Hungry Hammock Hanger – Cuban Black Beans Rice

| August 13, 2012 | 29 Comments

How to make your own dehydrated backpacking meals. Todays meal is a Cuban Black Beans Rice. This is an awesome meal with lots of flavor. It’s also a vegetarian meal as well.
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Stretch out the last days of summer—and your budget—with host Mark Law as he grills up some tasty turkey burgers for less than .00 per person. The secret ingredient? Lean ground turkey raised free range on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics and ground fresh daily. Get the recipe:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. BuckeyeBrandie says:

    How long is the shelf life of this?? Looks AWESOME!!!!

  2. Yankeeprepper says:

    Looks great, will TRY! Thanks for your work.

  3. HanaleiSurfrider1 says:

    Thank you Sir, for such a prompt reply. Much appreciated, and I, like many others, await your next recipe of trail goodies to consume with big grins, a happy tummy and a whoooo-buddy!!

  4. MrBabelfish5 says:

    Thanks for watching. In the videos I use a Nesco 700 watt American Harvest. It works great. No issues with it. If you want to go better than that, an Excalibur would be best. It is a bit pricey though.

  5. HanaleiSurfrider1 says:

    I certainly enjoy the vids that you’ve posted and the assorted recipes. Would you also be so kind and tells what dehydrator, that your using or the one best suited, that you’ve found. Thank you, Sir.

  6. MrBabelfish5 says:

    I’ve had a couple of EPIC FAILS recently. If the meal isn’t good, I don’t post. But, I have something I’ve made before and will have it posted next week.

  7. TomahawkSmith1 says:

    Dude time for something new?

  8. rainbowhiker says:

    Wow! Everytime I see your videos I get hungry. That sure looks good. Okay, I coming ta your state and I’ll watch you cook for both of us, deal? ;o) Thanks amigo. That looked real good. Best always.

  9. otegear says:

    YOWZAA!!! Remember to ventilate while you ruminate…

  10. indipete says:

    You sir, are epic. I’m subscribed to your podcast, and I watch avidly on here. Please carry on doing what you do so fantastically! (UK subber)

  11. iampaparandy says:

    Like always, great recipe and great video. Very informiative and entertaining. Need to see another camping , hiking, cooking on the ttrail, hammocking video.

  12. EDCListDotCom says:

    I’m going to try this one. Excellent no nonsense video.
    Beanz meanz fartz.

  13. dragonflyhiker says:

    good looking grub

  14. TuskerFan says:

    Another great video!!

  15. Kasukoxr says:

    Thats’s why we’re hammock campers 😛

  16. DrunknShooter says:

    I wouldn’t let my wife eat this if I have to share a tent with her.

  17. brhino101 says:

    Thumbs up!!!!!!! Another GREAT recipe from the “Men’s Cooking Channel”. 😉

  18. 007vauxhall says:

    Great recipe, sounds very nice too. Thanks :-)

  19. MikeGartman says:

    Thanks again my friend!
    You have helped me eat better in the wilderness and I thank you.
    Mike G.

  20. wawhiker says:

    Doin’ the Happy Dance on this one! Got to crank up the dehydrator for the upcoming backpacking season for all your awesome recipes. 

  21. KennethKramm says:

    ummm… have to try this for our camping trip to Padre Island National Seashore in March. Ken

  22. thecyr says:

    really? don’t rince the beans? another great dish!

  23. petropolitan says:

    Another great video. Rice and beans are a staple food and a must have every day in my country (Brazil). I find it a little difficult to rehydrate a whole bean, it stays a bit too hard so I usually run it through a blender before putting it on the dehydrator.
    I will try this one for sure.

  24. russdmay says:

    All this talk of bean and rice gets me hungry. Now on to pressing matters. “hungry hammock hanger”. You got the hungry down. Now we need some rehydrating from the hammock, hence the word Hammock.

  25. RallohE says:

    Most excellent pal … wish I weren’t about to leave the country or I’d be whipping some of this up for the road! You da man BF5!

  26. MrKgren says:

    free range turkey do not eat a vegetarian diet even something with a brain as small as a turkey will eat bugs & stuff as a source of meat if it’s available, the only thing that won’t is a vegan …. just an observation

  27. keisha7lowe says:

    This receipt was so freaking good. Very tasty…. Good job

  28. sexymodelboy says:

    This was sooooooo good. I used toasted Italian bread instead of the bunn.

  29. marty1160 says:

    I’m not big on turkey but that might be good.


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