How to Make Soya Bean Curry – Vegetarian Indian Food Recipes

| August 18, 2012 | 23 Comments

How to make soya bean curry at home. Indian vegetarian recipe for soya beans

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  1. eateastIndian says:

    Thank you :)

  2. eateastIndian says:

    did you soak them before hand.. If you soak them overnight 12 hrs or so they cook better..or u can use pressure cooker or slow cooker to cook them as well..Better luck next time!!!

  3. SoapyTitsWank says:

    I tried cooking soya bean curry, but after 2 hours boiling the beans they were still hard as bullets ! and since I was starving I threw them away and cooked some lentils in 10 minutes.

  4. Balagopal Thachangot says:

    You are always rocking with good recipe…

  5. eateastIndian says:

    It’s magic bullet..very handy. It’s pretty common here in Canada at stores like home outfitters, bed,bath and beyond, walmart etc. You can order it online too.

  6. silkenthread says:

    Good recipe. Where did you buy your blender from and what brand is it? I have been looking for one like that. Thanks!

  7. wirednotice says:

    she’s hot

  8. Nafeesamagnouna says:

    Looks very delicious, but the measurements given in the text box overlaid on the video don’t match the quantities used in the video. To name only one example, the text box states one should use 1 cup of beans, but the video looks more like five cups (American cups, that is) were used. Which information is correct?

  9. ankur77868 says:

    thank you mam……
    looking forward to some more nutritious protein rich diets

  10. eateastIndian says:

    They usually take about 45 mins to boil on a pot or 15 mins in pressure cooker. If you use them unboiled then this curry takes atleast an hour to get ready. You can also use soyabeans out of a can and skip all the soaking/boiling steps.i’ve always just made them from scratch.

  11. eateastIndian says:

    Atleast an hour or if you can overnight is perfect. These cook very well in pressure cooker (or slow cooker.) Pot is usually my last choice coz it takes freakin so long but then just like chilly it tastes great coz soyabeans simmer for so long.

  12. david5555570 says:

    Looks great but how long do I need to soak and then pre-boil the dried soya beans for in a pressure cooker and how much water should I use for this?

  13. vShadowWARRIORv says:

    Soya beans

  14. eateastIndian says:

    You are welcome and its delicious and nutritious. Enjoy :)

  15. Ward2010ful says:

    Looks good and simple. Thank you

  16. TheRashmiz says:

    can we use green soybean instead of the yellow ones???

  17. suranjangupta22 says:

    great video..

  18. eateastIndian says:

    Thanks for your comment. I used the same water to get maximum nutrients. I used about one bowl of soya beans…Let me know how it turns out for you.

  19. SeekerFitness says:

    Why do we use the same water that we cooked? So we get more flavor? How many ounces of soy beans did you use? Thanks.

  20. eateastIndian says:

    Oh it is. Try it sometime :)

  21. ilikethewok says:

    Looks very savory!! Thx so much for this video.

  22. eateastIndian says:

    You are welcome :)

  23. iwannaddr2afi says:

    what a wonderful video! Thank you :)

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