion, politics, um, and other things like protests, what would make you so emotional, to actually stop your regular life style, ie: stop going to school/university, and spend ALL your time protesting for something?

  3. Cameron Dekens says:

    eat meat noob

  4. ZombieKingKiller says:


  5. Girostix says:

    You can jump + aim


  6. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    well the waste isn’t the only issue I have with it, I don’t believe that it is done humanly

  7. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    Absolutely, I would never try and persuade anyone’s opinions or hurt anyone’s feeling, our differing opinions is part of the beauty of humanity, and I would never try and take that away.

  8. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    Thanks man! It’s great to hear that kind of support! I will talk about it!

  9. jaybird10661066 says:

    I love your Heavy gameplay stuff.

    Talk about communism and your opinion

  10. MiniatureBarbarian says:

    idk it just such a unknown beautiful massive part of the universe the’re literally infinite possibilities of things to talk about! :) (btw check out vsauce i think ull really enjoy it!!!)

  11. MiniatureBarbarian says:

    its a very touchy subject 

  12. MiniatureBarbarian says:

    be careful to not hurt peoples feelings

  13. Veaponsguy says:

    Go all Morgan Freeman on us

  14. Veaponsguy says:

    Oh and next one should be how big is space?

  15. Veaponsguy says:

    Why don’t you buy meat off a Indian reservation so that the other waste products get used?

  16. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    alrighty!! I’ll do them in that order!

  17. TorosMino says:

    The next Philosi-Fortress 2 should be about evolution or religion xD

  18. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    haha yay for Mr. Fumbles

  19. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    Hmm space, could you elaborate? thanks!! <3

  20. TorosMino says:

    Love the name! xD Keep it up! 😀

  21. MiniatureBarbarian says:


  22. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    ouch. I explained this in the video and said I didn’t have much time to make a video, If you don’t like the topic (which is in the title) don’t watch it?

  23. aleeboop says:

    no offense man but this was just bad. all u did was spawn camp noobs. please play with better people, and talk about more interesting things.

  24. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    xD thanks for the support man!

  25. ShellSh0cked158 says:

    I would be ok with the consumption of meat from a local farm with humane regulations, yes. Unfortunately in California (even though we are supposedly farm people) there aren’t many of them :/

  26. jacobplague69 says:

    hey jak ive been watchng your videos for awhile now and i just have to tell you great job i love your honesty and happy spirit please keep it up i love your videos and i think your one of the best cooks on youtube thank you

  27. adaire88 says:

    So i just got an egg genie and i can’t wait for it to come in! Ty so much for ur honesty and i love to watch u! Btw i think u r very cute!

  28. tcshalala says:

    Can you do easy vegan lunches plez

  29. cannibalnomad says:

    thumbs up if you aren’t a vegetarian

  30. 00Justinxx says:

    Your thinking of a vegan

  31. TheMask180 says:

    I’m not vegetarian, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use eggs.

  32. phinbella1 says:

    Is it okay if I don’t use anything but yolk, mayo, and mustard?

  33. twinkleblossom says:

    btw, can you show how to cook okra? and do an omelette with okra?

  34. twinkleblossom says:

    bruschetta is actually pronounced BROO-SKET-TAH (also BROO-SKAY-TAH).

  35. Harrison Miller says:

    Can you do easy school lunches????? PLEASE

  36. UltimateGrobanite says:


  37. mickmon says:

    The eggs aren’t meant to be cooked b4 you blow them!

  38. mickmon says:

    Someone who doesn’t eat anything that comes from an animal. All meats and eggs, cheese, milk too.

  39. TheNortys says:

    love it!

  40. xpixilovesmakeupx says:

    Nice but I’m allergic to eggplant

  41. hypertonicity says:

    you gave that egg a bj

  42. mlister341 says:

    Look how much he’s using!!!

  43. 29ammu says:

    It’s vegetarian. Not vegan.

  44. silvRboLt95 says:

    Ahh, I see now.

  45. adriennerayy says:

    Where you don’t eat dairy or eggs or anything that has to do with an animal at all . Only organic stuff and yeah .

  46. nsiew says:

    the skin is d best part

  47. silvRboLt95 says:

    What the hell is vegan

  48. djteac says:

    birds are not just animals, they delicious too!

  49. kimhil says:

    hes making a vegetarian dish, which is different from vegan. Vegetarian can eat eggs and drink milk while on the other hand vegans dont.

  50. jakatak69 says:

    @jennychen96 any vegetable you want.

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