Healthy Tip: Simple Chicken Veggie Wraps Recipe

| May 11, 2012 | 25 Comments

Other Videos In This Series: Healthy Tip: Savory Apple Cinnamon French Toast with Egg Whites Recipe: Healthy Tip: Turkey Burgers with Spinach and Feta Cheese: Healthy Tip: Ice Cream Alternative: Check Out My Hair Channel! : Catch Me on Twitter! : Facebook! : Blog! : Another Easy and Healthy Meals Recipe! This one is for my go-to meal Chicken Vegetable Wraps! They’re easy, simple, not a lot of steps, and I love that I can get things done as I cook them because they don’t need to be watched as closely! Perfect for households with children or for people who are always in a rush! Enjoy!
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  1. idreamdaily says:

    making it right now :)

  2. TeenageIronman says:

    the more you know

  3. thatprettytajaye says:

    i never knew that

  4. annointedone7 says:

    Just wanted to let you know I tried your recipe tonight. It was a HIT with the family :-) Thanks so much!! Next I gotta try your turkey soup.

  5. littlewing1023 says:

    alot of whole foods products arent organic even tho they are labeled as such, because alot of the products come from other countries and their regulation practices usually arent as strict as US organic regulations, so its just an extra cost for not much of a guarantee of an organic food. fyi

  6. lolitaotaku says:

    One of the best chicken fajita recipes I’ve tried! It’s my go to when I want a chicken wrap, thanks a million!

  7. TeenageIronman says:

    never add salt while cooking it, removes all the good juices

  8. bridgesthatconnect says:

    I love your recipes!! Gonna go to the grocery store tomorrow so I can get some ingredients to cook this

  9. SpicyAmbrosia says:

    Made this for the Superbowl and my husband lovvvvvveeed it! Thanks!

  10. nkreseknowledge says:

    LOL!!!  Oh!! You do have cooking videos!! *shamefaced*

  11. NAPS2LUV says:

    What kind of balsamic vinaigette do you use with this?

  12. dottie207 says:

    How about I will be making this for dinner tonight, thanks ;.)

  13. missjhia says:

    Another healthy meal to cook for family and friends. I’m going to add brown and pinto beans as my sides.

  14. Seishiro1989 says:

    Great video!!! Make more!! <3 <3 <3

  15. MsSLK1977 says:

    I really appreciate these cooking/recipe videos!!!

  16. dwanfierce says:

    put it over some rice and you have stir fry! great videos! i need to go shopping!

  17. sislisa4895 says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad I saw this vid. Was on the fone with my daughter this morning and she was saying she needs to eat more heathier, and that she is always cooking the same old things. I suggested she start using receipes. And l was looking at your hair vids and low and behold I run into this receipe vid. Thanks hon’. You gave me an idea. I’ll tell her to watch Youtube for healthy receipes. I love Youtube. :-) Oh and by the way, this meal looks delicious. Chow!

  18. armygirlsgt says:

    like like LIKE!!!

  19. dhakirahjami says:

    This looks so delicious,and I loved watching you wrap the wheat wraps,because whenever I wrap mine,the filling falls out! Please continue to make more delicious videos! I just added this to my favorites :)

  20. StoveTopHero says:

    AWESOME! we just launched an online cooking contest and this month’s theme is “healthy”, would you consider posting this on our site? You would be great. Thanks Mike StoveTopHero

  21. tripudium17 says:

    Spark People has a calorie counter

  22. cutemoos says:

    Great tip on heating the pan first! I only have one stainless steal pan and never knew that. Love your pix at h beginning.

  23. AlexisN1203 says:

    Just made this! It’s great!!!, keep the recipes coming

  24. LeahQ91 says:

    My husband is the cook in the family, and sometimes I feel I’m not doing my part as a wife in cooking for him once in a while. That’s why I enjoy watching your recipe videos. It gives me some help in learning how to cook for my family.

  25. tiffanne84 says:

    I know your husband is glad he married you! ;p

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