My Go-To – Gabrielle Hamilton’s Go-To Christmas Meal

| October 29, 2012 | 25 Comments

This holiday episode of My Go-To Dish features Gabrielle Hamilton, bestselling author and chef-owner of Prune restaurant in NYC. Her traditional Christmas Eve meal is simple: homemade minestrone soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and high-end champagne. Want to see what other chefs and celebrities are preparing in their own homes? Check out the My Go-To show page: For more recipes, stories and videos, visit CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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  1. Lacen2007 says:

    Mayo allows it to cook longer? Good fact to know, since I always forget and walk away.

  2. artofvoice says:

    Ok so I love grilled cheese( I just ate one!) but pairing it with champagne? Weird…and with MAYO??? BUTTER is your friend in this situation. But, having some nice veggie soup around the holidays never hurt anyone..low fat and lots of fiber!

  3. mbramblett2000 says:

    What high end champagne did she select

  4. pinoyjapan says:

    Need to watch that.

  5. ssjaken says:

    MSG myth was busted on the food network show food science

  6. Nippyton says:

    Onion crying? Try bread in the mouth bitch.

  7. pinoyjapan says:

    MSG Goodness?!? I’m surprised she still has hair

  8. McNuggetChris says:

    God! is it possible so many jokes from that Doritos consomme?

  9. MrNajmNajd says:

    Anything greas is fine

  10. lalleflab says:

    How about some goat butter?

  11. MrNajmNajd says:

    Mayonaise instead of butter?! Quite nice idea

  12. RissaBlueStar says:

    Doritos Consomme is a great Christmas meal

  13. RissaBlueStar says:

    Look at their recent videos or just search for doritos consomme

  14. logos2600 says:

    wtf is doritos comsomme?

  15. mikelzthing says:

    interesting fact…anthony bourdain’s go-to dish is…doritos consommé.

  16. kmavila40 says:

    Why can’t I watch CHOW videos on my iPad? :(

  17. Brandon Pringle says:

    this lady was awesome! i hope she does more

  18. Lora Plauche says:

    Almost through your book, Blood, Bones & Butter and I love it! Thank you for the mayonnaise tip…I will try for sure.

  19. breed697 says:


  20. MovieCompoundBoat says:

    So, why was that dude invited to that carpetmunching party?

  21. 3zib says:

    STFU u idiot!

  22. ShizukaRose says:

    Consomme jokes aside, looks like a really good meal.

  23. lordart9 says:

    Doritos Consomme is the SHIT! <3

  24. shafta99 says:

    try using some Doritos consomme

  25. demlikposet says:

    we will never forget doritos consomme right(:

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