How to Beat Diabetes Naturally

| November 7, 2012 | 49 Comments Visit this link for more information and videos on how to beat diabetes naturally. In this video the presenter goes through the causes of diabetes. The best way to defeat a lifestyle disease such as diabetes you have to stop what is causing it and take up habits that promote good health. Agatha Thrash MD shares her knowledge on treatment of diabetes. Their treatments are in most cases similar to each other especially on the use of diet in treating diabetes. Dr Agatha Thrash of Uchee Pines Institute says, “for over 70 years, traditional treatment for diabetes was a high fat, low carbohydrate diet with insulin by injection, or pills by mouth. Justification for prescribing the high fat diet was that it keeps the blood sugar from rising too much after a meal, and it prevents too much sugar from spilling into the urine. But the disadvantages of fatty diets far outweigh the advantages. This type of diet does not reduce blood sugar, nor the insulin requirement to handle the excess sugar. In fact, it tends to make the body less sensitive to insulin and induces resistance to it. Elevation of blood fats leads to hardening of the arteries. It promotes the accumulation of ketone bodies in the body tissue and fluids, and accelerates aging.” Other diets that have been used to control diabetes are high protein, high carbohydrate and high fiber diets. Protein diets seem to prevent a significant rise in blood sugar, but are “impractical, monotonous

How to Become a Vegan — This is in response to a reader who is asking me in response to my “How to Become a Vegetarian” video. How do I become a vegan? I’m going to share my process of how I transitioned about three months into vegetarianism to full veganism, what that looked like, and some simple ways that you can go vegan with ease. Becoming a Vegan Easily — Implementing Simple Tips! What happened was this. When I first became a vegetarian, I made a declaration that every time I went to the grocery store, I would buy an item I have never bought before. I would go home and Google it. “What the heck do I do with a butternut squash?” “Oh, OK. It’s going to be good with this thing.” Then, I would go and buy the other ingredients that I need and make some kind of new amazing dish that I have never made before. If you commit to only buying one item you have never bought before every time you go to the grocery store, very quickly you are now going to have a WHOLE list of new meals you like to make, new foods you’ve tried, and new foods you know how to prepare. You are going to get SO expanded inside your awareness of what is really out there in the food world. That was the process that really started everything. The other mindset that helped was that I made a full commitment that I was going to listen to my body really closely. I was going to literally pay such direct attention to my body that I would listen for if it liked something or it did not like
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  1. menik kurnia siwi says:

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  2. menik kurnia siwi says:

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  3. Stacy Tilman says:

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  4. Bibek Maharjan says:

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  5. Bibek Maharjan says:

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  6. mellasone says:

    Wow this is a very interesting talk, I have learnt a thing or two here and I though I knew everything about diabetes, thanks for posting

  7. startwanger says:

    Excellent. I’m a diabetic and this explains thinks in a way dietitians don’t. Thank you.

  8. datzfast says:

    ok. who is he? got a name?

  9. datzfast says:

    this guy is excelent but he gives no medical; reason to eat complex carbs found in grain food. all grains wind up being empty calories.

  10. datzfast says:

    from now on i vow to eat all my calories in just two meals. i used to eat just two meals for thirty years. then i got fat and ate three

  11. datzfast says:

    insulin causes tumors? ah ha, that explans why feeding rats corn all get tumors in four months and that explains why corn safty experts kill the rats at three months. thanks,

  12. datzfast says:

    he was right about fruit, its also slow drip glucose. Much slower than complex carbohyderate.

  13. datzfast says:

    just how many grams of sugar are in two spoons of gucose? About 9 grams of carbohydrate. 9 grams into the blood so fast you might need insulin after just a bite of carbohydrate. you cant eat complex carbohydrate and be a diabetic, its slow murder.

  14. datzfast says:

    let me tell you about complex carbohydrate. its like haveing diabetes and being placed on a slow drip glucose. normal humans fight to keep a total body load of two teaspoons of sugar in the entire blood supply at any given time. any human can do this without eating complex carbs,i do this every day and it means in must make about 120 spoons of guclose per day without complex cabs at all.

  15. dilranga95 says:

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  16. İbrahim Çağlayan says:

    I am Type 1 diabetic and have seen quite a few doctors. None of them has ever come anywhere close to this presenter (doctor I presume) in clearly explaining all facets of the ailment. I have learnt so much from this presentation. I wish I had a way of reaching more material from him. Anyone know his name?

  17. Madhuvijay4diabetes says:

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  18. Elizabeth Pool says:

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  19. Tiesha Oberhoefer says:

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  20. alexzdodges says:

    Great video. Very motivational! For anyone who is inspired like me, you can download a free weight-loss ebook at dietwithoutpain. com.

  21. Anila ArdyssAngel says:

    I love this guy’s presemtation. Very informative and presented in an interesting way…want to hear more from him!!

  22. Rupa Shah says:


  23. 20abracadabra12 says:


  24. fyabun says:

    great presentation

  25. Ria Forza says:

    safe and no surgery Gastric Bypass for Diabetes worth checking:

  26. mariyta07 says:

    yes milk is horrible for you

  27. Gunjan moghe says:

    If you have been trying to burn fat quickly, you should google Trim Fat Maximizer. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  28. munherpes says:

    That makes so much sense, that we are more adapted to gather and eat vegeratian food

  29. pippin1962 says:

    Yes–and look for whey in products as well–it is a by-product of cheese making and it is surprising how much it is used. Good for you and good luck on the veganism–5 years for me (6 years vegetarian before that). It’s easy–it’s good for you and it is good for everyone and everything else as well.

  30. pippin1962 says:

    I have been a vegan for 5 years–vegetarian for 6 years before that. I am a high level soccer referee and have to pass fitness tests every year–I run marathons and play soccer–I have a very active lifestle (and run my own business–often long hours) and I have found that since being vegan I have more energy, need less sleep and am often complimented on how young I look (I am 50). I don’t take any supplements. I don’t need to diet or worry about my weight–life is good.

  31. ssips720 says:

    im a new vegan, and looking around its honestly surprising how many things have MILK in them! scary!!!!!!! reallly scary. do you know only pregnant cows produce milk? they induce pregnancy in these cows over and over and over again, its really sad

  32. esam khan says:

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when normal people do it easily with Atomic Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

  33. Gufberg says:

    hmm .. I believe a no-animal products diet is fundamentally unhealthy and actually lethal unless you eat animal excrement (b12 deficiency) Why am i watching this? i guess i am bored …

  34. weCuOUTder says:

    dont never drink coke zero it has aspertane which is very bad for health causes cancer.

  35. weCuOUTder says:

    lol at the latest diet what a fool you are

  36. GreenBottleCap says:

    But he’s perfectly capable of killing and eating an animal in the forest.

    And buddy, farm-raised crops are pretty pumped with a lot of shit as well 😉

  37. James Clarke says:

    I watched 6 seconds of this and turned it off. What a tool of a man.

  38. Merryyy203 says:

    I don’t know where you are from, but in the US and the UK they have this Quorn meat free products. They look like meat, and when you eat them they feel like it too, but they aren’t. It’s for vegetarians only though, but maybe it could help if you can find it where you live =)

  39. starfaery says:

    William C. Roberts:
    “Atherosclerosis is easily produced in nonhuman herbivores by feeding them a high cholesterol or high saturated fat diet. Atherosclerosis is one of the easiest diseases 2 produce experimentally, but the experimental animal must be an herbivore. It is not possible 2 produce atherosclerosis in a carnivore. Because humans get atherosclerosis, & atherosclerosis is a disease only of herbivores, therefore humans must also be herbivores.”

  40. Uchida Oginome says:

    I was vegetarian for years but because I was young and was not vegetarian for any religious or moral reasons, decided to eat meat again. The wife and I have had the pleasure of partaking in some of the most delicious foods (mostly Indonesian) I have ever had, all prepared by a friend of ours in Flushing (that’s a HUGE Asian community here in NYC) and all with no meat. Haven’t broken the news to the Mrs yet but I am slowly transitioning to vegetarian now. Once that’s on well, I’ll attempt vegan.

  41. honai55 says:

    You can call it what you want, obviously most of the people commenting here think Veganism is a diet. Well, for most Americans it is; the latest diet fad. It is sad how a good old ethical tenet becomes diluted to fit a desperate society in search of the latest “DIET”.

  42. honai55 says:

    You a predator, LOL. You are no predator, you go to a supermarket and chose your flesh. It all stars when the factory farm machine manufactures your meat of choice, after pumping it with hormones, pesticides, preservatives, carcinogenic color additives, and feeding it corn, your local butcher chops it up and packs it, and then you take it home and COOK it. Comparing yourself to a predator is pretty far fetch, don’t you think?.

  43. ShhBrad1984 says:

    I went raw vegan for 30 days last year. Expect two, MAYBE three a day that are stink-free and extremely quick cleanup.

  44. VEGanHIGHS says:

    Hi, I’m on my friends account, but wanted someone elses experience too. Do you vegan guys shit a lot? or are there foods lower in fiber vegans can eat? I want to be vegan, but shitting 10 times a day will drive me mad!


  45. Kris Houghton says:

    I am 4 week without meat and dairy. I am so clueless on how to do this. I mostly juice and eat apples pears carrots celery grapes almonds popcorn potato’s baked. I still am drinking Coke Zeros is that even vegan? When I juice I put in kale, celery, broccoli, apples, carrots, pears, berry’s, ginger, lemons,oranges.

  46. 40ozFood says:

    This vid is totally vegan…it was filmed in POTATO!

  47. 22johncook says:

    ive been vegetarian for 9 months, but have always felt like i should give up dairy because of the cruelty of the industry, ive been scared to try because i eat so many dairy based products , but this video has given me the courage i needed and inspired me to try the 30day trial on cutting the dairy. loving the the simplicity and honesty of the videos , thanks xx

  48. ratdance says:

    these are great tips. thank you.

  49. Itsn3ss says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been a vegan for a week !!! I’ve been super sleepy and groggy … Is it because my body is detoxing ? I love how you said to listen to your body, maybe all the wheat is making me sleepy ….

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