Milk Myth Busting

| September 30, 2012 | 17 Comments

Get your FREE 7-day Vegetarian Meal Plan from: Plus, you’ll discover the 10 foods NOT to eat on a weight loss diet. I’m in Grand Junction, CO visiting my family. I wanted to introduce my mom to you. She is the one who got me started on my healthy path and is my inspiritation. I wanted to talk about the best sources of calcium. While I was down here getting some breakfast, I noticed a little milk carton. It says this is an excellent source of calcium. I have to admit, this makes me laugh everytime I see it. There are so many people who believe the best source of calcium comes from milk. I want to take this time to debunk this myth and talk about what really are the best sources of calcium. We, as a country, consume the highest amounts of milk, however, we also have the highest rate of osteoperosis. There are so many better choices you can make and there is even a list of the top 100 best sources of calcium. At the top of the list are items such as nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds and seaweeds. Gram for gram, cow’s milk is actually at number 50. Not in the top 10, 20, 30 or even 40!! There are just more advertising dollars behind milk. You can get so much calcium and minerals in foods such as leafy greens, kale, broccoli, legumes and sesame seeds. You have to remember that in order to have strong bones, your body needs more than just calcium. It also needs minerals to help bind the calcium together. That’s why the greens and plant based calciums

Available now at! The 30-Day Vegetarian cookbook has 90 meals that will take you through a full month of vegetarian eating for every occasion! Color photographs and simple step-by-step instructions make this a perfect resource for those who are just starting out. Each week includes a meal plan and list of foods that you will need on hand. There is even an index that organizes foods that contain dairy, or are wheat free as well as plenty of vegan selections. This cookbook is a must for anyone who wants to explore cruelty-minimized eating or finds themselves cooking for friends and family who have adopted this lifestyle choice. But you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy the bounty of good eats contained in these pages — you just need to enjoy good food! Many thanks to my daughters Patricia (21) and Martha Bea (12) for making this video possible. STUFFED TOFU ROAST Roast: – 5 tubs (1 lb each) extra firm tofu – 2 TBL dried herbs (eg basil, marjoram, oregano, parsley) – cheesecloth Stuffing: – 3 cups fresh whole grain bread cubed – 1 large onion diced – 6 stalks sliced celery – 3 TBL margarine – 1 cup vegetable broth Baste: – 2 TBL Tamari or Soy Sauce – 2 TBL Maple Syrup Tofu Preparation: Bring 4 tubs of tofu to room temperature (I place them opened in hot water for a few minutes.) In a large mixing bowl crumble the four pounds of tofu, blending well with your hands. Add herbs and salt (if desired) and continue to mix well. Wet your cheesecloth

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  1. Appika says:

    If you can, feed them human milk (the amount of fat etc. in it is different from cow’s milk and therefore is perfect for toddlers). Cow’s milk actually triggers allergies, as does soy, unfortunately. I would recommend doing a test to get to know whether the toddler can digest soy products&feed that instead of cow’s milk. However, humans can normally digest milk as their bodies create lactase, the enzyme that processes lactose in milk, but as soon as you can chew, your body stops producing it :)

  2. randomnoone says:

    should toddlers drink milk and if not what should you give them instead ?

  3. eatmoreraw says:

    Thank you for your excellent video.

    Did you know that for your body to effectively utilise calcium it particularly needs:

    * Vitamin D from sunshine on your skin (or +2000iu per day vitamin d3 supplements),

    * vitamin k2 from leafy greens, and from your gut flora (if digestion is healthy).

    * magnesium from leafy greens.

    If you do this the above, avoid acidic foods, and alkalinise your diet you’ll never need calcium supplements or dairy.

    :-) Stuart

  4. angiecat33 says:

    Thanks for the info on calcium. Very helpful.

  5. MindofaJedi says:

    Milk is one of the most damaging foods in our diet . The calcium that is in milk cannot be digested by humans . Norway , Finland , and Sweden drink more milk than any other nations and they have the most osteoperosis in the world . Milk actually causes thinning of the bones because it is so acidic that your body strips calcium from you bones to alkalize your blood .

  6. HealthForward says:

    good info. that’s for sharing

  7. gooberhamm says:

    My mouth is watering… Thank you, ladies!!! (the dog was a nice, funny touch!)

  8. rorsk1 says:

    a bit like watching paint dry!

  9. shenaniJen says:

    Are we supposed to just use the soy sauce/maple syrup (which I’ve already put on)? Oy. I made it this far… survived the “tofu flip” (lol)… Don’t want to screw it all up now.

  10. CoolKarmaVideo says:

    I’m not sure I used either in this baste, though I have in the past used both. My notes here say I used only Tamari (Soy Sauce) and Maple Syrup. For my Thanksgiving Seitan roast this week I will be using a combination of Agave, Butter (or margerine) and a dash of soy sauce for color. Check out my website for more free recipes!

  11. Cbiblical says:

    What did you baste it with? Earth Balance or Olive Oil?

  12. Dazjae says:

    Yum. Thx for the intel <3

  13. JustAintthatWay says:

    open a restaurant wilya?
    that looked delicious

  14. DigitalPraise7 says:

    Sounds like an excellent recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  15. shenaniJen says:

    Seemed way easier than I would have imagined!

  16. JessicaPersonalChef says:

    Awesome recipe!  I love veggie cooking!

  17. gracesingsasong says:

    Great idea for tofu! Looks delicious!

    Well done.

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