Healthy School Lunches! Delicious Recipes for Everyday

| September 18, 2012 | 50 Comments

Like it? Pin it! You’ll be the envy of your friends when you unwrap these amazingly delicious lunches! So good you won’t even realize how healthy they are. Great for school, college, work, or on the go. Prepare the ingredients a day ahead to make your mornings a breeze. Subscribe to my Vlog channel for more cooking ideas: ————————————————————————– BLOG: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: mizzchievouz PINTEREST: GOODREADS:
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Last Week’s Meals (-:

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  1. lovegianttacos117 says:

    This made me sooooo hungry!!! They all look incredibly tasty!!!

  2. verdefux says:

    Great job! Yummy!

  3. mrbeautiful0123 says:

    i love this videoooo:XX:X::X

  4. Shauna Chevalier says:

    Thanks for the effort you put into this video! I’m compiling a list of different healthy lunches and this REALLY helped:)

  5. Michaela Bruening-Tietz says:

    Dankeschoen! Thank you for sharing – I have to do some food-shopping tomorrow 😉

  6. Sumit Sharma says:

    Will you marry me? I can’t cook any of that own my own 😛

  7. MartiUnionJack says:

    I totally agree with your comment…!thank you so much for sharing these recipes…!You can’t imagine how much this meant to me :)

  8. SillyBilly Jen says:

    Thank you soooo much for ALL the amazing recipies!! I’ll try all off them! 😉 xox

  9. ghanagirl45 says:

    can i substitute the yogurt for sour cream?

  10. Melissa Portis says:

    I love the fact that you do this to show people that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste horrible I will be doing this for myself and my new fiance’ i feel that starting a married life healthy is the best way to prolong the relationship :) thank you so much for sharing your recipes with the rest of us

  11. iCookiesh says:

    sieht so lecker aus !

  12. viaggeira says:

    fantastic i am going to share with all my friends

  13. 0808pups says:

    I ADORE YOU!!!!

  14. lolaactrez says:

    i am so hungry now lol

  15. Lovettesz says:

    I made the chicken wrap yesterday and omg. It was delicious! The grapes and yogurt gave it such an amazing taste :’) Thankyou!

  16. katiebow111 says:

    This video was really helpful and inspiring. Thank you! I’d love to see more like this!

  17. liquefie says:

    please make more videos like this!!!

  18. aletheakoumrouyan says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love this video!!! I’ll probably test these recipes!

  19. TheZqueeshy says:

    I have been recently researching Beets, do you have any yummy recipes for Beets?

  20. TheZqueeshy says:

    I just watched your video before going to bed (I already had my healthy dinner), but WOW! My mouth is watering for every one of your recipes. This is definitely some great, quick, and above all healthy meals…Definitely will be trying next week (I have my groceries for this week’s meals, so I have to use those up first…*sigh*:-()

  21. madebyangels02 says:

    hahahaha i love your sound effects it’s making me hungry!! 😀

  22. loveffashion says:

    i watched this even though i’m vegan and i can’t eat anything from above =)

  23. yoniyum76 says:

    Thank you, Julia! I love these videos!

  24. mssll1 says:

    I could eat the half of the lunch jaja but not all

  25. candi0826 says:

    you make the most yummiest looking food:)

  26. ashisfun21 says:

    Woo Hoo..GO TEXAS!

  27. JLYNNREDDEN says:

    How do you season your grilled chicken?

  28. macprincess2 says:

    How did you make that cheese sauce for the veggies>

  29. kendra326 says:

    What is the cheese sauce on the veggies? Like what kind of cheese and what not lol. I am always looking for something simple to put on my steamed veggies!

  30. footballmontana says:

    How do u make your cheese sauce for the broccoli and carrots ?

  31. UnCreativeBeliever says:


  32. AvasAwesomeMommy says:

    What kind of cheese sauce do you use over your veggies? What a good idea!

  33. shadiprincezz says:

    i was wondering if babies can actually eat and digest pasta, like any kind

  34. 101banano says:

    Your kids are adorable!!!

  35. holdendmb says:

    Camryn (will be 3 in July) always says “tasty” too when you ask her how something is. Something she picked up from my Mom, and I always think it’s really cute coming from a toddler! You have the cutest family ever! I googled Banana Nut Cake from Better Homes and Garden’s and not a lot came up. Kept giving me banana bread, or cakes from other recipes. Can you share? Pretty please? :-)

  36. misssarah8999 says:

    Way to show the Texas Rangers some love Deacon! Lol!

  37. 00babyluv00 says:

    Haha how adorable was that when Deacon answers “tasty” when you had asked him how dinner was lol Man that cake looked to die for!

  38. kyleandjessP says:

    I LOVE banana cake! It’s what my mom always made me every year for my birthday and to this day Kyle still makes it for me. :) I wonder if my cake is similar to your recipe.

  39. luckyinlove29 says:

    My son (21 mos) gets so excited when I pull up your videos. He says “Baby?! Hiiii baby!!!!”. Its so cute!

  40. kcj1086 says:

    Is there anything Deacon (sp?) won’t eat? He eats better than me!!

  41. ReillyAJ says:


  42. justme8725 says:

    The brown rice & pasta looks just like regular pasta doesn’t it – it doesn’t have a browny colour to it at all

  43. Dyandra Bunting says:

    what kind of cheese sauce did you put on the veggies for saturday night?

  44. SusyQ811 says:

    I tried Butter Lettuce tonight for the 1st time, and it’s delish! I wish our Costco sold it though. Maybe I can suggest it.

  45. typicalTEENgirl says:

    I wish you were my mom! You cook good, healthy food! I guarantee you I wouldnt be fat like I am now :/ !

  46. aliciav63 says:

    omg that shot of your baby eating is so sweet…reminded me of my son when he was like that just enjoying his little veggies ….. :0)

  47. emropa90 says:

    I wish you could cook for me!! Lol.

  48. CandidMommy says:

    Trader Joes (-:  It’s somewhere at the 3 year old level lol

  49. MyTTCjournal says:

    Gonna have to try the brown rice pasta! Did you get it from Costco?

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