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| January 10, 2013 | 8 Comments

Get your FREE 7-day Vegetarian Meal Plan from: Plus, you’ll discover the 10 foods NOT to eat on a weight loss diet. This weekend I went to the farmers market and found some really cool things I wanted to share with you. These are things you probably dont even think of when you go to the grocery store. Were going to talk about green leefy vegetables. Green leefy foods are very high-energy superfoods you want to add to your diet. They contain amino acids, protein, low in calories and high in minerals. I’m going to start with carrots. These are organic and as you can see one of them is purple and one is orange. From what I have learned, the color was changed to the orange that we are all familiar with because the color was more appealing to people. There are a lot of greens connected to the carrot and these are actually edible. The greens actually contain more vitamins and amino acids than the carrots themselves! The carrot itself contains more starch, sugar and carbohydrates. That is the main reason people are attracted to eating the carrot alone because of the sweet flavor. I found some other greens that you will probably only find at a farmers market. You can add them to your stir fry or steam them. You can really find some wonderful varieties of greens when you go to farmers markets that are organic and locally grown which also benefits the environment. I have broccoli greens which have a little bit of the broccoli started there. If you get greens

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  1. Ptofux3 says:

    its okay, he is just mad. probably all the meat you eat.

  2. Ptofux3 says:

    cute vegan

  3. kerbdog7 says:

    Kardena – what would you use/make with the greens from the carrots?

  4. TrueZeal says:

    I actully went to the farmer’s market today and was looking for a recipe for all the things that I have and I don’t normally use. i.e.
    Carrot tops, Beet tops, collard stems.

    I have a vitamix. i need are real juicer. I have Jack L’s now

  5. KardenasKitchen says:

    You are welcome! Kardena

  6. MyLaura999 says:

    Thank you for showing us the different greens we can find at the market. Its always interesting to see all the variety out there.

  7. thegoinggreenmama says:

    lol it’s so good!!

  8. thegoinggreenmama says:

    Glad you liked them!!!

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