Meals & Groceries 9-4 to 9-10 (A ‘Normal’ Week!)

| January 4, 2013 | 26 Comments

Finally a “normal” week!!! Well- as normal as normal can get (-;
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  1. Kpoprock77 says:

    All healthy food^^ nice~♡

  2. chall1011 says:

    if you like sausage gravy you just break up sausage and cook it, i prefir maple sausage ….once its cooked through put flour on it to soak up the grease, then pour milk in the pan an bring to a boil, you add more milk the thinner you want the gravy an add less milk the thicket you like the gravy.

  3. chall1011 says:

    lol same here

  4. chall1011 says:

    do you like sausage biscuit an gravy? i break sausage up and when its cooked i put flour over it to soak up the grease an then milk an its sooooooooo good

  5. kyleandjessP says:

    I always hate going to the grocery store hungry. I buy things on a whim because they look so good inside the store then they sit in the patry for ages… well if I didn’t already attack it the parking lot of the grocery store. HAHAHA @ Deacon’s ketchup!

  6. adonna2000 says:

    What is your biscuit recipe?

  7. Ebone Cardenas says:

    Hay Jeni have you ever tried making Nachos with Doritos it is soooo yummy

  8. jmbrooks89 says:

    Have you done a video on how you make your homemade refried beans? If not I would love to see that!

  9. shannorah says:

    Yay for rain in texas!!!! Hope you guys are doing okay down there with all this heat!

  10. jesjrg3 says:

    Awwww those waffles…

  11. renaevinz says:

    that chobani greek yogurt is so good! it is the only kind I have tried that I really like!

  12. justme8725 says:

    I’ve just watched this waiting on my dinner cooking and i’m now starving!!!!

    Love the look of your Friday breakfast – delicious!

    Oh and by the way my dog was sleeping and heard your dogs bark at your doorbell so he bounced up ran to the window barking to see who was there lol :o)

  13. enoliaa says:

    Love you videos!

  14. elesha76 says:

    Are biscuits like scones. They look like them. I have always wonderd

  15. elesha76 says:

    I can’t believe how well you guys eat!!! I have cereal for breakfast. A sandshich for lunch ( sometimes) and dinner is more effort but not up to your standard. I’m never showing my husband these blogs. He will divorse me.

  16. nolita505 says:

    I love the deconstructed toddler version of dinner.

  17. vhv7052 says:

    I wish i could go to your house for dinner. Yummy. It all looks so good and colorful.

  18. arsc311 says:

    how long can i keep sour cream in my fridge? I love it but i cant always make meals to eat it w so sometimes it sits in my fridge over a week (after opening) …. then i toss it out. im scared to get sick over it. how long does it last after opening?

  19. CassiBuck says:


  20. silverose1209 says:

    I agree. My DH loves that type of food but I have no idea how to prepare it!

  21. Jenmatt811 says:

    if you dont use all your parsley you can freeze it just like the way it came!

  22. lillabealoves says:

    Hi! Im a mummy from New Zealand and I love watching your videos. I find it sooo interesting seeing your groceries! Had my second baby 5mths ago.. You have sooo much to look forward to! Not long now. xo

  23. clairelou09011988 says:

    ive been getting the bad stuff lately also! were pregnant its fine! thats what i say to myself anyway lol! so waht are those biscuits? because when i think of them i think sweet! and i doubt you’d have that with soup and gravy?!

  24. GonnaBAMom1Day says:

    i feel you on the going to the store hungry thing,,, Thanks for sharing!

  25. BabyAvahAndJovanna says:

    glad i ate before your video so i didnt leave super hungry from watching your cooking this time, but you gave me a ton of ideas! thanks!

  26. Love2TravelAway says:


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