Gulab Jamun Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

| March 24, 2012 | 25 Comments

View full recipe at INGREDIENTS: Makes about 10 1-Cup nonfat milk powder ¼ Cup all purpose flour 3-Tablespoon room temperature unsalted butter ¼ Cup room temperature whole milk Pinch of baking soda For Syrup 11/4 Cup sugar (cane sugar) 1-Cup water 4-Coarsely grounded cardamom 4-Saffron string optional Oil for deep-frying (canola oil)
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  1. 229db says:

    Thanks Manjula aunty I made the gulab jamuns as u said and its was so delicious my husband liked it so mucH Thanks a lot.

  2. more7otter says:

    how come you dont use mawa?

  3. chickendumpligs says:

    can i use CLARIFIED BUTTER instead BUTTER???

  4. MsSoffiiiee says:

    I’m American and I barly tried this not too long ago from my Indian boyfriend and I’m not going to lie but Gulab Jamun is soooo Delicious almost everyweek I have to go back to the restaurant and order about 10 to go I just can’t get enough of this mmmmm. And even better I can learn how to make them Thank you Manjula! :)

  5. gshahi says:

    can we use suji replacement of flour


    I am making this today with my friend Krishna…we love you Manjula !!!!
    (We are making 60, so had to go 6x’s with the ingredients !)
    Pray for us.


  7. TheHafsa123456 says:

    hi aunti, i wanna make dis dish and i see u making easly and simply but can u please write down the ingrediants i want to buy them from the shop thanksz for your knidness

  8. MsAssertion says:

    manjula thats so nice of u u have mentioned the recipe in writen too thnx dear

  9. komalkomal100 says:

    can any body tell me, what is corn starch?

  10. Manjulaskitchen says:

    Plain flour and all purpose flour is same.

  11. rockingsweety99 says:

    hello mrs manjulla.. im so gratefull to you..i tried this first time and irt was so perfect.. my husband is so happy.. i got 10 out of 10 points..i had no all purpose flour, so i used plain flour. but it didnt make any difference in taste.. it was so yummyyyyyyyyyyy….. thanks a lot

  12. latinabeeotch417 says:

    @bhawanprabin the oil probably wasnt hot enough.

  13. TheHUMANIDEE says:

    YUM!!!!!!!! Can I call you Aunty too?

  14. marshallah21 says:

    They look very nice Aunty can’t wait to try to make them for my hubby x

  15. JamilaHossain says:

    can i use normal butter instead of unsalted butter? Is there any other thing I can use? Its eid tomorrow and I want to make this in the morning.

  16. ssna3 says:

    Hello :)

    I always wanted to learn how to make sweets. I made Gulab Jamun, Besan Ladoo & Jalebi. I was so happy because all of them came out perfectly and very tasty too :)

    Thank you for your lovely recipes, I will continue to make more of these tasty sweets :)

    Next time I will try to make Milk Cake :) I will let you know how it comes out :)

  17. Manjulaskitchen says:

    @sneha2206 you need to use all purpose flour

  18. sneha2206 says:

    Can we use plain flour for this or do we HAVE to use all purpose flour??

  19. pkmnfan104 says:

    HI there, i love ur videos, can u please make besan barfi thanks :)

  20. Manjulaskitchen says:

    Next time add the milk slowly.

  21. bhawanprabin says:

    mrs manjulla,
    I was really disappointed with my rasgullas
    my dove became very soft and geela ..
    i added all purpose flour and milk powder
    i did manage to make dove better too .but when i tried to fry those balls of those doves in oil ..
    it all disolved in oil ..
    i threw everything in dustbin
    i felt so bad .. and bored ..
    i followed al the instructions as you presented ..
    i don[t know it happened like that
    can u help me .. i really want to cook good rasgullas

  22. dua893 says:

    hi aunti manjula,we tried your recipe of gulab jamun,but they immediately cracked and spread in the fryingpan.we used normal milk powder. plz tell me why . i folow ur same recipe.i try 6 time but same result every time and i like ur all recipe n also try but this time i fail

  23. Manjulaskitchen says:

    1/8 teaspoon

  24. jotymelwani says:

    aunty you were mentioning for gulab jamun a pinch of soda.
    it is half teaspoon or one teaspoon.

  25. Seyahhsod says:

    Can you BAKE the Gulab Jamun and not FRY it ?

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