Penne Pasta, Italian Vegetarian Recipe

| March 22, 2012 | 25 Comments
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  1. billeybop says:

    I must try this, It looks sooo good! Thanks!

  2. loser2356 says:

    That looks so delicious 😀

  3. myenmoni says:

    This looks delish, def going to try it, Im hooked to your videos now ! :)

  4. ebaysingh09 says:

    …………and mix. Standard dialogue in all your video lol

  5. MixteMedia says:

    To look at another italian cuisine video: ”Strozzapretti’ recipe” by Chef Dino Cordileone

    search ”Mixte Magazine” on youtube or visit or (production vidéo)

  6. madhuri60 says:

    thanks for the video.i made it for first time, but pasta was not cooked tender, but it came out nice. second time i made it, it came out so yummy…………delicious. you know what? i didnt use any cheese, italian spices, and so on. i just made it with simple indian ingredients. it came out nice. thanks. i am looking for more of your videos.

  7. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    We get ours from Costco but most grocery stores should carry it. You may have to ask an attendant to help you locate it.

  8. saipreeti9 says:

    hello hetal n anuja,where can I find sun-dried tomatoes?

  9. saipreeti9 says:

    I have all ingredients but I couldn’t find sun-dried tomatoes ,i dont know in which aisle should I search it.pls let me know.

  10. Snowysharvary says:

    @ShowMeTheCurry i used half of it long back… half more left ! can i use?

  11. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @Snowysharvary : If the packet is still sealed, it should be fine.

  12. Snowysharvary says:

    Hi, I bought penne pasta long back (about 4-5months back) . There is no expire date on it. I’m afraid to use it after long time, Can i use it now? Thanks.

  13. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @saipreeti9 : yes, they are optional :)

  14. saipreeti9 says:

    I wanna try this receipe but I was wondering if I have to use artichoke or is that optional .

  15. fabio86666 says:

    non è italiana questa pasta

  16. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    You can add those sauces in this recipe but please try it as is (without the sauce)…its really good.

  17. reenachitra says:

    I have ragu alfredo n marinara sause ready. so just boil pasta n put those sauses in thea ?

  18. Chem87Engineer says:

    Italian Pasta Is Just like Italian Man… A little bit of effort, a lot of satisfaction !!

  19. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    The pan is Tools of the Trade but unfortunately we cannot find this large size anymore…think they stopped making it.

  20. pucrob says:

    Thank you for a great video! I followed some of your other videos. What brand of saute pan are you cooking in? It’s nice and deep for what you are using it for and also stir fries.

  21. rosh2851 says:

    I tried this last night and it was a great hit with all my friends.>Thank you guys for uploading this video

  22. rosh2851 says:

    I tried this last night and it was a great hit with all my friends.>Thank you guys for uploading this video

  23. kumanooo says:

    as i know in Itally they use al dente pasta this one on the video looks like overcooked

  24. ihealthyvegan says:

    Going vegan has numerous health benefits, like lowering the chance of acquiring specific heart diseases. Still, it’s crucial to appreciate a vegan meal. I desire to share some vegan recipes but youtube wont let me post here, so I put it on my profile.

  25. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    Just skip it, it will still taste great!

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