| February 24, 2013 | 50 Comments *CLICK 4 RAW FOOD RECIPE + LINKS! http * Check out Chef BeLive! *BLENDERS http *VEGGIE WASH *SHOP in our amazon store http *AMAZON direct shopping *GIFT us http *FACEBOOK me ❤ PASTA ALFREDO ❤ —Always SCRUB & WASH PRODUCE before juicing OR eating! I use VEGGIE WASH! http — Always SOAK seeds & nuts OVERNIGHT in WATER & then strain them before eating them or using them in a recipe! * I ngredients * FOR THE ALFREDO SAUCE: — 1½ cups Raw Cashews TRULY raw, like these ESSENTIAL LIVING FOODS isn’t currently carrying cashews, but their website is http — ¼ cup Nutritional Yeast — ⅛ teaspoon Black Pepper — ⅛ teaspoon Garlic Powder — ½ teaspoon Sea Salt — a few leaves of Fresh Basil — a couple leaves/stems of Fresh Oregano — 2 teaspoons Onion Powder (or use fresh onions if you can) — ½-1 cup Spring Water — LOVE! FOR THE PASTA NOODLES: — Several Zucchinis (aka Courgettes) FOR THE GARNISH: — Tomatoes, chopped — Fresh Basil, chopped * P rep * — 1) To make the alfredo sauce, toss the raw cashews, nutritional yeast, black pepper, garlic powder, sea salt, fresh basil, fresh oregano, and onion powder into your Vita-mix blender , or whatever blender is the best blender for you. Add just enough spring water to make a creamy sauce, but not so much as to make it too

YourProduceGuy shows you a delicious recipe for how to cook Pineapple Stuffing. This could almost be considered a dessert it’s that tasty. SUBSCRIBE TO MY FRESH PRODUCE / COOKING CHANNEL, NEW VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY MORNING: SEE THIS VIDEO AND MORE IN THE FOLLOWING PLAYLISTS: Pineapples Playlist: Recipes Playlist: KEEP UP WITH YOURPRODUCEGUY! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Pinterest:

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  1. Kristen RawVegan says:

    Two of the raw food worlds sexiest men together in one kitchen! Whoa! Bet it was hot in there! :)

  2. bjanuszewski says:

    gonna have to try this one since its a twist off of a raw spaghetti, which ive had in the past and was pretty decent

  3. Tiffanciiy Fancii says:

    Well you don’t have to give us the measurements but don’t forget to include all the ingredients that your quickly dumping in the mixer.

  4. DigitalLoveMovement says:

    Remember people, always soak your nuts!! No pun here, dead serious! These cashews were soaked before used!

  5. andrewlibbylong says:

    Do you know why love is so important in the kitchen? It’s because love is the force that makes things want to stay toghether.

  6. mariaperiwinkle says:

    This makes me want a vitamix. I’ve been wondering how to make sauce creamy. This is my missing link..even though it is an expensive one.

  7. Kendra KVirtue Clinkscales says:

    fantastic! I wish you would have put the camera on it to show us an upclose of all this deliciousness! i was so looking 4ward to that since i cant taste it :(

  8. RawVolutionLove says:

    Why dont you not comment stupid things on people’s videos , Like a Sane Person wouldn’t ?

  9. sarahsutubeusername says:

    so. water. isn’t raw at all. wondering what you think of that.

  10. Erik B says:


  11. Liberty O'Well says:

    would an apple peeler device work for peeling like such…

  12. naturalja1 says:

    That Spirali is awesome……..just got mine today n I love it.

  13. singstylemagic says:

    Good recipe
    The egg kinda ruined it tho

  14. MrGnarZombie says:

    i like the little dimebag of black pepper you have there

  15. SpecimenDJ says:

    There was absolutely nothing alfredo about that… why don’t you just come up with a new name like a sane person would?

  16. asklyar says:

    Wait, are you back in Los Angeles??

  17. DianeDi says:

    I have tried the zucchini spiral pasta with a tomato basil sauce… truly awesome, but this looks amazing. Thanks for posting this !
    Bonn Appetite !

  18. liferegenerator says:

    $100 dollars it is…

  19. liferegenerator says:

    You hit the nail on the head lady in red! 😉

  20. indigobeauty1 says:

    my mouth is watery. that looked so good. also Belive personality is so amazing, and lovable. Thank you to the both of you for sharing this video. PEACE

  21. HeartOfAllThings says:

    Nice one :) Hope sum1 will make it for me one day cuz I have no patience nor the time to put all this together… I’d be one to just eat the raw zuccinis and cashews and be totally content with it lolll
    Does look hella tasty! 😀

  22. Susan Bessette says:

    Dan, I just made this. It is awesome!!
    I can’t wait to have dinner tonight.
    I will warm it in the dehydrator to make a “hot” meal on this cool, damp day.
    I am also marinating some mushrooms so it will seem like a meat and pasta (zucchini) with alfredo sauce. Yum!
    BTW, what do you charge for your dedication vids? Assuming they take the same amount of time (for you and Krista) as your hour consultations, it should be around $100.
    Peace and health

  23. RandomDumbBlonde says:

    Awesome! Love should always been the #1 ingredient.

  24. Imskinnyinside says:

    I think he needs to visit my kitchen! hehe

  25. malkalevadom says:

    cashew as dairy substitute. the Indians have been on this trick for centuries, and it’s brilliant! I do it too. Great stuff.

  26. tevshy says:

    he looks alittle like robin williams to me

  27. GeocachingJoy says:

    I have all the ingredients to make this right now. YUMMMM. My mouth is watering as I type this. Thanks. 

  28. CamsArtisticJourney says:

    I followed your receipe and cooked this and it was sooooo yummy!!! Of course I served it as a dessert with loads of whipped cream and it was great! By the way can you make a video for trifle using italian sponge fingers and some of that lovely fresh fruit you have ??? I’d luv to see that!!!

  29. YourProduceGuy says:

    Yes.  A vegetable oil in an aerosol can. More easily spread than using oil, butter, margarine or shortening. Just so your dish will come out of the pan cleanly.

  30. Nebiros21 says:

    non stick spray? What is that? obviously non toxic.

  31. Juan Carlos says:

    oh ok thanks for the Tip

  32. YourProduceGuy says:

    No. Bread was fresh, but exposed to the air for a little while before hand. Just had a nice ‘crust’ on it from the exposure which makes it easy to cut and hold it’s shape.

  33. Juan Carlos says:

    OR Did you Put them in the Toster??

  34. Juan Carlos says:

    Was the Bread Frozen?

  35. carlyfeifei says:

    yum yum ^^ 

  36. heartsafecooking says:

    wow, that looks absolutely delicious!

  37. bkershaccount says:

    never once said pineapple wasn’t healthy, i actually said it was very nutritious. you’ve proven your stupidity by proxy because you can’t even get my talking points correct. white bread and white sugar do nothing but produce fat, and a lot of it around your liver. if the people you are speaking of aren’t toads, it’s bc they aren’t eating to much white bread and sugar, but every bit they do eat does produce fat.

  38. Canal ferbrz says:

    Yeah, whatever dude. I won’t be arguing about this anymore. I live in England where people eat these things (including me) and we aren’t fat. We also don’t live inside McDonald’s, or feel the need to stuff our bellies “just because”. There ARE fat people in Britain, but most people I see out on the street and the ones at work, aren’t fat. And we all eat pineapple, white bread, and sugar. Just because there are “studies” and “evidence” don’t make it a rule. Stop bashing the recipe.

  39. bkershaccount says:

    just bc they have been used for a while doesn’t make them a good thing. white bread and sugar is relatively new, it hasn’t been used for centuries. it used to be whole grains and sugars. people who eat these things are fat and/or unhealthy. there are loads of empiracle evidence to back this up. processed and refined grains and sugars don’t have the vitamins and minerals you claim. all those parts have been removed for use elsewhere. to be healthy, you could eat, like a tsp of this dish.

  40. bkershaccount says:

    the word you’ve chosen is “nutritious” & white sugar, white bread and butter don’t really have a lot of nutrients, so it’s not really nutritious. they have calories, but the bread and sugar is refined to the point there is no real nutritional value. the butter has more good stuff, but that’s a lot of fat…this is more like a cake. 3 pineapples at once is healthy, and nutritious, partly bc the sugar in fruits is contained in the cell wall and digested differently than, say, white sugar.

  41. Canal ferbrz says:

    Since ever. I’m not sure what your issue with the ingredients are, they are normal food that have been consumed by humans for centuries. What is the issue with them? That they are not “nutritious”? What is “nutritious” for you? Like I said, any food in moderation is nutritious, all of them have the vitamins that we need to function, but if you abuse any ingredient, it’s not going to be healthy, you’re assuming that this is for one person but it is to serve many, hence he took a “bite”

  42. Suzy W says:

    Since when is white bread, white sugar and butter good for you? The pineapple is good for you.

  43. Canal ferbrz says:

    It is very nutritious. What you mean is that it is very rich, and this is not his fault, because each person should know moderation and to use appropriate portions. If you eat a bit, you won’t eat unhealthy. This recipe is totally nutritious, you can have three whole pineapples at once and that won’t be healthy for you, the key thing is portion control.

  44. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    Yum – that looks like the perfect side for a ham dinner! :)

  45. Suzy W says:

    It doesn’t sound nutritious with all that sugar, butter and white bread. The pineapple part is nutritious. 

  46. fabforceone says:

    I’m guessing you could serve that as a dessert too instead of using it as a dressing/stuffing for ham.
    I’ll have to give that a try next time we have a big ole ham for dinner.

  47. DarttheLegend says:

    something with Squash/Zucchinni would be cool

  48. BusRider55 says:

    Looks like a great, tasty, easy recipe.

  49. gitsummofo says:

    that looks wonderful. ill definitely have to try this. Keep up the great vids!

  50. ownhomedog says:

    this looks great & sounds very easy too! love your vids!

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