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  1. KingZoraable says:

    @15leogirl i’ve been a vegetarian since I was 4 years old, I just´╗┐ refused to eat meat. I think I turned out fine. ­čśŤ

  2. imjasonn says:

    Protein is really important,´╗┐ if you’re a competitive athlete or body builder. But, if you want to live a long life it’s less a big deal. As a matter of fact, protein fasts seem to be good for longevity. But, if you’re a fatty you want to stay away from sugar until you get thin.

  3. prisoner666JP says:

    Main dish for lions are not meat but internal organs.
    It’s the´╗┐ most efficient raw full of enzymes, bacteria, virus and helper worms.

  4. HeyPusa says:


  5. ikeenaXxX says:

    detoxing and regenerating cells with raw vegan diet huh?…FOR 10 YEARS! Wooooooooow you look very healthy. Your skin, face and everything that i see lol. Wonder if this would be a good diet for me though? Yeah meat is for fat..i was thinking that before..cos the nuts, chick peas, beans,´╗┐ lentils, cabbage, greens are all made up of protein. Everything really except for macaroni&flour…

  6. McMoFigga says:

    @aaronhare well I think the whole point was that he meant´╗┐ sugar/carbs/glucose. u r right I am sorry for the name calling that was not kool

  7. aaronhare says:

    @McMoFigga Wow smart one, where did I say that it wasnt glucose. I said you dont need sugar itself, you need 4-5 grams of carbs , or other forms of glucose other than sugar.. it´╗┐ could be vegi’s , or any other non-starchy food. Sbefore you go calling people names, read the comment again.

  8. McMoFigga says:

    @aaronhare sugar is glucose´╗┐ jack ass ….

  9. ovechkin100 says:

    @simvegas i have way too many carbs in my vegan diet´╗┐

  10. simvegas says:

    people exist on very low sugar and carbohydrate diets. i have done ketogenic diets which´╗┐ are far less than 30g of carbohydrates per day. once your body adjusts to burning fats and ketones you feel fine.

  11. MrSupasexi says:

    @karlanickita no´╗┐ more than anybody else

  12. TheGhghghhjhjhj says:

    you have no´╗┐ muscle at all !!!!

  13. WorldHelloAgain says:


  14. BRIAN2605 says:

    Very well said Dan´╗┐

  15. ian2sexy says:

    @TheWildheartmuse – Ant stronger than an elephant -´╗┐ Eateverything -a-terian

  16. AjSlutboi says:

    I’m trying to lose 80-100 lbs but without loosing mustle. I actually need to build up my strenghth already. Will this info in this´╗┐ vidio work for me.

  17. TheWildheartmuse says:

    @90Rush We don’t´╗┐ need to hunt and therefore have the freedom and luxury to pursue the most healthful diet. There are many vegan body builders, Olympic atheletes and sport players so loosing muscle is not a problem.

  18. 90Rush says:

    @TheWildheartmuse Of course. Elephants can’t hunt. If they are meat eating they’d either be extinct,´╗┐ or evolve into smaller and quicker hunting animals.

  19. TheWildheartmuse says:

    Biggest and strongest land´╗┐ animal? Elephant………vegan……….hmmmmmmm…..not a coincidence!

  20. octasian says:

    So….. when you were a´╗┐ bodybuilder you was dumb?

  21. trinhthiduong says:

    Hello! Have you tried cleverous 402 diet (just google´╗┐ it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my father lost tons of weight with it.

  22. Greenfire2200 says:

    Can you dig it? Whoomp´╗┐ there it is!

  23. aparham48 says:

    i have been vegan for about 8 months now and i feel amazing but i have shrunk down also i still lift heavy squats deadlifts power cleans weighted dips but it has been near impossible trying to gain on this diet. i am a ectomorph i dropped from about 170 to 145 in about 6 months. i know that extra muscle is ego but i still´╗┐ miss fitting my clothes and extra female attention. what do you suggest i do up my bean whole grain pasta hemp protein or raw garden of life protein to vegan bulk????

  24. generatrix999 says:

    Fresh coconut water has all 22 amino acids´╗┐

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