How to make VEGETARIAN LASAGNA Video Recipe

| June 8, 2012 | 13 Comments

Written RECIPE CLICK: Do you have a little one who doesn’t enjoy eating vegetables? Or maybe you are not a big vegetable eater yourself. This recipe is a great way to eat those vegetables and actually enjoy them!! Otherwise if you LOVE your vegetable then this recipe has your name on it. The favors blend perfectly together so you don’t taste one vegetable over the other. By the way, you can keep the secret of using carrots and zucchini in your lasagna between you and I and I assure you nobody will notice it. All and all you get a delicious, nutritional, unique, creative and under 200 calories/ serving lasagna!! Join me on Facebook: Website: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Pinterest: SPINACH LASAGNA RECIPE: “lasagna” “cooking lasagna” “healthy lasagna” “vegetarian lasagna” “mszeineb kitchen” “home made” “homemade lasagna” “vegetable” “health” “healthy meals” “meal ideas” “what’s for dinner” “food” “recipe” “how to” “cook at home” “healthy” “getting” “sexy” “body” “back” “homemade” “organic” “cheap” “delicious” “save money” “DIY” “howto” “cook” “kitchen” “vegetarian” “Mszeineb” “Zineb” “diet” “food” “lose weight” weight loss, recipes, meal ideas, kids, baby, toddler, eating, eating habbits, toddler eating vegetables, veggies, love veggies, eat a lot of vegetables, lasagna, original, dinner, supper, planning, leftovers, great

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  1. mszeineb says:

    @kassiusssss aww that’s so nice of you to say! thank you <3

  2. kassiusssss says:

    you have a seriously beautiful voice!

  3. mszeineb says:

    Thanks Vinny <3 Let me know when you try it =)

  4. Vinny4422 says:

    I’m trying this one as well! Great video!

  5. KinkyStyles1980 says:

    thanks for the tip 😉

  6. mszeineb says:

    in answer to adding salt to your noodles. note that you rinse them afterwards. PLUS a little salt is good for ya =)

  7. KinkyStyles1980 says:

    that looks great

  8. mszeineb says:

    Post pics when you try it hun <3 Thanks for watching!!

  9. mszeineb says:

    Aww thanks! Let me know how it turns out =)

  10. mszeineb says:

    Thanks Amanda! How nice of your hubby to help with cooking, I have banned mine from my kitchen haha =)

  11. AlexTTC29 says:

    TRYING THIS!!! Love your videos ;))

  12. prov31jan says:

    That looks amazing!! I am going to have to try this recipe!!

  13. alandamandamama says:

    I am sending this my hubby so we can make this =) YAY!! Looks so good!!

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