Michael Clarke Duncan’s Exclusive Interview With PETA

| August 28, 2012 | 23 Comments

Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan explains how he reversed serious health threats by going vegetarian.
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  1. poopisnotpoop says:

    How would you define extreme? I think of extreme like Al Qaeda or the like. How can you say they are extreme?

  2. BoukenCrimson says:

    I wonder if all of these celebrities that support PETA know how extreme it really is.

  3. jinjaw1 says:


  4. TH3T3RRANC3 says:

    Yes i said on my life

  5. TH3T3RRANC3 says:

    $5000!!!!!!!!! I have not eatin that much on my life

  6. brasilcork says:

    Heart attack at a young age. Michael Clarke Duncan was just too heavy. Lose weight dude.

  7. rrraffy666 says:

    Look at him.

  8. TheGodinme88 says:

    Did he say $5,000 worth of meat???

  9. Simen Iversen says:

    Milking the cows doesn’t hurt them, infact it’s quite opposite. Cows needs to be milked or else they’ll be too full. And we don’t hurt the hen when we gather the eggs either. The eggs we eat are unfertilized, which means that there are no living creature inside. But fish, I guess could go under your abuse and torture list.

  10. justjess333 says:

    This is awesome! I cannot believe that he is a vegetarian that is crazy!

  11. Rossmstoico says:

    Drink whey protein it’s more pure than meat protein, and in more usable amounts.

    We descended from apes, it’s proven. Apes are vegetarian. Hunter/gatherer my ass, now you just sound retarded.

  12. kneckebro says:

    i disagree, u cant expect that someone who was eating meat and stuff their whole life will become a VEGAN over night… becoming vegatarian is atleast something and it is a step in the right direction, u cant blame a guy for being vegetarian

  13. cutelucky2000 says:

    I respect and love the fact your vegan! But what your saying hurts….. I am a vegetarian and I do eat eggs and milk, but not fish! You don’t see me going around saying I support animal abuse and torture. So please understand that us vegetarians are for animals and there rights. And I would hope you understand the reason of why us vegetarians are vegetarians! I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, remember were on the same team….

  14. SmokeSmile900 says:

    Oh who cares? I will die eating meat. I never truly cared about vegetables

  15. USProc says:

    He admits that he is not vegan, nor a real vegatarian:

    Being a vegetarian does not guarantee to avoid heart attack. Fish, diary products, eggs, refined foods can cause problems. The best thing is to rid off every kind of animal based foods, refined foods, including oils.

  16. Walter Costescu says:

    I guess going Veg didn’t really do anything to prevent his heart attack

  17. ShotoPhop says:

    I wonder if he has a mouse called Mr Jingles

  18. Socksee says:

    I ♥ Michael Clarke Duncan

  19. DuDe1040 says:

    dont care they are just animals

    inb4 some jimmies are rustled

  20. chome4 says:

    I’ve never learnt how to cook meat out of lazyness!!!! Contrary to what Michael says, meat doesn’t ‘rot’ in the body. Grains, beans and veg do – that’s what produces farts! Meat is broken down by enzymes.

  21. mzrealm says:

    Hope he’s okay, just heard he had a heart attack.

  22. Phoenixasrisen says:

    Hope he recovers!

  23. johnydubz says:

    People need to realise that eating meat is essential, our ancestors survived on meat when they were hunter/gatherers. People need meat to maintain a healthly balance, it’s just natural law. Modern day people have lost the natural ways of living according to natural law, that’s why we are confused. You don’t have to eat alot of meat but it’s important non the less. Just my opinion.

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