Pav bhaji, Indian cooking – veg recipe

| December 7, 2012 | 38 Comments

How to make Pav bhaji? Watch this video to learn how to cook a very popular Indian street food Pav Bhaji which is basically vegetables cooked in Indian spices enjoyed with Pav which is a special bread
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  1. VonLeachim says:

    Perhaps you should give it a go …
    I always seem to enjoy the gluten free foods more… much lighter . Am looking forward to it.

  2. eateastIndian says:

    Lol..i agree..they are a little unhygienic but the food tastes so good! The funny thing is that i grew up eating Indian food..golguppe/panipuri, chaat, samose etc but now when i go back and eat the same food..I get sick so quickly..have to watch what I eat in India…:)

  3. eateastIndian says:

    Thanks for watching and for all your wonderful comments !

  4. ilikethewok says:

    Delightful!! Thx for this video.

  5. Reddylion says:

    street vendors of india suck such un hygienic food, dont get me wrong, health first, taste next to me. I LOVE TO EAT… lol…. i might have cooked 1 2 omelette’s lol.. in future i might cook more for myself :)

  6. eateastIndian says:

    you’ve got a great like all that good stuff..bhelpuri, samosa, pakoras..oh so good. how i miss street vendors of India…do u cook a lot?

  7. eateastIndian says:

    Thanks..hmm..I’ve never actually made pav bread at home..may be i should give it a try. I bought these ones from the store but I am making this gluten free dish today using chickpea flour..can’t wait to share it with you :)

  8. eateastIndian says:

    Thanks a lot!

  9. VonLeachim says:

    *also waiting on smellovision / tastetube.

    does look great, ..but you didn’t show how to make the Pav bread ?!

  10. Reddylion says:

    i dont like mashed up veggies… nice vid. i like bajjis,bhelpuri,samosa :)

  11. James Underdown says:

    i’m dribbling… so much amazing foooood

  12. eateastIndian says:

    lol..Thanks..smellovision or tastetube..!

  13. CheddaFreeze101 says:

    looks amazing!! Wish YouTube would come up with smellovision =)

  14. WIGANDSW0RD says:

    Absolutely right! When you drop the superfood daydream, cut oils to a mininum/remove & go for lettuce, brown rice & bananas/apples SUDDENLY the gymn becomes affordable, SUDDENLY an instructor becomes affordable. Too many people just have no clue how to make the crucial difference. Do a minority of people actually require animal foods? I really really HOPE NOT. I’m learning to stay vegan, & get in shape for the first time. The more I learn the easier it is! Thank you so much!

  15. banina52 says:

    hey i got mine taken out for the same reason too!

  16. undcover says:

    In the last few weeks I dropped 19 pounds! It’s so important to get started with the right diet, forget the fads. The Weight Loss Road Map is one and only book I 100% endorse, changed my life. Jump on this quick before she starts charging >

  17. TheRawTwin Bruce says:

    enjoy these hybrid bananas bro lol clearly you learned or read nothing about the difference between hybrid foods and natural foods. the bananas people eat today are far from the natural banana.. they have been cross bred many times to get the banana you eat today and that causes complications in the body sometimes. durian do some reading mate it may help you understand things a little better

  18. ancillaryanalog says:

    At my grocery store- bananas cost 48 cents a pound. And small navel oranges are 25 cents ea. Can’t find cheaper food anywhere, I bet you. (For comparison, a Hungry man dinner, which advertises being 1lb of food as if its special, costs about$3-4 dollars.)

  19. jtmadison says:

    Sometimes I bananas for free because the Circle K store throws them away when they get ripe and ready to eat. (They have a few black dots)

  20. bashful228 says:

    5 heads lettuce alone would cost $14 organic produce in Australia unless heavily discounted (ie wilted and past it). You are taking an amazing deal, ZeBe!

  21. mara3o says:

    Nice video! 😀

  22. ghodium says:

    don’t ask awkward questions, lol

  23. ghodium says:

    eating nothing but bananas would make me depressed

  24. richmalika58 says:

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  25. MichaelnChristine says:

    Is it true DurianRider was caught doing EPO?

  26. imRyRy says:

    I think with fruit/vegetable smoothies it’s less of an issue, since they are composed of mainly water themselves. But for people who eat meat, grains, and even high-starch veggies like potatoes, you want to avoid mixing it with water because your body needs all the stomach acid it can get to break these down. Water dilutes your stomach acid temporarily.

  27. hawaiiIivin says:

    how come a lot of health gurus say don’t drink water any closer than 15 min before or after your meal but smoothies are ok?

  28. guitargczr699 says:

    I ran a 5K last Saturday setting my best time (so far) at 19.42 the night before a had a banana smoothie! overall I think I placed 6th.

  29. amazonka0904 says:

    Hi Harley, great info as always! What is the name of the track in the video? It’s awesome; I checked the sited website but it’s not in any of the 50 songs on the list. Would appreciate the source, thank you.

  30. 144TH0US0ND says:

    Dan McDonald full DVD’s release

  31. GloriousBeard says:

    Thanks for the cooked food info at the end, I’ve been wondering about that. Do you think eating rice and beans for the bulk of my calories would work out good?

  32. GloriousBeard says:

    @jesusislove150 You are aware that Yahshua is the real name of the man you call Jesus right? Calling him Jesus is blasphemous so chill out bro!

  33. Jesusislove150 says:

    Great info Harley, but why show a blasphemous picture of Jesus Christ?…that is a huge insult. Jesus would never do such a thing. Although I know it is not really how Jesus looks, but the blasphemous picture represents who He is… : ( Many in the raw food movement believe that they are their own gods…nothing farther from the truth. Seek and ye shall find.  Jesus is real. There is a God, there is a Creator and it’s not you or me (thank God for that) **unsuscribing**

  34. HybridD91 says:

    Your arms have more muscle definition in this video.

  35. hugthemouse says:

    Thanks. £18.45 is much more reasonable.

  36. marthanyc says:

    I love your sense of humor!

  37. natureasintended says:

    Delicious, sweet smoothies? Datorade (plenty of soaked, pitted dates blended with water), cantaloup, piel de sapo, honeydew, oranges, mangos, peaches, figs, grapes (empty stomach best for grapes). Banana smoothies are so satisfying for a very large appetite for lots of physical activity though. All the best.

  38. natureasintended says:

    Direct through foodnsport ?

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