Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan: What do we eat?

| December 31, 2012 | 11 Comments

A video showing the types of food we supplement into the vegetarian plan.

Visit for more details. Ill be honest, lunch is a big hassle for me to make. I think because its just too much to think about in my already jam-packed day. But, because I refuse to eat processed packaged foods, I usually have to do some sort of food assembly come midday. Quesadillas are one of my favorite go-to meals because they really are beyond basic to make. The Mexican version of grilled cheese, anyone can make a quesadilla! And, since no measuring is required you wont have to think too much either. Note the measurements in the recipe below are guidelines only. While my whole foods quesadillas are extra super healthy I cant say the same for your average run of the mill quesadilla. In fact, quesadillas are one of those appetizers/ entrées I would never ever order in a restaurant. Thats because I know restaurant quesadillas are going to be served on tortillas made with refined flour and I know theyll be loaded with too much cheese. Since queso means cheese in Spanish Im pretty sure a quesadilla has to have at least some cheese to officially be called a quesadilla. Other than that, pretty much anything goes. I keep the cheese minimal and only use about 2 tablespoons per quesadilla and then I load it with veggies and beans. What about the Tortilla? One of the big differences in my quesadilla and the ones youll find on a menu is that I use sprouted whole kernel corn tortillas instead of the junky flour varieties typically used. Sprouting releases

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  1. gfc56 says:

    I am also interested in nutri system vege plan. I have been on a pescetarian diet for two months. I feel much healthier now. But I need to shed some pounds. Any suggestions for getting started. BTW- I work 7pm to 7am 12 hour shifts.

  2. LaurenAlexxandra says:

    I am on the vegetarian plan as well, and I’m loving it! Are you still on it? How much have you lost? I’ve lost about 5 pounds a week, for the first month. For the pizza, I put mine in the oven, but I add bell peppers and mushrooms to it, and it’s so good! For my dairy/protein sources, I usually eat cheese, an egg, milk, yogurt, or tuna (i’m actually pescetarian, so i do eat a little fish from time to time). Thanks for sharing what you eat! And I also dip my strawberries in the pudding or yogurt!

  3. Curtis Baker says:

    Its easier to eat clean if you’ve got ca$h

  4. melky jim says:

    I thought eating clean was, really clean, nothing from a package, no additives. plain fruits and vegetables.

  5. ZennLa13 says:

    Err I’m a vegan and it had nothing to do with a spiritual calling. you’re painting a large group of people with one brush.

  6. blythejohn says:

    I highly recommend learning more about health, nutrition and the scientific evidence that a high meat/dairy diet is linked to most current day diseases. Its helpful to challenge what ever you think you know – because its likely that thought “meat is healthy” was planted in your mind by society – not science.

  7. blythejohn says:

    Hi Ivy, I really appreciate your channel. I am a little surprised that you use the microwave. Seems counter to the holistic process.

  8. TheNyclady says:

    Thanks for the video Ivy. Just checked out your website. I will definitely try this at home :)

  9. doubtfuldreamer says:

    Not to mention the amount of paper towel you’re wasting. I would rethink your lifestyle.

  10. doubtfuldreamer says:

    Hi, you should use packaged fresh beans not canned. Most Americans have BPA flowing through their body just because of canned and jarred foods.

  11. 068tuneagon says:

    meat is very healthy too…
    greetings from austria

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