I Challenge You!

| February 9, 2013 | 25 Comments

Form to participate: www.naturallythriftymom.com (Remember, this is all about having fun & eating more veggies- no commitments for anyone who wants to participate) :) Just prizes & better health at the end :) The music clip at the end of the is video by Danny Padilla. (I have permission to use his music in my videos) Check him out here: www.youtube.com
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  1. sapiscnn says:

    thank you
    i would love to try it , have you heard that being a vegetarian depends on a persons blood type? some do better than others .

  2. un1eashedb3east says:

    Ur hot ad do it for 31 days if u do phys for a hour with your family aday and see the difference change pop to water

  3. Tea287 says:

    I have been sending your I Challenge you video’s to at least 600 diffrunt people so far.
    you tube lets you send only 50 videos a day to other people.
    Lets tell every one to go Vegan to save the planet.

  4. RampageRobhot says:

    GOOD LUCK GOING VEGAN , but remember 1 damn thing , its not healthier , god put animals on earth for a reason , to eat !!! I am a proud MEAT EATER !!!!

  5. Jodie April Mae says:

    Its a damn sight healthier than most fat, and sugar filled muck the average brit eats on ready meals and junk food on a daily basis!! No I am not 100% veggie I eat fish and dairy..and occasionally have been known to have a bacon sandwich!!! Eating more veg and fruit is of course better for you then eating packaged crap..

  6. Azazel Raiden says:

    I challenge you to have intense workouts with a vegan diet

  7. Azazel Raiden says:

    Not enough protein at all

  8. Azazel Raiden says:

    Personally veganism is completely unhealthy. You don’t get to have any amino acids(building blocks of muscle) to get lean muscle. You look really anorexic, and you starve yourself from food that doesn’t have enough calories. Metabolism lowers down, energy gets depleted. Muscle loss occurs

  9. 101jemxsabre101 says:

    I couldnt hear you very well, even with the volume turned all the way up, so i stopped watching. Just so you know.

  10. deadkennedys213 says:

    Disregard veganism, look at tits

  11. RedaSkateboard says:

    i love you

  12. ChangeDaChannel says:

    I was full on vegan for four years. People who say its unhealthy havent a clue what they’re talking about or if they say that because of someone they know who is vegan and are unhealthy its because those people arent eating properly. I am well versed on information about it if you ever need any recipes or have any questions. 

  13. nanaluvstroubles says:

    kool video

  14. Ivori Rose says:

    I have a great many Vegan / Vegetarian meal ideas ; go check out White Mountain Foods!

  15. Ivori Rose says:

    I’ve been following Cassey Ho on Blogilates and have implemented her Clean Eating ideas, which has helped me tremendously with eating more vegetables. LOL I have no issues with eating fresh fruits =D

  16. Emo Cindy says:

    hey cool vid I’m planning just watching

  17. xILostmyfuckingmindx says:

    Lol she messaged me she was becoming emo too wtf, I’m offended she thought I’d be interested in it.

  18. JustDoItRaw says:

    i am 100% raw vegan !! =)

  19. BrownBrompton says:

    thank you

  20. Beautifulbunhead Joy says:

    Vegan challenge!

  21. MarissaLace says:

    this is exciting!

  22. Lauren Ostrowski Fenton says:

    What great video…so well presented…and by a mum!!! thank you

  23. Tea287 says:

    I just did sent ( I challenge you video’s ) to 59 people on you tube subscribers.

  24. Tea287 says:

    I put your i challenge you video on my channel home page.

  25. lorag903 says:

    I’m going to do the vegan challenge(:

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