How To Succeed On A Vegan Diet Plan Without Breaking The Bank

| February 12, 2013 | 25 Comments

Check out for the free ‘7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits’. If you tell someone you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet plan, chances are they might say is that it must be tough to get enough protein. Read the full blog here: What tips for saving money on a vegan diet plan can you share? Let me know below.

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  1. anurre5 says:

    Frozen fruits and veg is cheaper, lasts longer and is great for winter months. I have more smoothies in the winter months to use up the frozen stuff. Beans and rice can be stored; just add salsa for flavor. Seeds and nuts are okay too.

  2. MinecraftSurvivalll says:

    i dont eat eggs! help please.

  3. daberr2 says:

    i just realized how pathetic my kitchen is after looking at yours. i love the assortment you have. and you’re pretty

  4. Jessie Goodman says:

    make her watch earthlings 😛

  5. HybridD91 says:

    Evidence bro.

  6. MissRenesmeePretty says:

    Part 2 , my vegan part of the shopping is probably $30-40 .. So I guess if you buy what the girl in the video say it must be cheaper..

  7. MissRenesmeePretty says:

    I know it’s really difficult especially when you are a teenager and starting to become vegan.. I’m 13 so i know.. well I jst have like 6 months of being a vegan so I don’t really know much about this lifestyle.. but what I do is buy those processed food like vegan nuggets, burgers, corndogs,etc like the girl in this video said is not healthy and is a little expensive.. I don’t really know how much do you plan to spend on this but I spend in my monthly family shop $60-90

  8. TheaDragonSpirit says:

    That is how you roll! haha

  9. Jessica Bell says:

    Great video

  10. adembasou says:

    SOY IS BAD 4 u and this comes from a radical vegan-take it from me, noone needs Soy

  11. Bella112770 says:

    I’m a teen but I really want to go vegan but my mom doesnt want me to because of how difficult it is. Any tips or arguments that might help because this is something I’d really like to try. :)

  12. RodneyGideonGray says:

    Very simple eating plan. I find myself eating a lot of processed faux meats. I’m just trying to make it to my first year anniversary, then I’ll start cracking down on the processed food.

  13. sewbuttns says:

    Beans and rice is very cheap. I eat a lot of that.

  14. healthfreak18 says:

    Cool. Is that a purple bell pepper?

  15. mpfordgchild07 says:

    how did you dehydrate your sunflower and pumpkin seed?

  16. ILoveValenciaOranges says:

     I’ve just recently bought Herbemere too will be trying it out soon. It’s good to see that i’m not the only one reusing jars rather than buying new ones for storing!

  17. TetrapakProdzekt says:

    you are very cute i like you

  18. InvisiMan2006 says:

    I had used some of the spicy blend on my mega salad last night instead of the usual salt and pepper and it totally rocked. I’ve seen the product on the shelves for years but never tried any because of the price. I’m so glad that your videos nudged me to give them a shot 😀

  19. InvisiMan2006 says:

    We just picked up some Herbamere original and spicy after seeing it in so many of your videos. WOW! It turned a plain rice dish into a fantastic flavour event! This must be one of your secret ingredients! :)

  20. irfan2010p says:

    Sound like you have a nicely stocked kitchen!! Everything I buy is organic, but the money we save by not buying meat or processed foods more than makes up for it

  21. nevrenson says:

    This is more macrobiotic, except for the bananas and tomatoes:)

  22. oneferna says:

    Another great video, thanks. I have a question about being vegan in the winter (I’m thinking about the cold cause it’s 100 degrees outside!) With all the modern grocery stores around, it’s not hard to find veggies in the winter anymore but they are so expensive. How do you deal with that? Also, we sometimes get snowed in for days and fresh food starts to go bad. Thanks!

  23. veganchick13 says:

    @SecretPlaceDweller91 ok thanks =] mine arent so i think im alright.

  24. Nate G says:

    dried beans is the way to go lentils,chickpeas,split peas lol you and me have the same taste. peace

  25. persephone213 says:

    I totally agree with this idea of eating mostly whole foods! I have definitely been moving more and more in that direction in these past few months and I really like it. Not only does it make the body & mind feel better, but it tastes better, too. Now I look at most prepackaged food and it doesn’t even look that good to me anymore. I’m glad to see others out there advocating this type of lifestyle.

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