My Daily Diet! (Vegetarian)

| January 31, 2012 | 50 Comments

This is an example of what I eat in a day — it changes all the time, but this was a rather boring, mundane day spent at home so I thought I’d show you guys what I ate! I also try to limit sweets to the weekend and eat healthier during the week. Check out my blog! I update it most days :) Please subscribe to my daily vlog channel! http And my other channel: Subscribe to StyleHaul! Follow me on Twitter! Find me on Facebook! Ask Me Questions! And don’t forget to check out my book! :)

Vegetarian recipes are popular for their health benefits. This vegetarian chili is full of flavor and perfect for a party. Chef Jason Hill of Chef Tips explains how to make it.
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  1. niicwoo says:

    You should read Skinny Bitch! So mind opening especially for vegetarians who are already sensitive to the issue, definitely look into it, regardless of whether or not you’d like to progress to a vegan diet :) Good luck! xx

  2. kittykoots says:

    I just discovered your videos and you are so adorable! Good luck with Vegetarian Diet. I went Vege five years ago and Vegan four, I could not do macrobiotic or raw vegan as both are two strict. I think everyone settles into what works for them.

  3. Fexilicious says:

    Great video! I’m a vegan for one year now and I can tell that this was the best decision I ever made. I feel so much better right now, it’s pretty healthy and doesn’t support this terrible industry. :)

  4. carolina180794 says:

    The hardest thing to stop eating was fish to be honest! If you find it too hard, just do what I did: first stop eating your least favorite meat, then the second one and then your favorite (if you want to become a vegetarian) so that you feel it’s easier and in baby steps! :)

  5. Chiarasaggittario84 says:

    I’m vegetarian!questo video è mooolto interessante.

  6. Groentje1990 says:

    I’m a vegetarian too! :-) Sarted it when I was 12, my mum let me but she was sure it wouldn’t last. And she was wrong :p I’m 21 now and still a ‘vegie’ 😀 The only thing that changed is that I do eat fish, but that were doctors orders. I got really sick the past few years and they still haven’t figured out what it could be, but since I’ve lots of problems with eating I had to start eating fish again because I was short on vitamins and stuff… Really hated to do that, but I had no choice…

  7. missmarielliejellie says:

    Thanks Anna. I’m a polo pescatarian (chicken-fish) but I really want to be vegetarian for numerous reasons, but my parents aren’t helping since they practically dictate what we have for lunch and dinner. Any tips?

  8. mintingmuse says:

    thanks :D xx

  9. LauraSofia0394 says:

    what tea do you drink?
    i lovee tea!

  10. NaturallyNolan says:

    You should really looking into the benefits of being vegan. =) I’ve recently made the switch!

  11. missstrawberryx says:

    For the people that say that cows get abused on dairy farms that is incorrect in Ireland. Ireland has a scheme so that all animals on Irish farms are well cared for and they are. I have lived in the countryside all my life and have been on many farms yet I have never seen animals been abused.

  12. ChristinaLuiseNikita says:

    I am so happy that nowadays more and more people become vegetarians ! I have been vegetarian for more than 11 years now (I am 21) and I am really happy about this decision. I don’t wanna be responsible for the death of animals, I don’t want them to suffer and be killed just because I am hungry ! When I started being veggi people just laughed at me, but thanks god this has changed and there’s a new development in the way people think about animals and eating them !

  13. sarahn1967 says:

    I have never eaten much meat, to be honest I dont like the taste ,smell or anything about it!! The only meat I do eat is chicken and that is once in a blue moon! I really like fish (especially shell fish) eggs and cheese. I would love to become veggie but dont think I could live without cheese!!!! Plus my son is a BIG meat eater and I have to cook meat and two veg for him most nights.Any recipe ideas to help me out ???????

  14. makeupkisses07 says:

    ah-mazing cheek bones :o<33

  15. chetzalicious says:

    @MisLisa15 watch the documentary “food, inc”.. i take periodic breaks from eating meat, and watching how filthy the food industry is.. really nauseates me. also, try buying soy products–there are a LOTTT of fake meat products.. veggie bacon, veggie burgers (check out the brand BOCA) msg me if you want to know more :)

  16. hamsterdance4lyf08 says:

    I was veggie for 6 years, my mum is a veggie. You get used to it, eventually :L

  17. soulofflora says:

    You can try being pesceterian; even if it’s only temporary, it will make it much easier in the transition to being vegeterian, and it will also be less of a shock on your body in getting used to living without animal fats.

  18. swalts137 says:

    I want to be a vegetarian when I’m older because right now I live with my parents so it’s hard like you said but I just wanted to inform you that all that yogurt is made with milk which comes from cows and many farms abuse their cows

  19. TeddyLush says:

    Someone with the username kevindarrs posted this same video on their page!

  20. leopardgirl314 says:

    i’m vegetarian as well, and i love it! i’m glad to see one of my favorite style gurus is too :)

  21. TheStyleDiet says:

    @LizYArtur Thank you so much Liz! That means so much to me especially coming from you :) <3

  22. LizYArtur says:

    Great video, Anna! So happy for you!! I too get very upset when I see animals transported to the slaughter house… like you said it feels great to know you’re not contributing to that! It’s amazing the effect you have on others just by setting the example yourself. Arturo eats so much healthier! I’ve been enjoying cooked vegan this winter. I love warm muesli w/ apple, banana & cinnamon for breakfast! The chilli looked so good! Planning to make chili soon! Keep these videos coming!!! xx

  23. Enelyna says:

    Great progress :) Your diet looks so yummy and healthy, you really inspired me to improve mine as well.
    One thing though: If you’re serious about avoiding animal suffering you should buy organic diary products – the animals usually get treated a lot better at organic farms than at mass production factories like the ones Danone uses.

  24. TheInsideOutBeauty says:

    I admire how disciplined you are! I’m a strong believer that our bodies are our temples and we should watch anything we get into our systems. Beauty starts in the inside, imo :)

  25. MisLisa15 says:

    I tried to become a vegetarian a while ago to encourage me eating more healthy foods because i will only eat some kind of meat everyday but only lasted 3 days with the temptation of meat always around at home and school.any advice how you were able to overcome the temptation when around family and friends?

  26. JustForBrieLarson says:

    I am gonna start doing this.I will abandon carnivorism for vegetarianism because it is best.

  27. ChefTips says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting and subbing!

  28. PsySupplies says:

    Amazing recipe! I made today, my girlfriend and I loved it! Subscribed to your channel in an instant!

  29. Slappingplastic says:

    @ChefTips That’s okay! I can have lentils - will mix a bit of lentils with rice. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 😛

  30. ChefTips says:

    @Slappingplastic Sorry to hear that.

  31. Slappingplastic says:

    This sounds great but I can’t have beans due to them being broken down into uric acid. Seems like I’m just doomed to never have chilli :(

  32. Dejan187 says:

    good recipe, i used a jar of plain pasta sauce instead of canned tomatoes and fresh beans (to avoid BPA).

  33. ChefTips says:

    @macntoes2 The written recipe is on my website, and in my ChefTips app. Enjoy!

  34. macntoes2 says:

    Can you post the written recipe so I can make this when I don’t have YouTube in the kitchen?

  35. doodahbagel says:

    @WolfieSpirit He said “Thanks for tubin’ in” all right but what did you think he was saying?

  36. ChefTips says:

    @HojaDeOlivo Sounds great! Thanks so much for commenting back about the recipe! Cheers, Jason

  37. ChefTips says:

    @WolfieSpirit I did say that! It’s my signature line. :)

  38. WolfieSpirit says:

    Did anyone else notice at 3:07 it sounds like he says “Thanks for tubin’ in”? lol

  39. HojaDeOlivo says:

    I was really surprised how tasty this recipe came out! Don’t know if it makes sense if i said it is a hearty yet light recipe! Very nice.
    Started with dried beans, used all fresh tomatoes, added soy “meat” (first time trying it, and i am almost a convert!), and a little sugar, cooked a little longer to get the flavors from the tomato, and WOW!

  40. HojaDeOlivo says:

    I was really surprised how tasty this recipe came out! Don’t know if it makes sense if i said it is a hearty yet light recipe! Very nice.
    Started with dried beans, used all fresh tomatoes, added soy “meat”, and a little sugar, cooked a little longer to get the flavors from the tomato, and WOW!

  41. ChefTips says:

    @tuuplis It’s in there! Sorry this is one of our first videos. Quality has improved since then!

  42. ChefTips says:

    @blaminican1 Thank you!

  43. blaminican1 says:

    excellent demenstation!.. thanks for this:)

  44. tuuplis says:

    so where did the bell pepper go?

  45. ChefTips says:

    Thanks for commenting!

  46. Sternschnuppen85 says:

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  47. ChefTips says:

    Thank you!

  48. ChefTips says:


  49. BluefruitNMusicSnow says:

    Simple and healthy recipe! Nice vid!

  50. sonusonu20 says:

    it looks yummy…..hummmmmmmmm

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