Great Tips on Preparing BBQ Vegetarian Meals

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The fact that you are a hard core veggie should not put you off the delights of having your food grilled. You can have great BBQ vegetarian meals that are healthy and unbelievably tasty at the same time. All you need to do is make the appropriate preparations, which are not time consuming or costly in any way.

The most essential step towards creating a BBQ vegetarian fantasy is to choose the right vegetables. As a veggie you probably know the taste of most of them, but it is still useful to have in mind which ones have the best taste when grilled. The majority of vegetables are greatly enhanced by being grilled or barbecued, some becoming very sweet and extra delicious; one example of this is the humble carrot. The onions are a real classic, but the peppers are superbly tasty as well. The sliced zucchini will be even tastier when grilled. Some people find the grilled tomatoes also quite good, but you should have in mind that they loose most of their juices and their natural sweetness through this cooking process.

All the vegetables you pick for your BBQ meal should stay in a marinate mixture first. There are numerous ways of preparing these mixes and that can be found on the specialized BBQ recipes websites. Many people share their culinary experiences there and you can get tested and approved ideas. Usually you will need some water, oil, salt and spices such as pepper, but you can add other ingredients such as some Tabasco sauce to make the mix spicier. To give your BBQ vegetarian meal the best taste, dip the vegetables in the marinate mixture, cover the container with foil and leave it like that for an hour or two.

One thing to remember if you are not a vegetarian is to cook the vegetables in a separate part of the barbecue or even separate barbecue all together to preserve the delicious taste of the vegetables. The vegetables provide a great contrast in taste and color to the meat. Variety can also be provided by a well stocked salad selection and don’t forget the dressings to complete your barbecue.

There is no reason as a vegetarian to miss out on the great taste of barbecued food and the fun times to be had at a party with a barbecue. Introduce your friends to the joys of barbecued vegetables and expand their culinary horizons. By

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