John Robbins: Why I went vegetarian

| February 11, 2012 | 24 Comments

Bestselling veg author John Robbins of Baskin-Robbins fame describes why he changed his diet. From the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE. More info at
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  1. jeff4bucks says:

    @RajSachdeva lol i thought it was “31 flavors”!!!!

  2. maroonomegaRS says:

    Yes, this makes complete sense. Lets throw out billions of years of eating meat. It will not impact our development…yes I’ll buy your books and spend more money fueling your special interests. WHY? because I am a retarded american that’s why. I don’t understand this ‘magical’ world of the internet. I mean ‘gee wizz’ who knew you can google stuff and figure out things? Well, while this is easy to figure out, the only people who read/comment on this are already 2 stupid 2 figure that out. LOL @U

  3. RajSachdeva says:

    @jeff4bucks those  are probably 8 flavors of Baskin Robins.

  4. jeff4bucks says:

    why are there 8 dislikes? this is truth

  5. AwakeningUs says:

    Thank you, John.

  6. youtubep2k6 says:

    Very inspiring.

  7. italndiva says:

    @NewYorkFlavour There is not a good trans fat. Ask your Cardio

  8. srn1962 says:

    Well said. You ARE what you eat! Go vegan!

  9. sKuNKdoSE says:

    In essence, its very true what he say’s, and gives a true meaning to “you are what you eat” but never really thought about it like that before. Had to turn away when I saw that pig, that was horrible! :(

  10. kettturton says:

    poor piggy :(

  11. haridham says:


  12. haridham says:

    @domdabombabc check out this video watch?v=ms7yoerGaPU

  13. domdabombabc says:

    Wow I just cut animal products out of my diet a week ago and all the things this guy described (lightness, clear mind, etc..) is exactly what I’ve been experiencing lately.

  14. NewYorkFlavour says:

    Of course eating ice cream all the time isn’t healthy, it’s packed with sugar. That’s also the problem with vegetarian diets, too much sugar and too many carbohydrates. These people should be directing their energy towards promoting pasture-raised meat and fighting for reform so we can start moving away from this nighmarish industrial meat production.

  15. smokasomeweed says:

    or a way to figure things out if your will is directed and not strayed.remember the more we smoke herb, take psychedelics like shrooms lsd dmt, the more better our lives will be because these things trigger psychic abilities in humans and that is also a synergy with the rest of the Iniverse cause when you smoke weed and shrooms it IS good for the earth and creation. but alcohol tabacco, coke, pain killers all will numb you and your life will be full of misfortune and SEEMINGLY random occurances

  16. smokasomeweed says:

    morning and i feel completely clean to start my day. if you are dealing with meat and cheese i would highly suspect it wouldn’t pass through the intestines the rigt way and get stuck leaving you feeling constipated and like shit. i never get constipated either. vegan for me started out for just the animals cause i knew humans can’t be like this naturally but know i realize more every day how ridiculously fgood it is for my mental ability. it proves that there is always a synergy with the earth

  17. TheAvocadoGuy says:

    @projecthorrorify We all die.  No reason to be afraid of that Projecthorrorify. It’s how we live that make us who we are.

  18. TheTvrulesthenation says:

    Let alone who are you? You say you test vegans for defeciencies, so i assume you are some form of registered & qualified GP or dietician. If i may, please tell meyour qualifications & provide proof you are registered as a qualified practicioner of your area of science.
    Otherwise stop making ridiculous assertions & passing yourself off as knowledgable

  19. projecthorrorify says:

    @thefutureisvegan Vitamin B-12 for one. Also be aware that GRAINS, SUGAR, and CORNSTARCH are what cause LDL-pattern B to load up your arteries for heart disease, especially if you have high homocystein proteins in your blood from the lack of B-12, B-6, and Folic acid. GRAINS contain lots of sugar and that is why animals fed grains get sick and die young. These corn fed animals are very sick.

  20. projecthorrorify says:

    @thefutureisvegan Humans have 3 buffering systems in the body and a lot of this buffering depends on good HCL production in the stomach. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are absorbed in the jejunum of the upper part of the small intestine. If the pH is not low enough from good HCL production, you will not absorb these minerals no matter how much you get in your diet. This is why many vegans & vegetarians develop osteoporosis, etc.

  21. TheTvrulesthenation says:

    George church the famous geneticist is about 60 & fine, brian greene the theoretical physicist is abotu 50 and looks about 30. Thich Nhat Hangh the famous buddhist philosopher is about 90 & still touring. Want me to keep going?
    Woop de doo you know one vegan who died a young age, well i know one old person who smokes like a chimney & lived to 93. Ergo smoking is healthy… could you possibly know his diet caused the stroke & not genetical traits?

  22. projecthorrorify says:

    @thefutureisvegan The health of your teeth are very closely tied to your ability to DIGEST calcium, magnesium, & zinc. If your hydrochloric acid level in your stomach is low, you will not have good teeth. In fact, if you get plaque build up on your teeth, you are not producing a good supply of HCL. HCL production is stimulated by meat and particularly by proteins. If you only eat fruits & vegetabales, you will not have good HCL production. Humans produce HCL in the stomach, herbivores don’t

  23. TheTvrulesthenation says:

    Uh Joe Namath is about 70 & still kicking it, i named vegan athletes because you are spouting shite out yer backside that a vegan diet isnt healthy despite numerous top athletes adhering to the vegan diet (& philosophy) & functioning just fine even excelling on it. Heck Carl Lewis scored some of his best records when vegan & past his prime. But okay you want old people? Da Vinci lived to about 70 a remarkable age back then, Plato/Socrates/Aristotle same thing for 2000 years ago

  24. projecthorrorify says:

    @thefutureisvegan You sir have been indoctrinated. Where did you get your information? From the “China Study” that is so full of misinformation it is ridiculous. Mother’s milk contains 55% saturated fats and some proteins & carbs. The important part of the milk is the fat. Fruits and vegetables do NOT contain vitamin B-12 and humans do not process fruits and vegetables as well as herbivores. Eating animal meat from grass fed animals is excellent balance of protein, fats, & carbs.

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