McDonald’s Opens an All-Vegetarian Restaurant in India

| April 18, 2013 | 32 Comments

McDonald’s, known for its Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets, is now catering to a new demographic of foodies. The fast food giant plans to open an all-vegetaria…

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  1. Mspokemonfan2 says:

    Its about time they do this

  2. EmpireLS56KW says:

    MacDonalds UK Is now serving the nation customers The Machorse Meat Burger with extra crispy fingernail French fries.

  3. VelvetGal5 says:

    offers veggie burgers. I get them for my sister during the occasional times I go to Burger King. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, etc. should offer veggie burgers, too, for those who don’t eat meat instead of just salads. Even Subway, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen offer grilled cheese, bean tacos, veggie subs for those who don’t eat meat. McDonald’s offers some special different sandwiches for those in Japan, Germany, Israel, Thailand, etc. Some places like more seafood, spicier sauces, Kosher meat, etc.

  4. VelvetGal5 says:

    I think it was a smart move on McDonald’s part to open all-vegetarian McDonald’s in some parts of India where they are Hindu. Restaurants & fast food chains need to be mindful of countries & their culture & learn to be flexible, creative, & to adapt to culture & mindset of country. I saw some special about McDonald’s across the world on either Food Network or Travel Network. The Indian McDonald’s products look interesting & I would try them if they were offered in the U.S. Burger King (cont.)

  5. crazy12525 says:

    pfffft….McAloo has been in every mcdonald’s in India since ages.

    it’s not exclusive to the Vegetarian McDonald’s.

  6. crazy12525 says:

    They are actually opening it next to a Temple. I hope you’ve heard that bit right.
    In India, no body eats meat when they are in/around a pilgrimage place. So, basically Mcdonald’s wants to make some profits from that. Also, around 40 % people in India are vegetarians. Even in the normal Mcdonald’s, the most popular item would be a vegetarian burger or something. Vegetarian restaurants are freaking common and popular in India. It’s not rubbish. It’s some good move by Mcdonald’s there.

  7. weneedtodosomething says:

    How rubbish

  8. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Great…keep enjoying!

  9. Bhavnas Kitchen says:


  10. swapnil gupta says:

    seems intresting

  11. Komal Desai says:

    tried this tonivht…it was delish!!! thanks :-)

  12. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    I use coffee grinder.

  13. asianlite6 says:

    Sis, i mean which mixer do you use for drygrinding whole spices for indian cooking…:)

  14. asianlite6 says:

    Hi sis, how to you grind whole spices for indian cooking at home?

  15. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    You most welcome…enjoy!

  16. marigoldruff says:

    Wonderful video, I will definitely be trying out this recipe! Thank you!

  17. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Keep loving!

  18. niketparikh says:

    Love to see your recipes and love your style and smile

  19. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Will sure…enjoy!

  20. Rudra Prakash says:

    hey learnt your recipe ,keep it up and give good recipes….

    regards…rudra prakash

  21. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Yes, some vegetables taste great even raw such as carrot, peppers, tomates and there many others as well!

  22. Aanish Chauhan says:

    Can’t even cook. Raw vegetables for garnish? Nice one.

  23. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    This is my kitchen!

  24. nini shine says:

    its not ur kitchen..right.i like it

  25. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Yes, just search on homepage of my channel by typing soy beans and you will get all recipes.

  26. Chelsealynnism says:

    do you have any recipe for Soya beans? i tried for the first time at Gurudwara and im absolutly in LOVE with soya beans!

  27. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    It’s magic of light!

  28. prinsesjepetronellah says:

    Bhavna! You’re face so white! look like its bleached almost

  29. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Great…keep cooking!

  30. nzy1990 says:

    your presentation is very cute…like a small kid…im not mocking at you…i think your presentation makes me want to watch the whole video… im an architect who loves to cook… all the best …i think you are doing well…

  31. Bhavnas Kitchen says:

    Would sure love to hear how it turns out!

  32. mrsdilip888 says:

    ohhh okay…ll let u know how it tastes once i prepared it…fr sure im not good in cooking…:P

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