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The easiest way ever to separate those eggs for cooking

This recipe is a twist on the old Christmas favourite, breaded camembert. Instead of cubes or wedges we make posh cheese sticks with an awesome, sticky, spiced orange relish. Get the recipe here: You can also buy our book here: Share your cooking results with us:
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  1. Riven901 says:

    daaym man, that blew my mind

  2. jep rakus says:


  3. rudyqqsen says:

    Funny. Great idea

  4. Victor Carvalho says:

    Man,you’re a genius!

  5. AstraeaEXE says:


  6. garci2k2 says:

    He looks like jack Nicholson

  7. fuizzprobillion says:

    Me too.. Good idea.

  8. sevendiamantes says:

    Now I have the knowledge. Whaah, ha, ha, ha.

  9. Chris Thompson says:

    what the dick thats crazy

  10. Luis Gustavo says:

    ” As if the idea was yours ” What is it? Oh, I think so .

  11. mrvideouploads1 says:

    or take the egg into space, break the egg, the white and yolk will separate, collect them in different containers. come back to earth and cook. simple.

  12. MrStevenburn says:

    Hmm how did he figure that out

  13. Th0mmy11 says:

    You’re a damn genious, sir.

  14. Missy Misao says:

    omg that looked so funneh 😀 haha sweet nice going

  15. HipocresiaMusic says:

    Best Intro/outro evur!

  16. eisfield says:

    and a bottle.

  17. Tosho1994 says:

    Im not even into cooking, but you just won a subscriber with s video!

  18. ydyammo says:

    Did I say that he said he invented it? I don’t think so.

  19. ydyammo says:

    Since we’re apparently down to splitting hairs in order to defend Mr Greg, I did say:

    “…as if…”

    …meaning I acknowledge that Greg did not, in so many words, say that he came up with the idea – but in acting willingly let the audience believe which ever. It’s all about giving credits where credits are due, to prevent yourself looking like a proper c*nt.

  20. sonicman474 says:

    How did I get here?

  21. Scottcreek942 says:

    wow, if he’s actually like this in real life, he might be the coolest person ever

  22. Jenkins Wayne says:

    It is because its posted on 9gag…

  23. pightzter says:

    Are you sure you’re not the Annoying Orange?

  24. MrHonwe says:

    Just yesterday this video had 450 thousand views. Now it’s near 900 thousand views. You’re so lucky your video got noticed on YouTube.

  25. TheNewAssistant says:

    Instructions not clear enough, got egg stuck in plate

  26. sandrazee18 says:

    Im hungry now.. :))

  27. hayley devries says:

    another way to test oil is by dipping the handle end of a spoon into it, if the oil bubbles around the end, you know its ready

  28. emilylime2006 says:

    Have you tried making Swedish Punschrulles? Try using Baileys instead of Punch liqueur if you can’t get hold of it – they are delicious, great for Christmas, and great if you ever have leftover cake (whatever that is…)! :) x

  29. Spike Greenleaf says:

    The best is deep fried feta, tastes really good with sweet and sour sauce too

  30. sortedfood says:

    Ahhh… you should head to our website and search for ‘marinara’ or ‘tomato sauce’ – we have a video for it there.

  31. turnpage300and94 says:

    you should do a homemade marinara sauce!! that would be useful for a ton of dishes, this one included

  32. sortedfood says:

    Use whatever you prefer… but soft cheeses work better.

  33. SilentAnonymity says:

    Can we use just any cheese? (Well obviously not processed and sliced, more like mozzarella)

  34. niela8 says:


  35. sortedfood says:

    Enough to cover the bottom of the pan and allow the sticks to float rather than sit on the bottom. So at least 5-10cm is good.

  36. howdyitzRICO says:

    Excuse me, but does anyone know how much oil you need?

  37. thegameguy1000 says:

    Last time I tried deep frying I got smoke all over my house ..

  38. ShroukK says:

    I love the way Ben pronounces shallots, it just rolls off his tongue. :p

  39. Cierra P says:

    Oh these look freaking magical to eat!:D

  40. Whitney Hughes says:

    What brand is the Camembert?

  41. muffythebunny says:


  42. sortedfood says:

    You can bake them, but they won’t be as evenly golden brown all over.

  43. Fiona M says:

    id be worried about the oil spitting and burning me.. can you bake them instead?
    could you do a spicy fajita recipe for a new year party, i get bored of the old el paso ones and i loved your quesadillas :)

  44. PJ Nguyen says:


  45. PJ Nguyen says:

    I dot want to send a photo

  46. rose mac says:

    hey ! im one of your viewers from Philippines :) hope you can cook one of our filipino dish soon

  47. mkshn111 says:

    nice. but gay

  48. SuperComicCon says:

    Ben should have his own restaurant. I would make a special trip to Britain just to go and I’m from New York

  49. theblackcat1236kpop says:

    That is literally my favorite cheese.

  50. giraffesarecool100 says:

    is there a substiute for marmalade?

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