Episode 392 – 20-01-2011

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The villagers come to the mansion in order to discuss their problems with Laali. Laali gives solutions to their problems, which makes them very happy. She even asks the villagers to start preparing for the upcoming `Makar Sankranti’ festival. Before going from the mansion, a lady tells Laali that the villagers are planning to conduct a `puja’ in her honor and urges her to come there with Shekhar. Laali promises to come. Before the `puja’ could begin, the priest accidentally steps on a dead rat and considers it as a bad omen. Futher, the priest’s anger knows no bounds when he finds that the food served at the `puja’ is non-vegetarian. Laali apologises to the priest and pleads to him to wait, but the priest walks away. Rekha tells Suman that Laali will now realize how it feels to be humiliated before everyone. Dr. Surbhi interrupts their conversation, but Rekha asks her not to interfere in their matter. Surbhi says that she is concerned for Laali as she is her patient. At the mansion, Shekhar tries to find out who messed up the `puja’. He tries to discuss this with Laali but Surbhi arrives and advises Shekhar to let Laali rest. Laali says that she will be able to rest only after finding out who is creating these problems.

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