Our Meals 11.27.12 to 12.3.12

| January 6, 2013 | 27 Comments

He are our dinners & desserts from this last week! Yesssss I know… it was a cheesy week! ­čśë also somehow my audio was a bit off track from my video which is why it seems that I take a sec to start talking /-: Facebook.com/CandidMommy I post our meal plans here (when I remember ­čśë – CandidMommy.Blogspot.com

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  1. cupcakekissesmummy says:

    Please do´╗┐ a meatloaf video !!!

  2. peaceloverecycle25 says:

    yessss please do a´╗┐ meatloaf video!!!!!

  3. Carintagious says:

    yes to a meatloaf recipe video! and an enchilada recipe video, too!´╗┐ everything looks so delicious!

  4. jarquavius10 says:

    p.s.- I agree that the enchilada recipe would also be wonderful to´╗┐ see. Please make a vid showing how you make it and if there are any variations that you use. Thanks!

  5. jarquavius10 says:

    yes please! We would LOVE to see the meatloaf recipe! Thank´╗┐ you!

  6. Andrea Martin says:

    I’d´╗┐ love to see the meatloaf recipe :)

  7. cheerleaderaam95 says:

    You´╗┐ should do a q&a or an faq!

  8. CandidMommy says:

    Seriously´╗┐ I think the same! lol

    I get lots of ideas from others!

  9. CandidMommy says:

    So happy to heat´╗┐ that!

  10. sweetheartedmama says:

    I saw the´╗┐ video you posted about you potato soup a few days back and searched your recipe and my family LOVES it thanks for the idea :)

  11. vanillaoreo1 says:

    Recipe for enchiladas! I have been dying to make some! Never have´╗┐ before. I would love a video!

  12. calebandcarsonsmommy says:

    Recipe for the enchiladas?´╗┐ They loook yummy!

  13. misskimberly5 says:

    i was in the mood to watch some of these vids & was pleasantly surprised when one of them popped up when i clicked on your´╗┐ channel.

    i have no idea why these are so interesting to me….

  14. Natalie Sutton says:

    yum!´╗┐ The potato soup looks AMAZING!

  15. LYDISANC21 says:

    YUMMY! I want to come´╗┐ over for dinner…..

  16. collegevlogger12 says:

    It is a dolphin fish.´╗┐

  17. Amy M says:

    Can I ask why you don’t have´╗┐ a microwave? :)

  18. footballmontana says:

    I´╗┐ second the enchilada recipe!!! Yummmm :)

  19. 1Gavinsmommy says:

    Ur´╗┐ awesome!!!!!!

  20. Baylie Evans says:

    I’ve given up sugar cookies for cream cheese cookies. Ohmygoodnessdelicious. I found the recipe in a book called the Cookie Bible, I think. It’s amazing. Make a video on your meatloaf! It’s such an unglamorous meal, but everyone makes it differently and I always like tips to´╗┐ change it up. Especially using turkey since mine usually gets kinda dry.

  21. maraJason1 says:

    can you do a recipe video on the´╗┐ homemade enchilades and sause look yummy :)

  22. purpledawn22 says:

    isnt´╗┐ mahi mahi dolphin?:(

  23. jkay88 says:

    Please share the turkey meatloaf video! I’m always looking to try a new turkey meatloaf… :)´╗┐

  24. BobbyandKenzie says:

    Please share when you find a “can’t live without” sugar´╗┐ cookie recipe! We make them every year using different recipes but I’m never really wowed. :-/

  25. misssweetheart1708 says:

    What is turkey meatloaf? Sorry I’m from the uk have´╗┐ never heard of it!

  26. AlbertLeonardiNYC says:

    I was worried I’d be dependent on drugs the rest of my life. I found this “30 day diabetes cure” and followed it´╗┐ and I’m so thankful for this new healthy life. I can’t begin to describe my gratitude.

  27. CecilleExDiabetic says:

    Hi everyone.´╗┐ I’m proud to say that I reversed my diabetes naturally with this book, The 30-Day Diabetes Cure. I highly recommend giving this plan a try if you are a type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic. It’s easy, it works and you have nothing to lose because it comes with a money-back guarantee.

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