How to Be Vegetarian : Transitioning to a Vegetarian Diet

| February 8, 2012 | 24 Comments

Transitioning to a vegetarian diet from eating meat can be difficult for many people. Learn how to transition from eating meat in this free vegetarian video. Expert: Jean Smith Bio: Jean Smith as been a vegetarian for her whole life. Filmmaker: julio costilla

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  1. LaxRatBra says:

    I cant believe there are people out there like this, unbelievable. Look how sickly she looks and I can’t imagine how annoying she must be.

  2. TheSheriRN says:

    Great encouraging and common sense video :).

  3. crazydog752 says:

    crazy thing is that the avertizement was a big mac lol

  4. oalinslo says:

    What if I crave drugs. Does she mean that its ok and have whatever I crave?

    I think her point of view might be a little off

  5. amy2x says:

    @AviatorStudios Blood test is only way to be totally sure you are getting enough protein but eating enough protein should be good enough. Eggs are good protein source. Total Vegetarians will not eat eggs. Eat them if that does not bother you. Beans and nuts are excellent protein sources. You can search on Google for good protein sources. You should also take a good multivitamin because you will not be getting enough iron.

  6. AviatorStudios says:

    @amy2x I am 14. I have only been a vegetarian for a week so far. Are there any ways I can check myself?

  7. amy2x says:

    @AviatorStudios Please have your doctor test your Protein levels in blood. Lab will withdraw a vial of blood for the test. This will tell you if you are getting enough protein. You can adjust your diet based on result. You can get enough Protein from non animal source. Many don’t get enough. Children suffer if Parents deprive them of enough protein.

  8. AviatorStudios says:

    @amy2x I am vegetarian because I feel bad for animals.

  9. TheGuyWhoHatesInk says:

    @smurfieboo then you get moved to a bigger room with almost no space to move, you can either stand up or lay down. That’s it. after a year or so, you get moved somewhere else again.From that day on you see older cows disappear forever and new ones come in. One day you are cruely pushed with some others onto a narrow passage and pain screams are louder with every minute. Then blood on the floor, you see halves of dead animals hanging from the ceiling.Then comes the blade.Not very pleasant, right?

  10. TheGuyWhoHatesInk says:

    @smurfieboo well, you’re right about the fact that ‘today’s’ meat is bad. BUT, people don’t have to eat meat to survive. Vegetarians nor vegans are not smaller than others, dumber than others or anything else! They (or better we) are exactly like you murderers :P, except for the fact we care about animals. Imagene you are a cow in a slaughter house. You were born in a room with no sunlight, maybe just four square meters of room and you grow there until you are old enough to stand up (continiued)

  11. EllieGotBored says:

    @smurfieboo Vegetarians have many other reasons to be vegetarian. Religion, medical health, or caring about the animals.

  12. EllieGotBored says:

    @amy2x People have many other reasons for being vegetarian other than weight and fat in it.

  13. amy2x says:

    Please eat meat. Many Vegetarians do not get enough Protein. If you do not get your protein, your body will take it from your vital organs! You can look up on line how much protein you need a day. 70 grams of protein a day would be in about 350 grams of roast beef or Chicken. Don’t worry about the fat in the meat!

  14. Tallykoren says:

    Thanks for uploading this great video.

  15. Stayfit4health says:

    Mike Mahler the vegan kettlebell instructor is a prime example of someone who has got the diet right, and not only survives but thrives on a vegan diet, and excels every year with muscle gain, and better health and fitness. Check him out on youtube. He is the first to admit that most vegetarians/vegans have got their diet wrong, and replace meat with all the pseudo meat products that are loaded with heaps of bad stuff, and have no real nutritional value for our bodies.

  16. Stayfit4health says:

    @suicidechickenshit That is a lie. You need to eat heaps of nuts and legumes to remain healthy, and also take around 5 teaspoons of coconut oil a day to get good fats in to your body.

  17. smurfieboo says:

    Vegetarians, please stop saying meat is bad, it’s the steroids and crap fed to the cows that makes it bad for you! Meat is from the earth, it’s natural…how can that be harmful? I would never advocate going veg, it’s too extreme. Rather eat meat once every 2 weeks and as it’s a treat, go to an organic butcher (they still exist) and ask if the meat is grass-fed. If not, don’t buy it. The corn that is fed to most cattle is what is really making us sick. After all, what the cow eats we eat.

  18. jogmas12 says:

    i am transitioning from meat to vegan, i gave up pork 10 years ago. now just the thought of eating flesh, meat muscle from an animal grossing me out at times even if its from a cow or poultry. my main concern is that i may not be able to give up dairy. any suggestions?

  19. highvoltagedrummer1 says:

    @JesusonlyYou1 so you say that religious jews are satanic. Jesus was a jew! so was he satanic aswell?

  20. highvoltagedrummer1 says:

    @JesusonlyYou1 I am christian and I beleave in god, BUT I am starting to be veggie, I like AC/DC, I swear often, and I got bored while reading the bible (no offence to the bible), but still, WHO CARES?

  21. highvoltagedrummer1 says:

    @nicklee22 you are totally right! we humans kill millions of animalsfor food, and no one gets arrested or getting a fine (or maybe one when killing in the wild without a license), but let’s say if I go out to the street and kill my neighbour to get something to eat, I’ll go to prison for my lifetime! D: the world we live in is so unfair!

  22. DocStrange0123 says:

    @TheLman2230 Why do corpse eaters always look like they are going to have a heart attack? which eventually they’ll have…

  23. shuvo2k600 says:

    Hi hi! Have you thought about intellectus diet (search on google for intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  24. TheLman2230 says:

    Why do vegetarians always look like they are on drugs or have aids?

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