Episode 510 – 20-10-2001

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Every Indian state is special in its own way and has a distinctive culinary tradition of its own. If you are on a tour to Rajasthan, you should not miss out the Rajasthani cuisine at any cost since the ingredients have a royal flavor and have been crafted to perfection over a period of several centuries. The cuisine of Rajasthan has been inspired by the food habits of the royalty who generally kept their cuisine a secret. Unlike the popular belief, the Rajasthani dishes also include lots of non-vegetarian flavors as the royals used to go for hunting and bring the meat or fowl as their prized achievements. In this episode, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor demonstrates preparation of the following Rajasthani recipes. 1. Gawr Ki Sabzi 2. Jungli Laal Maas 3. Rajasthani Vatti
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