How to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

| July 13, 2012 | 30 Comments

Learn how to lose weight on a vegetariandiet with the diet tips in this video. Video transcript: Hello, my name is Carolyn Dean, I’m a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor and I live in beautiful Maui. I’ve finished my 22nd health book, I have a free newsletter and I also have an online wellness program that you can join. And today in this series I’ll be talking about dieting. A vegetarian diet is tempting for people when they learn that you can live three point five years long and re fifty percent leaner on a vegetarian diet. Lot of health advocates promote vegetarian diet but it is not for everyone. My experience is that different groups of people focus on different diets, because of their metabolism. If you are going to try do a strict vegan diet that doesn’t even include eggs or cheese or any diary products. A strict vegetarian diet is just fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. So you have to be very careful to get the right, not necessarily combination of those foods, but the best high quality foods and stay away from refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates- breads, pastas, pizzas- foods that are quickly turned into sugar in the body and they can affect your health because too much sugar we know is not good for your health. What I find with the strict vegetarian diet a lot of people have to eat too much soy protein in order to get the protein that they require and soy can block the thyroid. So on one hand eating these
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  1. CzarQ89 says:

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  2. shirinajsr says:

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  3. Shankar Paudel says:

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  4. Allison Domhoff says:

    Guys, burn fat doesn’t have to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Kinovelax Diet Plan (search on google). Seriously, that course has changed my entire life. I probably should not even be mentioning it because I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I am just in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  5. adfbitly says:

    Hey there! Have you tried – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie got amazing Six pack abs and lost tons of fat with it.

  6. willbrink says:

    You can’t get heme iron from a supplement and there’s many other things found in meat. It’s not that simple a topic. Taking iron supplements can lead to iron over load/medical issues due to high iroin and so forth. Thus, going vegetarian means doing some real research (which most fail to do) on the topic if nutrition, human physiology, etc, and not something to jump into lightly. Good luck!

  7. Apollothe3 says:

    I suppose i wasn’t thoroughly paying attention. So for an active male using an iron supplement, would that be detrimental because of how our bodies “hold on” to iron, if i weren’t regularly eating meat?

  8. willbrink says:

    Did you watch the vid? Vegan vs lacto/ovo vegetarians. Lacto/ovo types will have a much easier time of getting complete quality protein and should not have any issues. However, as mentioned, there may indeed be some things in meat, such a creatine, carnosine, heme iron, and others that may explain why some find meat anabolic over other sources.

  9. Apollothe3 says:

    What about the fact that vegetarians eat eggs, which have more quality protein content in them than most animal meat, they still wouldn’t build size at the same rate? Is there something in meat that gives it the advantage over eggs? Because eggs are dirt cheap where i live so i hoping to have a predominately egg based diet when it comes to protein.

  10. kickmeout1 says:

    vegan? LOL

  11. deusCRO says:

    nice vid…and nice point about American eating habits…I’am not against veg/vegan but they should be more honest and if they are trying to promote their way of life to use non influenced scientific sources to educate people what are the ‘minus points’ on that kind of diet especially in long term use(using supplements, showing how devastating it is when a persons body crashes under the lack of b and b12, and influences on children born in percentages not in individual cases

  12. 00GameReviews says:

    Casein protein is proven to cause cancer? Please refer me to those resources so I can easily debunk them. Dont believe in every so called study that “proves” casein causes cancer. Most of the time studies made against animal products such as “casein protein” are funded by animal activist groups and/or pro vegan groups which have bias point of views and also dont mention important parts of their studies such as the “casein protein” tested were from cows with hormone shots and weak diets.

  13. nodonnel says:

    Look to whole grains, legumes (beans, peas, peanuts), nuts and seeds for your protein. Also, realize that for building muscle, creating a caloric surplus is more important than increasing protein intake. Also, search youtube for “vegan bodybuilder,” or Kenneth Williams, Robert Cheeke, and Jake Shields. Plenty of inspiration for vegan/vegetarian bodybuilders!

  14. divinemercyguy says:

    If you are going to keep citing “studies” off handedly, perhaps it would be better to actually list the sources of your information… Since most of the non-industry funded studies IVE read about disagree (for the most part) with what you’re saying, it would interest me to read the studies you are talking about.

    Thanks in advance for that, Ryan

  15. PJDolan1 says:

    I’m a vegetarian, but I agree with you that the omnivore has an advantage when it comes to building muscle. It’s just a whole lot easier for them to get enough protein. I find that I’m able to get enough protein by eating egg whites, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, and supplementing with whey protein.

  16. mrnat805 says:

    Will, have you heard of the Weston A Price Foundation or are you familiar the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration? There is a lecture by Sally Fallon presenting all of his information on archiveDOTorg titled Nourishing Traditional Diets it is a must watch! Weston Price traveled the world in the early 1900’s and studied the diets of native peoples from around the world, no vegetarians, and he brought back food samples and tested their vitamin/mineral content.

  17. garymccaffrey says:

    humans are able to eat almost anything. though we are definitely NOT natural omnivores. we bare absolutely no resemblance to any other omnivorous species when our digestive system is compared. we match up to other frugivore species. there is a good argument for eating animal products, no doubt about it, but it should not be more than 10% of the diet imo, if that. chimps eat meat, and chimps are still frugivores.

  18. macslyx says:

    Awesome info bro..i personally think that all “diets” ( geared toward health )have a place in the eating life of all human beings but for at least 90% of the time the omnivorous diet is an excellent way to go.

  19. tbayguy says:

    Im a vegan, 47 and have only been doing weight training for 18 months and am one of the top lifters in my gym. I only take in about 70-80 grams of veggie protein a day. The guys at the suppliment store laugh at me because they take in more animal protein before lunch than I get in my entire day. I do as I want and others can do as they want but its been proven that casein protein is the number one dietary cause of cancer.

  20. Ichthyologistic says:

    nice vid! people should know that they are risking their health with a strict vegan or veggie diet, and if they really want to feed like that they should consult a dietitian who can tell how they can get the nutrients they are missing out from meat!

  21. willbrink says:


  22. willbrink says:

    You might want to watch that vid again, and listen with an objective ear. Nothing you said above counters anything in the vid, and I cover veg/vegan athletes as well. Good luck! :)

  23. ginduf says:

    have you ever seen the documentary ‘forks over knives’? i met the fireman who was featured on the video and he has been a triathlete for decades and he’s been vegan all that time — he’s lean so he’s not a body builder.

  24. SetrofSottam says:

    Nice video! The important for your health is to have a balanced diet. And if you want to build muscle or gain strength emphasize on protein, being vegetarian or omnivore.

  25. dihydrotestosterone says:

    Will ,there is nothing wrong with taking a sip once in a while!! we can wait 5 seconds…

  26. pnorris33 says:

    I do remember switching to a vegetarian diet when I was a junior in high school. I lost a lot of weight which I was happy about. Unfortunately, a significant amount of that weight was muscle mass. My chest never fully recovered its original mass even when I later went back to an omnivorous diet. I felt like it was healthier but it was pretty well constructed.

  27. Tigerpaws9097826 says:

    I think the guidance here is correct. On one hand, vaudeville-era strongman Joseph Greenstein was a strong advocate of a vegetarian diet. Yet, Jack LaLanne was a vegetarian for a time, but chose later to reintroduce chicken and fish into his diet. Gandhi noted that as a boy, when the vegetarian Hindu boys played sports against their meat-eating Muslim friends, the Muslims consistently had a strength and size advantage. Generally, meat-eaters seem to be able to increase muscle mass the most.

  28. willbrink says:

    Well said, thanx!

  29. mgm8822 says:

    Whenever I see that you posted a new video, it brightens my day a bit. Thanks!

  30. lukeyhux says:

    will, i was a vegetarian for a lot of my life (about 12 years) and stopped about a year ago to pursue bodybuilding and gain greater nutrition. even though i am not anymore, vegetarianism is obviously still something i value and respect very much, and trust me this did not come across and anti-vegetarian. you made the point that being vegetarian for moral reasons is something you respect, which made you get respect from me. great video man!

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