How to Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals

| January 6, 2012 | 35 Comments

How To Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals – This is an inroductory video for awareness on how different nutritional needs can be met for vegetarians. You will see a quick and easy healthy vegetarian recipe using herbs. Stay tuned for videos on How to Cook High Protein Vegetarian Meals for Kids in coming weeks. Enjoy
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Visit: www.BodyRock.Tv for the full recipe and ingredients list. This recipe is easy to prepare, and is made from healthy, basic ingredients. Check our blog for home workouts that you can try to get in the best shape of your life – all without exercise equipment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. StoveTopHero says:

    Nice job! would you like to participate in our online cooking contest? This month the theme is “healthy” so your recipes would be perfect. Have a look, thanks Mike stovetophero

  2. ACLogikel says:

    @johnotm the only reason so little protein is counted is because of the complete value, not the total value, there are many more amino acids in vegies and fruits than what you get when you read nutrition facts. Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of enzymes you only get that are needs in order for the protein to be utilizies anyway. That doesn’t come from meat, it comes from plant based amino acids.

  3. sabu4646ar says:

    If you were hotter, I would continue watching this but I can’t…im sorry.

  4. guruRuss says:

    loved it :)

  5. johnotm says:

    kidney beans only have 8g of protein/100g red lentils and chickpeas only 6g of protein/100g which is very little protein. nuts are good but i cannot think of any meals that i can cook with them

  6. treehuggingliz says:

    i made this in my own home and this is amazing i love this thank u for the vary informative video.

  7. highprotveg says:

    @Melissa241075 Thank you for stopping by - healthy meals are not only easy to prepare, easy on our bodies too.

  8. Melissa241075 says:

    another great post! i never thought it is that easy to prepare such healthy meals. thanks!

  9. highprotveg says:

    @ChaChaDave Thanks for the feedback. Much more info on its way.

  10. ChaChaDave says:

    Hi. Enjoyed the video and informative.

  11. jdogg288 says:

    “vegetelables” 😀 XD 😛

  12. noxgta says:

    I usually just throw my fruits and veggies on the floor, and whip out a big juicy t-bone and a bottle of A1.

  13. cptprice14 says:

    wow happle couples do exist

  14. eatsleepbike says:

    Just put a small fan on the onions!

  15. b4rn1k4 says:


  16. HapaPapa7 says:

    How does she not have her own fitness show yet? It’s gone from “Damn, who is SHE?!?” to really being inspired by her dedication to healthy living and exercise. And she’s so down to earth and adorable. It’s a strange juxtaposition. You almost feel guilty for thinking immoral thoughts about her! Oh well. Keep up the good work and workouts! And recipes!

  17. TheAwesomeJassim says:

    I wash my veggies….

  18. AllCeBri says:

    It wasn’t a turnip you used it was a rutabaga

  19. Leya69 says:

    It was all good until you added beans! Yuck! I hate them!!! =D

  20. inessa255 says:

    how old were you when u got married suzzanna and how did u guys meet? can u please post pics of urself at the wedding?

  21. aniarysuje says:

    root parsley

  22. thegoldenarmkid says:


  23. ateymura says:

    isn’t it written on the package? sorry couldn’t help.. but to be a smart ass

  24. MrGonzalezRudy says:

    man this girl is gorgeous i jus really watch her videos cuz i wanna see her cuz
    i could care less bout eating healthy

  25. kjordon1 says:

    I wash some of my fruits and vegetables in water containing bleach and baking soda. The bleach kills the germs and the baking soda cleans away some of the wax and pesticides. I just wash them in water if I will peel them and throw away the skin.

  26. marleejoan says:


  27. mayblackrose1 says:

    that looks really good actually

  28. killas316 says:

    Doggie 😀 whats his/her name? 😛

  29. DarkManuel006 says:

    So wait hwta lenguage you speak (originally)

  30. t3hsniper says:

    lol you ate a carrot and then asked if they need to be washed.

  31. Reverseflush says:

    She is Czechoslovak not Czech.
    She was born when it was Czechoslovakia she hence my point. 

  32. noasamoa says:

    yup, that carrot-like veggie is a parsnip.

  33. xsliceofheavenx says:

    thats a parsnip

  34. jeripole says:

    She’s a goddess. God, she is perfect in every way…

  35. ilikemuffins222 says:

    I like how your involving Freddy (i think thats his name ) in these videos now. He’s pretty funny.

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