Foods That Kill – Part 5 of 6

| March 1, 2013 | 24 Comments Eating healthy, organic, whole foods is the key to good health and weight loss. Dr. Klaper explains, in very simple terms, how we’re killing ourselves one bite at a time with a meat based diet. No gruesome animal cruelty videos here, just the truth about how meat affects our own health and why a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is best. http
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Amrit gets upset when Satnaam tells her that the groom’s uncle wants sweets packed in silver boxes. Satnaam assures Amrit that he will make the necessary arrangements. Parmeet conveys his displeasure to his father that his uncle is making unreasonable demands. Bharti is worried as Babuji has to take medicines and for that, he needs to eat something. Babuji insists on eating only pure vegetarian food cooked in a separate kitchen. Mona meets Bharti and offers her food. Bharti refuses as they do not consume onions and garlic. She tells Amrit, who offers Anukalp’s family sweet yogurt. Bharti stops them from drinking it as it was made in a kitchen where meat is also cooked. Daarji meets Anukalp’s family and praises Anukalp. Anukalp gets some food from the shop but Mona stops them from eating it. Stereo Audio

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  1. Avinash Pravat says:

    Have you tried “Lean Body Maximizer”? (check it out on google) It is a quick and easy way to lose weight fast.

  2. gregory49 says:

    Mark Houston is THE expert on hypertension for christ’s sake do all yourselves a favor and stop watching this dip shit and read a book.

  3. gregory49 says:

    twit, you need animal protein for detoxification pathways, immune responses, as well as digestion. This stuff is old and outdated. People have now realized, sodium doesn’t cause heart problems, cholesterol doesn’t cause heart problems, it’s because of the inflamation that allows for small particle low density lipo proteins to be absorbed. You must be inflamed first, which is caused by not enough omega 3’s(read too much omega 6), chemicals, food allergins, stress, etc etc…

  4. joeywmc says:

    Anyone else having trouble hearing the sound?

  5. Lauxesa says:

    @sweetelesue LOL it’s not if they’re athletes, just like the people he was talking about…

  6. myIsweetIself says:


  7. beetz15s says:

    he for got to mention devil’s backbone

  8. hippiesjah says:

    Thanks Doc i saw this vid at the end of 2009 and i helped myself and a lot of other people i know to a better healthier way of living .thanks to this vid.,their thanks to me i extend to you ,thank you ,.people have 2 be shown the way ,so i show them your vids and a movie called ” food inc ” and they wake up . all the best hippiesjah

  9. rbertenshaw says:

    Are you kidding, this was all in the news in 1985 and they’ve been trying to lower childhood obesity, improve school dinners for over 20 years and NOTHING?? wow westerners really put up a fight, they want to keep their night saturated, sodium-filled animal-based diets that sustain the economy

  10. 00001saddam says:

    Hi! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my sister lost a ton of weight with it.

  11. Judy FIELDS DAVIS says:


  12. Toeknee Toe says:

    If the Obese public really care about losing weight, they should pay attention and stop eating all animal products. There’s a BIG conspiracy against eating healthy. It has to do with money and the US Government(Taxpayers) are the ones that will have to pay for expensive medicine and health care.

  13. holzpusher says:

    Agreed. Sure pesticides are sprayed on plants, but if fed to animals those toxins become highly concentrated in their fat, which gives meat-eaters a much stronger dose, as the speaker makes clear.

  14. steezster says:

    are you fucking retarded? No meat is good.

  15. actsrv9 says:

    True. Most social and economic “pyramids” are like pyramid schemes – fake and scam-driven. The food chain is real, but so is the population crisis and the fact that the sizes of the layers change make it NOT a pyramid but a chain. Big point.

  16. actsrv9 says:

    You don’t have to eat a bull to become a bull, **you have to eat what the bull eats**!
    And you also have to work out the amount the bull works out.

    See bull, copy bull, become bull – eat plants :-)

    A better example:
    Eating a bull to become one is like eating horse gonads for better sex. Looks great, but doesn’t work. Only horses have horse drive or whatever.

  17. Jason Neal says:

    Great video!!!!i learn alot

  18. Steve Thompson says:

    & they put Animals some with mad Cow disease In all food Including fresh Fruits & Vegetables?
    maybe Your an Apostle mocker that believes In the wrong Jesus & Your food Is Not being blessed? 

  19. YangSword9x says:


  20. hanyefres says:

    this is the first thing i have listened to that has convinced me to try and eliminate the meat and dairy from my diet. I will be giving it a go and seeing how it works. But a tremendous bit of information.

  21. StoryeTime says:

    I can truly testify that the vegan diet has been wonderful for my PMS problems, I do not have pain anymore, barely any disconfomrt and might lighter period and over 2 days instead or 3+!!

  22. 777TylerJB says:

    Much healthier than animal products. Animal products are 20-40 times more toxic. Screw the FDA they lie about everything. Screw the stupid food pyramid they set up also.

  23. chillwill120 says:

    Moderation means eating within the fda guidelines. Do you think fruits and vegetables with the polluted water and pesticides used are any less toxic?

  24. Gia Patel says:

    omg!!! anukalp’s family is so not understanding!!!

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