Harmful Effects of Soy Revealed

| January 30, 2013 | 4 Comments

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  1. MAC02134 says:

    the truth is what we all need to hear so thank you for sharing this audio clip. i suppose if a soy product is hydrogenated it is doubly dangerous. i will have to find some other sushi i like besides california roll because it has soya flavored with crab. i like tuna rolls but wondering if the seafoods are contaminated from gulf spill and from japan nuke-plant spillage.

  2. macpduff says:


  3. 33rdPatriot says:

    all part of the elites’ DEPOPULATION AGENDA

  4. AlanWattResistance says:

    Just a coincidence that it causes sterility……or is it? Same with Vaccines, GMO foods, Pesticides, Bisphenol A in plastics, EMF radiation and Fluoride….hmmmmm anyone see a pattern here?

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