Ital Soup A Vegetarian Delight.

| March 16, 2013 | 25 Comments

How to make a delightful Ital soup as it’s done in the Caribbean. Ital cooking is one rich in natural ingredients and very hearty without the use of meat or …

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  1. Robert Chambers says:

    good ital bro!!! Subscribs this ital food song. one love!!!!!!

  2. Jahsole says:

    More Ital Coverage!!!!!!

  3. Jahsole says:

    Great presentation. I was wondering if there was any vegatarian programs out there. This stands out. Great job. I Hope there is more to come. Great!!!!!!!!!

  4. TheSheriRN says:

    I just found your channel and you’re a very talented chef and teacher! Liked, faved, and subbed. Going to definitely make this soup!,

  5. aparaajita10 says:

    Is this chaurai bhaji called amaranth leaves in English? It sounds & looks like what we in India, call chaulai bhaji. I think there is a n Indian influence in the carribian.

  6. MzShaft says:

    pls have me over for dinner 😀

  7. azurretown says:

    always thought the see for callaloo was quinoa. could be wrong. but quinoa is a seed not a grain.

  8. ahlb44 says:

    Greetings Chris, i went back to check out more on the Mexican soup and found that some people actually use oil, i dont use oil at all because since its a poor mans soup, oil was vital. The ingredient that stands out is the joconoxtle because its like adding lemon to the soup, but you have to remove the seeds or youll bust your teeth. Try it Mon, i guarantee you will love it

  9. ahlb44 says:

    Sorry but i forgot to mention corn, yes sir! corn is a must. Of all the ingredients, i would add the potatoes last becauase they would just over boil and fall apart. People use this soup to cure hangovers, but i use it to suppliment my soul. People also tend to add seafood, but i like to keep mine original, as pure as vital. i hope i can put up a video on this, i have prepared this soup for friends and family of other states and they are just suprised on how good it tastes. its super spicy/tangy

  10. ahlb44 says:

    Yes Sir, strictly vegetarian life. We have a good good ital soup in Mexico, called “Gallito”, its a term for someone that is tough. I hail from Las Jicamas Gto Mexico, and i would like to share my recipe with you. Bring 2 litter of water to a boil, add 4 dried guajillo peppers, add 4 sliced Joconoxtles ( Type of Cactus Pear), boil until water turns redish. Add sliced mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, zuchinni, bean sprouts, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, cabbage. Add a hand full of rice and oregano.

  11. Shaun Buffert says:

    Can u sub collards or spinach?

  12. lfilius says:

    This soup looks delicious! I am making it tonight! I can’t wait to taste the flavor! Thanks for sharing!

  13. weCuOUTder says:

    great video i just made this . banging

  14. Earlene Bonas-Johnson says:

    I love this Vid..and I’m cooking this today, but putting green fig, dasheen and cornmeal dumplin…yummm

  15. Earlene Bonas-Johnson says:

    lolol..yes Chris..the yam is starch like dasheen and if its overboiled it kinda melts away and make the soup or whatever pot very starchy and don’t over cook the yam..:)

  16. Kajmere TDot says:

    Chris, will you be growing chado Beni in your garden. How is it grown?

  17. Jesse Patterson says:

    I’ve mad this soup twice and it is very good. I mix it up a little with different vegetable like butter nut squash and red potatotes.

  18. caribbeanpot says:

    It can be the variety you used as well. There’s one I get here in Canada which starts to dissolve after 15 minutes of boiling, where most can take up to 25 minutes and keep it’s shape.

  19. simmick1 says:

    I live in the UK but i’m of Jamaican descent and I was born there. I never would confuse Yams with Sweet Potatoes, they are very different….yams are more like Cassava than sweet potatoes in my opinion. Thanks for your response. I think I overboiled them.

  20. caribbeanpot says:

    yes, there are many different varieties of yams, so too the texture and cooking time. do remember that what’s usually called yam in North America is really what we in the Caribbean refer to as being sweet potato.

  21. 76leegalize says:

    Yes I Chris it’s true INI do use Sea Salt in it

  22. simmick1 says:

    Chris i’m in desperate need of help. The topic I want to ask about today is Yams. Can yams overboil and melt and simply disappear in a stew? I peeled, washed and cut up about 25 yams to go in a delicious curry stew. I put them in there to boil. They were of a regular size, not small. When it was done and I was looking to share out the dish I only saw 4 yams in total.

    I dug into the stew and couldn’t find the rest of yams. Do you have any idea what could have happened? did they melt?

  23. 29psalm says:

    i will be making plenty of soup when the weather turns cold. putting this in my favorites so i can cook along!

  24. Tata Nkuyo says:

    This is what I have been waiting for. Thank you!

  25. StarGyrl says:

    My mouth is watering Chris….

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