Never Shout Never’s Christofer Drew is Vegetarian

| February 2, 2012 | 25 Comments

Never Shout Never’s Christofer Drew wants you to know why he went vegetarian. See Feature at: Edited by Hayden Fowler
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  1. lizza0luvable says:

    @xoxMnMoxo :)
    thanks. this helped.
    And I do… they taste kinda like gummy bears. ;o

  2. craziiebabiiee says:

    I’m a vegan wohhooo thats the shiz right there ^_^

  3. xoxMnMoxo says:

    @lizza0luvable I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been a veg for about a month and a half. My mom keeps telling me how much she dislikes it. But i keep telling her in my mind i’m doing the right thing and it’s what i truly believe in. Even though I was born and raised a meat-eater I’ve proved to everyone that I can do whatever i try to, and i’ve been successful so far. So just go with your gut, they’ll see how serious you are. Just believe in yourself first and others will. And, TAKE VITAMINS!

  4. lizza0luvable says:

    I hate eating meat. Like, really hate it. I keep telling my mom I wanna be a vegetarian, but she just tells me “You’ve lived your life this far eating meat, why stop now?”, even though I only eat it maybe once a month. She keeps forcing me to eat meat though, but I don’t know how to tell her that I’m being serious about it. Can anyone help? (please like so people can see, I’d like some input)

  5. itsydvicious says:

    everybody’s like ” ‘gotta get muh steak ” xD i love him <3

  6. IwuvDestery says:

    OMG!!!! i so agree with this vid i mean like i became a vegatarian like a month ago i think i and i think that animals deserve to live i mean we do 2 but that doesnt mean that we should kill others juz to please ourselves?!? i juz think it is wrong…..i agree with him is all im saying :)

    I<5 u chris!

  7. xsmileygingerx says:

    @j0e14 Did you NOT watch the video?! One of the main reasons I became a vegetarian is because I believe that animals have RIGHTS; to live and to breathe and to survive. The same rights we have as humans. And don’t get me wrong, I see where you are coming from. I knew how to shoot a rifle from the time I was four. I got my first .22 at age seven. I know how to hunt, but it just doesn’t seem to go with my morals. Please respect that, and everyone else’s choices too.

  8. TheFreerun321 says:

    I’m a vegan in a family of 5 meat eaters and every time I’m stressed I think if Chris can so can I

  9. j0e14 says:

    @iwananevershoutnever yes, i was being serious. Humans are meant to eat meat. look at our genetic make up. we can digest it for a reason you know. of course i wouldnt want someone to come and just shoot me. but i dont think animals are the same as humans. we should be good stewards of earth but its obvious that a flower is not like a bug, a bug like a mouse, a mouse like a man. oh, by the way, humans are advanced as they are because they were able to dominate and rule over all other animals.

  10. iwananevershoutnever says:

    @j0e14 OH MY GOD are you fucking serious????!!!! your a sick asshole you know that!!! meat is bad as hell for you body you moron. how would you like it if someone just came up and shoot you!!?? bet you wouldnt like it. people like you are going to die at a young age from clogged artaries from too much fat intake from meat

  11. EmoAddictionSx3 says:

    I’m the only vegetarian in a family of meat eaters. it’s been 3 years now and I’ve not struggled one bit.
    I became one because I didn’t see meat as food, I saw it as a dead animal.
    as far as animal testing goes, it’s most certainly wrong. the animals aren’t the ones who want to wear the makeup, they shouldn’t have to suffer so that we can use it. I wish they would just test on humans…

  12. justnevershoutnever says:

    I rescently went vegetarian.
    I just went to KFC, I attempted to eat chicken but felt sick. I don’t care about what my parents think(:

  13. j0e14 says:

    I have, and meat is not bad for your body you know.
    Fish and poultry are actually very good. Red meats are good once in a while.
    dairy products aren’t as good.
    Anyway, the two reasons why people are vegetarian are because 1) they believe that animals’ lives are equally valuable and 2) the animals are tortured before slaughtered. I never understood the first argument because all carnivores eat each other. and as for 2), yes, we can treat them better.
    so everyone agrees

  14. MissHingu says:

    Im a vegetarian for over year :3

  15. xoxamyyyy says:

    @j0e14 Meat and dairy products are bad for your body. Humans are not meant to eat meat. Do some research.

  16. Becci124 says:

    One of my best friends, is a vegetarian and she been encouraging me to try and i am going too. :)

  17. j0e14 says:

    vegetarians should go out in the woods, shoot, and kill deer themselves for meat.
    Then the deer lived a happy life and died in the hands of a predator.
    no farming, no mass torture
    meat is not bad for your body, you know

  18. TheEmilyyObscenee says:

    hehe i have this on videoo :DDD (got it from peta ) i wanna be his sister oh so bad^o^

  19. mysecretsomebody says:

    I am a vegetarian too and its very hard considering all of my family is meat eaters!! :)

  20. pandaturtlexox says:

    @fliksayers thanks man :3

  21. fliksayers says:

    @pandaturtlexox It’s ‘I just laugh’ 😀

  22. pandaturtlexox says:

    what’s the song in the background? i feel bad i don’t recognize it D;

  23. fliksayers says:

    “gotta get my steak” haha :) love him so much

  24. SheWroteLove1 says:

    Vegan Love <3

  25. Chickenjuggle says:

    Ya know?

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