Jesus was a Vegetarian ~ MUST SEE!

| May 27, 2012 | 25 Comments

The Greek word for “fish weed” (a dried seaweed) has been mistranslated in stories as “fish”. Furthermore, the Bible was altered at The Council of Nicea. Original Gospels: http 10 billion animals are killed each year in the US alone for food. Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars. – 2006 UN Report warning. Even Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth did not mention that consuming meat and dairy is worse for the environment than all emissions from the automotive industry. 1) Factory farms produce massive amounts of dust and other contamination that pollutes our air. A study in Texas found that animal feedlots in the state produce more than 14 million pounds of particulate dust every year and that the dust ‘contains biologically active organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi from the feces and the feed’. 2) According to the nonprofit group Greenpeace, all the wild animals and trees in more than 2.9 million acres of rainforest were destroyed in the 2004-2005 crop season in order to grow crops that are used to feed chickens and other animals in factory farms. 3) According to a 2006 UN report, the livestock sector causes more greenhouse gases worldwide than the entire transportation sector. 4) Nitrous oxide is about 300 times more potent as a global warming gas than carbon dioxide. According
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  1. LucaYune says:

    I believe Jesus ate fish ! i dont think he was a vegetarian . read the new tastament

  2. cheetahprint100 says:

    again .dont care.

  3. 1pk155 says:

    It’s You’re*

    Who’s stupid now?:))

  4. cheetahprint100 says:

    no your stupid. i dont even care about that stuff. i got better things to worry about than what the bible says about eating meat.i just happened to accidentally click on this vid and just commented for the hell of it.

  5. 1pk155 says:

    You’re stupid. Didn’t the Israelites kill lambs, sacrifice them to God as a burnt offering and still eat them up? Didn’t the angel of God feed Elijah with ravens? Weren’t the Israelites fed with quail? Please do yourself a favour and don’t twist the bible to suit your beliefs :))

  6. cheetahprint100 says:

    im not a christian! gosh i dont even go to church! i just know some stuff.

  7. EmeraldPlatoon92 says:

    classic christian response

  8. cheetahprint100 says:


  9. EmeraldPlatoon92 says:

    Oh so you’re questioning your political leaders now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so fucking retarded. You claim to follow the bible but yet you are blatently ignoring Exodus 22:28 you hypocrit! “Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people” way to go in being consistent you fool

  10. cheetahprint100 says:

    haiti and 9/11 happened because of of the government.DO SOME RESEARCH.

  11. 1948DESMOND says:

    buddha was also a veggie!!!
    in fact, i think he was a VEGAN.
    now what do you think of THAT? yet the japanese eat anything out of the sea.
    and catholics go to bullfights.

  12. 1948DESMOND says:

    9/11 happened,not because of god, but because of satan.
    man has alienated himself away from god and jesus,mohammed, moses,muhammed etc.
    so man brought Nine Eleven upon himself.

  13. 1948DESMOND says:

    go on, prove that jesus was aveggie.
    i, personally, hope he was and i hope his father in heaven approves of vegfam etc.
    however, did jesus not feed five tousand fish to the hungry and loaves.

  14. EmeraldPlatoon92 says:

    why did it say that pork is not to be eaten? Why didn’t God just say “you know what? ALL meat is wrong”. The reason you’re here today is because of meat. We wouldn’t have survived during evolution. Lastly, just answer me 2 things: If “God” (the creator of the complex laws of physics we live around and all of the matter we see and experience) exists, why would he care if we eat meat? If he really cared, he would intervene and literally strike down butchers. And why did Haiti or 9/11 happen?

  15. unciase1 says:

    why do people argue about this stuff? it’s all speculation. none of us were there.

  16. MrViciousBiter says:

    Did I call anyone a “fag”? I do not recall.
    Peter Pan was the boy who didn’t want to grow up. Animals apart (I don’t want to hurt them either) it was your cursing I was referring to.

  17. DavidCopsafeel says:

    Peter Pan? So I’m a fag becuase I don’t like to hurt helpless animals? No, YOU are the fag, ass-jockey! You take as muich joy from the pain inflicted on animals as you do from your boyfriend’s cock going up your ass! Now go kill yourself, faggot! Don’t wait for the AIDS to do it!

  18. sulkow82 says:

    OTOH, after the Resurrection, Christ directly asked the Apostles, “do you have anything to eat.” They handed him a fish and He ate it.
    Lamb was the main dish at the Passover (eat it or you are not part of the Jewish Covenant). The reason it was not mentioned was because every Hebrew person would know about that. Also the authors wanted to emphasize Christ as the new Passover Lamb.

  19. theyforcedmetosignup says:

    fuck this is the song in It’s Always Sunny where they initiate Smitty and Mac can’t roundhouse kick the bell.

    that’s the only good part of the video, btw

  20. MrViciousBiter says:

    Ok Peter Pan, your choice.

  21. randyreal574 says:

    That cartoon jesus looks gay, I guess The book of Leviticus should be taken out.

  22. DavidCopsafeel says:

    Yeah, maybe I can be all grown up and mature like you, “MrViciousBiter!” What a knob!

  23. edgarmadrid51 says:

    man i’ll surely burn in hell. i tried and the tofo and mushroom taste good at first but in a week i just couldn’t do it. in as sorry i am for the animals and i could shed a hundred tears for their suffering but i just need a good bite of a juicy t bone steak right now. man i’m going to hell.

  24. cheetahprint100 says:

    in the bible it says to use the flesh of FRUIT for food. it never says to eat meat.

  25. biggmoneyme says:

    Jesus probably ate meat as the Buddha ate pork too. but I’m sure Christ ate very little of it and probably bc fish was a big resource . had christ been born this day n age he probably wouldnt of. humans are fruit eating apes. if we were suppose to eat meat we wouldn’t dress it up so much

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