Mum, I’m… a Vegetarian – John Bishop’s Britain – Series 2 – Episode 2 – BBC One

| May 20, 2012 | 25 Comments

More about this programme: John tells the story of the day he went home as a teenager in the 80s and told his parents he was a vegetarian.

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  1. SamuelsMom1 says:

    Mum, I’m an Athiest Vegetarian.

  2. afekasi79 says:

    He’s cute

  3. Th3Meerkat says:

    I don’t get it…

  4. smudzi says:

    why do people who dont eat meat call themselfs vegetarians?

    so we can identufy them as fools and madmen

  5. GabbyTeAma says:

    My parents were supportive. It was my sister that gave me a hard time.

  6. atheist382 says:


  7. 117Sniperlord117 says:

    i’m a pagan… but i hate the EU and not because of immigration, because it has paved the way for economic downturn and the start of another recession. thank you EU and your stupid fucking laws!

  8. leannewoodfull says:


  9. sephir983 says:

    I’m vegetarian. 

  10. 81broncoman says:

    The entirety of the British Island is Atheist, the EU has no place for God to compete with its authority.

  11. ronaldinhollew says:

    I remember those pizzas! They were delicious but you had to pick off the little chopped tomatoes that they used to put on them!

  12. Quimboat says:

    Thats not an issue in the UK

  13. theconnectercord says:

    my mom was like “so?”

  14. ProfitMuhammed says:

    mum…im a paedophile

  15. scuderia4britalia says:

    Pizza with Gravy, UGH!!

  16. marcluc1988 says:

    I’m vegan.

  17. usenetposts says:

    I’m 47 and I just told my mum a month ago I went veggie, and she was still shocked.

  18. manicracoon says:


  19. funnyMAKElaugh says:

    Ahhh that’s my birthday too! Snaps! 😀

  20. InsanityOnABunFilms says:


  21. britturk123 says:

    John is a brilliant observant comedian and the skits are brilliant especialy with his brilliant voice over.

  22. haridham says:

    Vegetarianism rules check out my video /watch?v=WWMnscY04AY

  23. USSBN734 says:

    More propaganda and hypocrisy from cultist vegetarians.

    Here is an IQ test: What do farmers do to animals that eat their crops? What were the farms before they were farms? 1) they kill them 2) habitat, destroyed to feed you.

    So tell me more about the moral superiority of the animals YOU kill for your convenience & diet. Lecturing others on their lifestyle is delusional when you won’t face the facts of your own.

    Smug fail.

  24. IcyThrills says:

    I’m so camp I’ll probably end up saying “Mum, I’m… straight.”

  25. Obsidian1392 says:

    ME TOO

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