Kasamh Se – Episode 88 – 18-05-2006

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An extremely upset Piya demands a solitaire diamond ear-ring from Pushkar to settle her score with Seema who alleged that she was wearing false diamond ear-rings to her friends! Roshni instructs her personal servants to serve her only chicken soup for dinner and when Bani objects, Ranveer seizes this opportunity to treat her like dirt supported by Jai who declares that non-vegetarian food can be cooked in the Outhouse! Jai flares up as he overhears Bani ask Dadi about Roshni’s connection with their family and tells her if she tries to dig into his past he will make her future miserable! He advises her to spend her last few days there in peace and then get out of his life forever! Bani fasts on the occasion of Angarika Chaturthi in honour of Lord Ganesh but agrees to cook for Ranveer’s Brahmin guests at night. She also agrees to donate cloth to the Brahmins as she isn’t even drinking a drop of water but reminds Jigyasa that doing pious deeds alone don’t make a person a saint! Yet, she cooks food for them by slogging single-handedly in the kitchen and then serves all the Brahmins. Dadi tries to arrange a car for Bani to take her to Siddhi Vinayak Temple but is delighted when Jai offers to take her in his car. But Bani is stunned to find Roshni seated next to Jai in the car! Bani learns that Roshni and Jai are very old friends but is surprised to see them freeze when a traffic cop mentions ‘Park Road’ as a shortcut to the temple!

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