Food Prep for the Lazy, Late & Cheap Part Ten: DIY Meal Pak on the Cheap

| December 13, 2012 | 33 Comments

Link for 20cc oxygen absorbers on amazon:
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This is a slideshow of photos from recent years of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Also known as “Michfest,” the festival is a 6-day all womyn’s cultural event held each August. Together we create a community forged out of our love and labor that reflects our most essential selves — empowered, inspired, passionate, and ready to revel in all things female. Tickets include three vegetarian meals a day, beautiful woodland camping, hundreds of workshops, a film festival, DJ’d dances, Basketball/volleyball/5K run, childcare, womyn of color gathering and resource center, an d sign language interpretation. Visit for more information about this year’s festival, which will be held August 7-12, 2012. Song Amazon and Amazon Rise – Amazon © Atthis Music, BMI, additional lyrics Toshi Reagon © Black Elephant Music, BMI Rise Again © JUCA Music, BMI Produced by Toshi Reagon Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Kimon — The Wild Arctic Studios, LIC, New York Executive Producer Judith Casselberry Amazon (reggae) Music and Lyrics by Maxine Feldman, Additional lyrics by Toshi Reagon Aleah Long — 1st Verse Cris Williamson — 2nd Verse Bitch — 3rd Verse and Violin Toshi Reagon – Bass and vocals Judith Casselberry – Acoustic guitar and vocals Allison Miller — Drums Julie Wolf — Keyboards and vocals June Millington — Electric guitar and vocals Mayra Casales – Percussion Gina Breedlove — Vocals Holly Near – Vocals Shelley Nicole Jefferson — Vocals Rise Again Music and Lyrics
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. usstropicana says:

    Staples office clear tape (2$ a roll) does the sealing job plus u can still read through it. Does great job for many other needs too.

  2. usstropicana says:

    Hands and foot heating enveloppes you put in gloves and boots are also oxygen absorbers.

  3. SeriousArt250 says:

    Do the oxygen absorbers expire?

  4. ZombieTactics says:

    I don’t know … haven’t tested that. I see no particular reason why it’s a “bad” idea.

  5. sengmand says:

    Could you leave the small packets intact and then put say half a dozen in a larger Mylar bag and then add one oxygen absorber to that one bag and then iron it sealed? That way its quicker for the lazy and late and you only use one larger absorber so its cheap.

  6. ahnaknits says:

    Great idea! If you put a can, or one of those foil pouches for portability, of tuna or chicken with each of those, you’d have meat too just like the Mountain House and it would still be much cheaper. Although I’d be sparing with the tuna because of the high mercury content.

  7. canastasiou68 says:

    Very informative.

  8. pranksterguy1 says:

    I roll over the Gorilla brand duct tape with the side of a can of tuna fish. Works great!

  9. Brooklyngirl1969 says:


  10. Prepper Joe Osborne says:

    This is how to do it! You’re a cheap bastard but you have a good brain, unlike this one prepper who’s videos I’ve seen on here. They’re downright awful. His name is Jelman67. Check it out. Maybe give him a tip


  11. ZombieTactics says:

    It works, but it’s a bit of hassle. The interior bag tends to collapse before all the air is removed. There are workarounds, but there isn’t enough space in comments to give details. Might be a good topic for a future video. 😉

  12. rburton34 says:

    What are your thoughts on cutting a small slit into the package, placing that package into a food saver bag and, using a food saver vacuum machine, remove the air and seal the bag, then placing that into the bucket?

  13. RhondaTaxCPA says:

    Super ideas on the additional water source. My bug out house has a large pool. I guess that’s plenty of extra water, but I will also be mapping out the local community pools and lakes (which have a large supply of geese and ducks) for additional wter.

  14. RhondaTaxCPA says:

    Has anyone had any experiences with the Wal-Mart case of emergency food?I am going to recommend a tub of emergency food with a long shelf life and to rotate these other cheaper food pounches into your diet.While these items are not a staple in my diet eating one pounch or two a week so you can rotate your supply and keep it fresh without the oxygen absorbers (which I think are more a problem than a solution) is best.Food storage shouldn’t be a set it & forget it task but a work in progress.

  15. RhondaTaxCPA says:

    Having been a prepper for less than a year, I have done a lot of research. Your videos and ideas are great.

    I am a bit of a health and exercise fanatic so I am not big on a lot of these foods…however in an emergency they are spot on. The 72 hour kit is great! A few canned meals in a diet otherwise consisting of healthy foods will not hurt. Water, water water…I do have more water on hand than you recommend. I am now working on the long term food storage.

  16. Bsa309 says:

    One thing I’d like to mention is like he said make sure you read the packaging because a few do require milk or some kind of cream added. I saw only one of these about a month ago that required them however i used plain old water and it tasted fine but not as rich and might ruin that whole physiological comfort level with your food depending on how picky with food a person in.

  17. divchief07ut says:

    I may be a little late here but making the cut on the front of the bag would prevent taping over the cooking directions. Just a thought. Thanks!

  18. pranksterguy1 says:

    I can’t believe there are 3 people who actually dislike this vid! What’s to dislike? This vid is really excellent!

  19. pranksterguy1 says:

    I’ve told lots of people about this vid. WallyWorld sells Knorrs for a buck all the time. I’ve also seen them at Safeway-when on special sale for 89 cents-but usually WallyWorld is the place to go for Knorrs. It’s a great product emergency or not. Thanks for making this vid!

  20. Lellobeetle says:

    Friendly suggestion, you pick up the products a, lot, each time making noise. Go back and review that. Problem for me is that I’m hard of hearing and all that rattling makes it difficukt for me to hear your voice. Just a friendly suggestion. Great series!

  21. biglou052371 says:

    Since the bags are mylar, cant you just slice the top off the bag, insert O2 absorber, and then reseal with heat?

  22. autoduel says:

    Great video, I will definitely make my own MH meals on the cheap.
    If the original bag is mylar you can use a hair straightener to heat seal it.
    Oxygen absorbers “shrink the bag” as it absorbs oxygen. You can tell if the seal is compromised if the pasta is loose in bag. You can use handwarmers in a pinch for an oxygen absorber as well. If I were to use tape, I would rely on heavy clear packaging tape than duct tape.

  23. autoduel says:

    goats after SHTF,
    but if you buy before, you can get #10 cans of NIDO dehydrated milk at walmart

  24. alzathoth says:

    a lot of those “sidekicks” need milk. where are you going to get milk after SHTF??

  25. thatsit81 says:

    2:54 hunter valentine

  26. nathanfairchild says:

    do women get topless at this festival? i love staring at titties!

  27. mangosanctuary says:

    Love this song, i could not make it this year. Hearing this songs brings me right back to opening ceremonies. Thank you!!!

  28. IndigoAunty says:

    awesome video!

  29. kryn44 says:

    I attended this festival summers of 1976-77 ? Olivia records, Teresa Trull, Cris Williamson, Meg Christian, Margie Adam – I recorded and photographed – most of it is long gone….did not realize it was still happening….!

  30. fchristinafisherf says:

    Wow! Beautiful job on making Maxine & OUR song even more Powerful. I’m soooo sad I will miss the gathering in the woods this year–next year FOR SURE!!!

  31. Lilly Munster says:

    Love it!!!! Thanks for the Memories!! See you in August!

  32. Roniunnerd says:

    thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!! it’s been so long, it felt soooo great!!! thanx!!

  33. nicojo1244 says:

    Wow, incredible. Beautifully captures the soul of the festival.

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