Homemade Sichuan Chili Oil/自制辣椒油/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

| November 8, 2012 | 49 Comments

Recipe found at: www.cookwithkelly.com www.cookwithkelly.com Authentic Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes Music by: Solaris Heights – Fusique
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  1. nyghtmare3000 says:

    how much of each oil did you use and did you include the peanuts?

  2. Dario Teich says:

    You must not use olive oil here. No way.

  3. wickiezulu says:

    Which oil should I use to make Chinese style Chili Oil as used in many Chinese restaurants, Nut-based oils like Almond oil, Bean-based oils like Peanut oil, Seed-based oils like Sesame oil or some sort of mixture of 2-3 +?

  4. sheepany says:


  5. MrEueu89 says:


  6. nyghtmare3000 says:

    how much of each do you use????

  7. Mitchieboo1970 says:

    Well Done But Olive Oil? Fuh Real?? Peanut Oil Is Best I Think. Olive Oil Has A very Strong Flavour, I Love Using peanut Oil To Make Mine Or Some Other Oil That Has A Natural Flavour!! Very Informative!!

  8. 阳 曹 says:


  9. FlamingAsianDude1202 says:

    wheres the szechuan pepper? thats what gives it that szechuan taste.

  10. cookwithkelly says:

    You can use any cooking oil. I used grape seed oil last time and it was amazing.

  11. andyjack33 says:

    Olive Oil is not a good match to Chinese food it is far too fruity, but Kelly must like it for it’s healthy property’s & has grown used to the taste.

  12. cookwithkelly says:

    Keep in the refrigerator, up to one year.

  13. Stephen Cronin says:

    how long will it keep?

  14. zgarcia2 says:


  15. sheepany says:

    dry chili in Cantonese is..? =)

    would be great to huv your vidieo with Chinese sub- title/ you can make them in CHinese=)

  16. Roselin Swenson says:

    Hi I want to request you to make hot pepper paste which chinese or korean normally use in there cooking.

  17. cookwithkelly says:

    Wonderful ideas! I will try using your recipe next time. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Giselle Bien says:

    I didn’t know chili sauce is very easy to make until I watched your
    wonderful video. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  19. cainmarko69 says:

    I just tried all the oils and came to the conclusion that Sesame Oil mixed with Peanut oil is the Best Taste ever. Truly addicting stuff

  20. JJRR313 says:

    why do you dress so sexy each time you cook?

  21. gabriela6202 says:

    It was so good!!! thanks for the video :)

  22. MrFrenchtunes says:

    Adding peanuts sounds tasty gonna try this next time i make my chilly oil…Thanx

  23. wlwlwlhk says:

    it is the very first time I see chili oil being made this way…..normally, chefs would fry the minced dried chili on low heat until the chili is golden brown… anyways, thanks for sharing

  24. 1019drummer says:


  25. cookwithkelly says:

    You can use any cooking oil.

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  27. thegenesis204 says:

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  28. 1986TruthSeeker says:

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  29. Maggie Marsh says:

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  31. pungisotu says:

    awesome video! I’m having that this morning!

  32. SlingShotKid007 says:

    hater stop watching his vids k thanks! 😉

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  34. Bernietheambitious says:

    dan i love the way you cut up that fruit. i would be juicing my fingers by now if i did that and i know you’ve had lots of practice. dibetic trying to follow some of your advice.use to be a vegan. S.O.S

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  37. JuukezeBarbie says:

    awesome n straight to the point

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  42. EnlightenMediaCorp says:

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  46. TheBroberts1986 says:

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  47. LindsaySever says:

    if its organic vodka;P

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