Instant Kichdi – Episode 4

| February 5, 2013 | 16 Comments

Jayshree sees Hansha’s gajra floating in the pool and thinks that she has drowned. She asks a woman to search for her in the pool. Phoolchand spies on the Parekhs in the water park. He plans to kidnap Jacky to get the diamonds. Babuji asks Praful to get vegetarian food. Praful buys fried chicken instead. Bhavesh eats the cake that Raju buys for shooting. Himanshu goes to an electronic store to buy a music cassette. Jayshree tries to do her laundry in a new washing machine in the store.
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Manal Kayiru – A rib tickling comedy, ‘Manal Kayiru’ is about Kittumani’s (SV Sekar) marriage and the eight conditions he puts forth. The conditions range from practical ones like the girl should remarry if he dies to impractical or illogical ones like she should cook both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. He seeks the help of Naradar Naidu, his father’s friend, and a marriage broker, to find a girl for him. Naradar Naidu chooses Uma (Shanti Krishna) who does not fulfill even a single condition. Naidu makes Kittumani believe that she does and gets them married. Hell breaks loose when Kittumani finds the truth. In order to save the marriage with all this confusion, Naidu convinces all the family members to play various roles thus paving way for too many hilarious situations.

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  1. Janna Alinas says:

    Nic film

  2. Jegan Nath says:

    every bachelor  must watch this movie

  3. rajesh kumar says:


  4. 9843040812 says:

    Sv sekar good acting….

  5. hiiamshrek says:

    Kittumani periya pudungi…avanum avan conditions-um. oruththiyum avana kattikka koodaathu. appo theriyum. loosup-paya.

  6. Paul Philips says:

    Alas I found this wonderful movie….. starring S.V.Sekar

  7. Mayalagu Sivakumar says:

    thanks lot for uploading . it bring us to a free place from machinery life.

  8. alpine3379 says:

    Please add subtitles

  9. Ranjani Srinivas says:

    Very good movie. Whenever I see this, I laugh like anything, and forget about my problems . Such beautiful family movies are not coming nowadays

  10. Pradeep Kumar says:

    visu visu dhaan…. wonderfull movie….

  11. victork65 says:

    This movies is priceless, it’s very sad that we din’t see theses kind of movies these days.

  12. torinomissu says:

    from 2.06.09 to 2.7.00 i shed tears for manorama acting
    ..awesome…we r gifted to pay for movies with manorama…so talented…

  13. torinomissu says:

    with no reasons…visu made manorama villy at last… because she supports him till S.v sekar finds after thillu mull by stopping kishmu not to reveal that visa is responsible but atlast she tells like nan appave sonnaen illa mama that only look like lotus leaf and water in the movie…But on the whole the movie is exactly a rib tickling comedy

  14. tamruthra says:

    Very nice Movie… Brilliant move…

  15. heamavathy gunasekaran says:

    manorama madame best forever

  16. sivaraman shankar says:

    Brilliant Film :) Totally enjoyed watchin this …

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