Healthy Meal Plans The Vegetarian Way

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There are many types of healthy meal plans for weight loss. While, as long your diet is balanced most programs all accomplish the same thing. Yet, among all of the different types of customizable programs, it’s my opinion that none are as clean and healthy as what you would find in all-vegetarian meal plans.

Most people would define a vegetarian as someone who only consumes fruits, vegetables, grains & seeds and conversely does not eat any meat, such as fish, poultry, beef, bison or shellfish. However, most would be surprised to know that there are actually many different types of vegetarian preferences and unique diet plans.

Firstly, you have the traditional hardcore vegan who is a person that as completely sworn off the consumption of any and all animal products. The traditional vegan diet is the pinnacle of weight loss catering to healthy meal plans. Partly due to the fact that the most common foods responsible for weight gain are not allowed on a vegan diet.

There are certain kinds of vegetarians who till still eat dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese yet they refrain from eating eggs. These types are called lacto vegetarian. The options for a lacto vegetarian meal plan have much greater variety than a regular vegan. Therefore due to the diet composition, they will normally consume more calories as well.

A vegetarian who is in need of more sources of protein will eat both eggs and dairy products. These are called ovo-lacto vegetarians. Their healthy meal plans have typically have the highest content of protein among all vegetarian diets. They have the most liberal eating habits out of all types of vegetarians. By

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