How to make Paneer by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

| August 15, 2012 | 50 Comments

View full recipe at How to make Paneer by Manjula Ingredients: 6 cups milk 1/4 cup lemonjuice
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Vegan & Vegetarian Diet Comments, Nutrition & Wellness, Austin Natural Medicine Dr. Fritz teaches Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Academy for Oriental Medicine in Austin. In this video she discusses the potential benefits and health risk of a vegan diet as well as how a temporary vegan diet might be beneficial and how to make a vegan diet work for you in a healthy way if you do decide to go 100 percent vegetarian with no animal meat or products. After getting undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology from the University of Virginia, Dr. Vanessa Fritz graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) as well as a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). Visit Dr. Fritz’s Website at; This video was produced by Psychetruth httpMusic by Jimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Vegan vegetarian diet comment nutrition wellness Austin natural medicine psychetruth health benefits risk animal meat products
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bontkuonline says:

    dear aunty..i need your help.. whenever i want to make chhena, milk does not get becomes cream like thing, milk does not cuddle up..i use enough lemon juice and normal full fat fresh milk ..can you please suggest me some solution?

  2. Sash Mufti says:

    Dear Aunty, can I use this paneer to make Gulab Jamun? Because I don’t like to use milk powder.

  3. sweetmay73 says:

    you can also use tabasco sauce!!! 😀 it works!!

  4. Manjulaskitchen says:

    for rasmalai you need home made paneer

  5. LostDiadam says:

    can i use store bought paneer instead doing this method for ras malai?

  6. Praveensushma56 says:

    Thankyou manjula mam i trand make a paneer.

  7. Praveensushma56 says:

    You teach very nice.thanjyou

  8. siennas2011 says:

    You are absolutely adorable!! I luv your videos and u are so informative. I’m planning on making this recipe soon.

  9. MMJ420Gardener says:

    So this is just curds correct? no flavor added to this?

  10. Acidgrim777 says:

    You have to use normal milk, not light or low fat, the more fatty is the milk more tastier it is. maybe you fail on that step o.o
    blessings and sorry if my english is shitty xD

  11. LookshyLily says:

    You have to get the milk above 165 deg. Farenheit, if that helps… I’ve noticed anything lower than that and the paneer doesn’t form correctly. Also, I never use as much water as she does when it’s humid, which seems to help it develop curds… if you’re in a really humid area, maybe you just need a little less water?

  12. greatwallofchina says:

    what kind of milk do you use?

  13. lavina970 says:

    thank u manjula aunty..i tried it and it worked out very well…thanks :) :)

  14. mariamiangoncalves says:

    Hello. Thank you for posting this recipe. It worked great. I was sceptical at first thinking its not as easy as it looks… but it really is! So quick aswell. Ill be using it in spinach for a dinner party. I think my guests will be very pleased to hear that I made paneer from scratch! Thanks again.

  15. Manjulaskitchen says:

    This is the only way I make paneer, it depends on the lemon juice it can be little more or less. Milk should be boiling when we add the lemon juice.

  16. 966amycbhalerao says:

    yes i too tried to make panner bt milk didnt separted manjula ji plzz tell us other method to make paneer plzz i hope u will surely reply for it

  17. Manjulaskitchen says:

    Reboiling will not work. You can use this for making MILK CAKE check the recipe.

  18. ashu984 says:

    My paneer did not separate out well, and i cant separate it well in the cloth
    Can i reboil it for getting better results.

  19. DrawLove says:

    thank you! I will try. I like you. I have subscribed.

  20. lookthrumyeyes says:

    No usually Indian cottage cheese is made without any salt. But you can add if you want to or have any ideas to use it in a different manner.

  21. lookthrumyeyes says:

    @JorikD yes that’s truly very healthy & nutritious. most people thrw away the whey but those who know keep it for consuming in other ways. Mixing with orange juice is a very interesting idea that I’ll try for sure. otherwise the whey can be sued like stock for cooking dishes. I’d love some ‘Taxi’ :)

  22. TheVinayck says:

    I think u meant “great suggestion”

  23. JorikD says:

    In Holland we use the exces water(whey I think it’s called) from making cheese in soft drinks. It is very healthy. Just ad orange juice or an other juice to the water (when it’s cooled) and you have healthie fruit/milk product juice. A brand a lot of dutch people know is ‘Taxi’. I have no idear why it’s called that tho 😛

  24. RetroRose says:

    I had no idea that making paneer (while time consuming) was this simplistic in steps! Fantastic video! I will not be afraid to try anymore.

  25. kikadenina says:

    Did you add salt ????? What is the flavor ??? Because Mexican cheese it’s salty????

  26. MsMeli1218 says:

    I couldnt éven watch 1 minutes ……

  27. jay91bable says:

    The video my not bet the most corrent. But she sure produced great comments. comment goldmine for a person starting to realize the meat and dairy are not that great but not totally sure about it. Thanks for the comments peoples!!

  28. johnmorsley says:

    It’s funny, as soon as anybody says it’s fine to have some animal products in their diet, they lose all credability. The science is most definetly against you in this respect!

  29. JohnnyWillner says:

    The cons you mentioned about a vegan diet towards the first half of the video were opinion based not fact based. What you think is hard might be easy for someone else. It’s all relative. Second, you failed to mention a Raw vegan diet where there is no gluten present at all.

  30. natureasintended says:

    To find out the truth of the matter regarding essential fatty acids, protein and whether we each have different dietary needs, please look at Dr.Doug Graham’s foodnsport and foodnsport on youtube.

  31. 54321Adela says:

    She had me at licensed accupuncturist. LOL

  32. andrewmotisi8 says:

    Her claim that the lack of protein is a concern for veganism is problematic. The protein your getting from a grain as oposed to an animal is far better in quality and does not promote cancer , which animal protein (especially casien) does in rats. LOL, those wonderful omega 3’s that need to be taken in order for human survival are also a farse and falls into what Campbell calls, “Scientific Reductionism”, a method used by the establishment to enhance capital via poor science and single claims.

  33. markangeloc says:

    Are you aware of the reprocusions of eating animal products? By insulting me or other vegans it doesnt make the theory you believe in any more valid. The meat and dairy industry has done an excellent job in brain washing people, creating lies and placing this so call palelithic theor in the front line. One has to look at health results, no what some guy thinks is the way humans evolved. Give me some proof, not insults.

  34. markangeloc says:

    I have studied paleo anthropology and it’s just a theory not gospil. I am saying that my experience, research, and knowledge has led me to my conclusion. You are the nutburger here not, I don’t do religion nor take my eating habits as such. The clueless cucumber here is you, and your time is not worth more than mine. So stop with the games, and insults and grow up.

  35. auggiedoggy says:

    : You’re a certified nutritional consultant? So what? You haven’t studied Paleo-anthropology and Paleolithic nutrition, that much is obvious. Are you seriously trying to say that your CNC degree qualifies you to dispute the anthropologists who have the education and have spent their life’s work studying human evolution? You are just one more nutburger dietary religionist that truly has no clue. Now I am definitely done with you. What a waste of time you are!

  36. markangeloc says:

    you are very wrong and I suggest you get your facts straight, you are the one with the lack of knowledge of human evolution and nutrition, do you have any degrees because I do. But I won’t waste my breath on someone who has to harm another to feed themself. I am thriving as a raw vegan, as are many of my clients, I once ate the standard american diet and was ill with high blood pressure, stomach issues, now I am healthy and eat only fruits and veggies. Are you?

  37. auggiedoggy says:

    : What is unnatural is when a human tries to become a herbivore. From your “discussions” with Crystal I can deduce that debate is futile as you don’t have a basic understanding of the facts in terms of human evolutionary nutrition. What is evident is that you have been drinking the vegan Kool-Aid for far too long. I now return you to your vegan dream world …

  38. CrystaltheWaterLily says:

    LOL You obviously have never taken a social psychology course then. And showing me what “true humans do” had nothing to do with our initial discussion. Perhaps you seem to be confused about what relevant evidence is. If you are itching to cease communication with me so much, then stop replying. It’s that simple.

  39. markangeloc says:

    I have expressed myself enough and wasted too much of my time with you Crystal, the videos I sent you were to show you what true humans do, they grow their own food, they are amicable, trust worthy, loving and sincere, but I guess that is beyond your capacity. You are a waste of time, therefore I bid you fairwell and have a nice life. I hope you can see the errors of your ways and someday change.

  40. CrystaltheWaterLily says:

    I’m not entirely sure why you keep spamming my inbox with videos that I have no interest in watching and have no relevance to our debate. My offer still stands, but you seem to insist on running with your tail between your legs. So, are you going to stay on topic, or have you finally run out of steam?

  41. markangeloc says:

    it’s about both and they are interconnected. The health of our planet and everything in it affects our own health, it’s called connectivity and caring for others beyond self. Say what you will, once again I have nothing to prove to you or anyone for that matter. I pitty you and the world you live in for you must resort to a behavior that is unnatural and dirty to attemp nurishment, I on the other hand eat pure and am a better person for it. I wish you well and goodbye.

  42. CrystaltheWaterLily says:

    This isn’t about health anymore, is it? I should have known that you would start scrambling for evidence in the “morals” department. To be honest, I’m sticking around because I’m curious to see how many more lulzy comments and bits of unsupported evidence you are going to throw at me. Needless to say, despite you being the older of the two of us, your childish insults are quite amusing. So go ahead and keep feeding me: I happen to enjoy being a vampire. <3

  43. markangeloc says:

    You again? I thought you finally decided to go away. I don’t need to prove anything to you, nor do I care to. Continue with your childish games somewhere else, I have better things to do. You want evidence go find it yourself. In the mean time I am enjoying my health, the way I look being a low fat raw vegan, and feel darn good about what I am doing for the environment. You go right ahead and keep creating karma for yourself and be part of the dark vampires of the world. .

  44. CrystaltheWaterLily says:

    It’s becoming very clear to me that you are not well educated in this field, and have instead resorted into petty insults to try and boost your ego. Frankly I think it would be wise for you to walk away from this argument. I would also recommend you pull your head out of your ass, but then again, that may be asking too much. If you would like to bring me some more substantial evidence, I’ll be more than happy to resume this discussion with you. Otherwise, don’t bother responding.

  45. markangeloc says:

    Wanted to add Crystal, so you would eat meat, make an animal suffer to get your b12 amounts, iliminate the middle man and the suffering, eat a little dirt with your veggies or take a b12 lozegen. Eating animal products causes acidity in your blood hence giving you osteosporosis, cancer and diabetis just to name a few of the illness eating what you claim is natural. Meat, dairy, eggs and poultry are poison, period.

  46. markangeloc says:

    yea you eat the crap, processed shit, karma filled foods that suits your personality well. We are overly germ phobe, hence creating many problems You probably have never tested your b12 and wouldnt know what they are. Now run along child go play with someone else, I am bored with you

  47. markangeloc says:

    not my person sweetie, you asked for references, I gave them to you, you have issues, big time issues. What is your bag girl. Meat is bad for you, but if you are such a vampire that needs it why do you need justification, go right ahead. microorganism produce b12 not meat, my point exactly, so what is your point, better yet, don’t have one, just drop it already.

  48. markangeloc says:

    and so, non vegans also fortify their diets with b12, all products have it, why would that be? I don’t know what your bag is, eat meat, I don’t care. I am not. so move on Crystal.

  49. markangeloc says:

    yes your only 20 and so what you can still be an agent, they hire gullable minds. I don’t have a bible, don’t believe in anything religously, I use my mind and heart to guide me. Dr. Graham has many sources, put on your glasses.

  50. markangeloc says:

    laugh all you want Crystal, we ate fruits from trees, greens, not meat. Eating meat require catching it. Monkey eat bugs, much different, they don’t eat meat. Easier to catch a bug by pokcing a hole in the ground than chasing after a cow, skinnit it. There is no conection, far stretch.

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