Maca Mama Malt Milkshake Part 1: Vegan Raw Food Recipe with Yoganique

| December 29, 2012 | 30 Comments

Follow J-Wro on these sites (scroll down for more info on this video): — Subscribe to my videos: — Website: — Superfoods — Blender » — Twitter: — Facebook: — Facebook Fan Page: — Google Plus: — Tumblr: — Pinterest — Instagram: — In Part 1 of this informative raw food demo and discussion, Chef Jason Andrew Wrobel speaks with nutritionist and cleansing expert Surreina Gallegos from Yoganique about the many benefits of an organic, raw vegan diet. From gentle detoxification to hormone balancing, Jason and Surreina detail the nutrition tips and knowledge to successful add more raw vegan superfoods to your lifestyle. Jason also demonstrates his nutrient-dense, hormone-balancing Maca Mama Malt Superfood Shake. Best enjoyed in a frosted glass!

John from shares with you the best way to improve your digestion by eating a mono meal. In this epiosode, John will harvest Sweet Goumi fruits off his tree and eat a mono meal of this rare fruit. After watching this episode you will learn why mono meals can improve your digestion and you may even enjoy your food more.
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  1. mzdiplomat1 says:

    Oh wait its nor a dress….still she looks amazing.

  2. mzdiplomat1 says:

    She looks like a upgraded michelle duggar but not pregnant and with a tighter dress… her hair.

  3. DARTAGNANS170 says:

    sexy chick!

  4. James Cobos says:

    Jason Rawks. Master Elixers Class at Longevity Conference was rawsome. See you at LC 2.0

  5. DJMfit4health says:

    if you want the basic science learn about food combining then if you take it a step further all foods need different digestive conditions for optimal digestion.

  6. cannabisbisbisbisbis says:

    i want to get my friend into raw foods. but my friend says eating too many bananas or other fruits make his throat dry and cough, so he only eats a maximum of 2 bananas a day. what do you think is the problem here, the fruit or something else?

  7. JanetUSA says:

    I like to eat with my eyes closed. It helps to focus on the flavor and get the most out of it.

  8. lolstephsis says:

    The fruit is called gomi or “omi” in Korea meaning it has five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty. It’s mostly used in teas here in Korea.
    Anyways, thanks for the info!

  9. Anne G says:

    im using a blender right now (all i have) so what liquid, other than water, do you suggest to add so the blender can mix it better? i been just using fresh organic pomegranate juice from a local guy, but i was wondering what else i could use.. maybe mix my morning tea with it, or does that kill the caffeine effect in the tea at all?

  10. Anne G says:

    this is awesome!!! great plan for a typically lazy person (like me haha) that doesnt like standing around preparing food. i love being able to just keep it simple and get as close to source as possible. less of the middle man and less of the fuss, good stuff!

  11. Anne G says:

    people say more that 5-7 fruits is bad, that its possible to eat too much fruit, what do you think about that? i dont really agree, of course i think it obviously depends on how much calories you burn / how much u take in. but unless you are not used to eating a lot of fruit i dont think it could be bad to eat a lot and you cant get sick. ..?

  12. printisoric says:

    I have a question, it it bad to eat fruits or maybe just a fruit after a meal ? Or drinking tea ? Some say it interferes with iron absorbtion others say it’s good, I think no conclusive research has been done on this and the information on the internet is more like subjective opinions which is very confusing.

  13. shmudi1 says:

    And a very simplified answer:
    1. The digestive juices the body produces to digest fruit or vegetable are TOTALLY different from the digestive juices used to digest meat for example.
    2. It may takes meat 6 hours or more in the stomach to get ready to move on to the intestines. During this time, sugars in your food will ferment.

  14. shmudi1 says:

    Read Herbert Shelton’s books, it was written about 60-70 years ago, but it’s still relevant.
    Food Combining Made Easy

  15. ccrawford553 says:

    the less complicated you make things the better.

  16. SproutMeBaby says:

    Hi John – what do you do to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Thanks!

  17. culturacolombia says:

    Do you buy your supplies in US Dollars or Costa Rican Colones? 

  18. okraw says:

    The evidence is I have is the proof in the pudding. I encourage everyone to TRY mono eating themselves to see if there are benefits to them.

  19. justgivemethetruth says:

    This mono-meal stuff is interesting. Since everything else we learned in Western Civilization is wrong, it’s probably wrong to eat everything together as well in a giant food orgy – so … is there actually any evidence that says monomeal’ing is good for you?

    Is it really easier on your body to digest just one thing at a time?

    Thanks for the ideas.

  20. iwasborntobefly says:

    lmao. psyche.

  21. moderngreeny4u says:

    I enjoy your videos. Thank you. I am inspired to perhaps uncover the raw goodies indigenous to the Gulf Coast.

  22. okraw says:

    I don’t advocate eating salt in the form of crystals be it celtic sea salt or otherwise. We should get all our sodium from the foods we eat. If you think you may not be getting enough, I would encourage eating sea vegetables that are rich in sodium but more importantly other trace minerals that many land based vegetables may be deficicient due to top soil depletion.

  23. TheEricleeparker says:

    I eat mono meals solo :(

  24. Stil says:

    What about salt? How often do you put salt onto something? I recently started to eat vegan, and find myself drawing to one kind of fruit at a time. I really feel healty with eating monomeals, but I am afraid to get to less salt. Any advice?

  25. okraw says:

    Nope, Im single :)

  26. okraw says:

    No, but eating only the cheese could be considered a mono meal.. But I wouldnt recommend it. Increased cheese consumption may increase cancer risk as the proteins and fats in cheese may promote cancer growth.

  27. MaryLea Ostle says:

    omg since i was a child 1966 model year, i never ate an animal and had a limited “eating habits” that my family always said I had a bad diet and would never marry..well they are right i am still single but i find peace through you a mono diet except tomato i am allergic to it. to get more vegies i will have to juice them cause i only like 4 veggies. but i am sick with fibromyalgia arthritis and catistrophic antiposolipid syndrome i hope changing my diet to more fruit i will heal? where are you

  28. kelisurfs says:

    JOHN, did I hear you say that you have a girlfriend? Congratulations! Who is she? BTW, love your video on mono meals, I agree with you, in that eating a single kind of food is good for your stomach and intestines to handle. Somehow I feel more energetic and lighter. Thanks for your excitement and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work.

  29. pesto12601 says:

    Choo chooo…. 

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