JAMBALAYA RECIPE – Cooking with Matt Steenberge

| March 10, 2013 | 25 Comments

Ultimate jambalaya recipe!
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  1. ItsVode says:

    I think this is a keeper!

  2. KiddreWorld says:

    Yumm!! This is a great recipe.

  3. mrguvalente2 says:

    Thank you! I will make this again for sure!!

  4. ayojetti says:

    This recipe made me a star. Everyone love it.

  5. u2benhance says:

    This recipe was a hit with my family!

  6. THE150MAFIA says:

    I’m a Jambalaya Junkie and this is the best I’ve had.

  7. TheGabriela3123 says:

    Added shrimp and some extra tomato, delicious. 

  8. Gopi Topi says:

    Huge hit with my dinner guests!

  9. irened43 says:

    Very good recipe.

  10. BlackOnionRing says:

    Fantastic stuff. First time I’ve ever had jambalaya.

  11. aintgonnastop1 says:

    Wouldn’t change a thing….

  12. Tim Short says:

    This was really a good recipe.

  13. ClaNeBay says:

    Everyone loved it!! Even the picky eater.

  14. tester5252 says:

    Very Authentic. 

  15. MrQuast100 says:

    My sister recommended this recipe to me, yummm.

  16. Mark wilkson says:

    Absolutely delicious!

  17. Germano Mosconi says:

    Couldn’t find stewed tomatos so I used diced, still perfect!

  18. Jannik Martin says:

    Perfect blend flavors. 

  19. GoldenVersi8n says:

    Love this! 

  20. latinosaxjik says:

    This is an excellent recepie!

  21. DaddyZephz says:

    This was great!

  22. l3lackskillzZ says:

    Very good and very spicy!

  23. TheWeekBlog says:

    Thx for posting such a great meal idea :)

  24. Adrian Krawiec says:

    Nothing but compliments!

  25. RoddWhyler says:

    Definitely a 5 star recipe.

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