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| September 21, 2012 | 25 Comments

Recipe: www.healthyveganrecipes.net This easy lettuce wrap recipe makes a great healthy vegan recipe for lunch. Lunch is a meal that’s often rushed, eaten on the go, or just downplayed in favor of dinner. But lunch is when you’re most active, and you still have a lot of the day left when you’ll be burning up energy. What do you think? Let me know below.

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  1. Heather Nauta says:

    ah, because seeds are more digestible if you soak them – it breaks down phytic acid and other things. And then I dehydrate them so that I can do them in big batches and they won’t go bad on me :)

  2. werewasyo says:

    i meant why do you soak the seeds in water, only to dehydrate them again 4:00

  3. Heather Nauta says:

    which food do you mean?

  4. werewasyo says:

    why do you soak them only to dehydrate them again?

  5. mslovesoldier says:

    is that for people or rabbits? lol.. but i love this channel, great ideas n recipes!

  6. Beanz572 says:

    i found it easier for me to quickly dip the lettuce into hot water a few times or to steam them for a few seconds. im not sure if doing so takes away any nutrients (probably does and if so i’ll stop doing it) but it helps with the wrapping/folding. AWESOME RECIPE THOUGH!

  7. Heather Nauta says:

    I eat it like a rolled sandwich, and keep my hands around it as I eat. They definitely are messy, but that’s part of the fun :)

  8. Jackthemeat says:

    could you actually show us how to wrap it next time. thank you

  9. Heather Nauta says:

    nice! glad you both are enjoying them :)

  10. MrsBrettBretterson says:

    My two year old loves this too. I make his as more of a salad – no lettuce, and he eats it with a fork. I’m so lucky to have a kid that will eat veggies.

  11. MrsBrettBretterson says:

    I’m totally hooked on these – I make them about once a week. Love them!

  12. ganjaking187 says:

    oh you can buy them dry like lentils that’s awesome i didn’t know that. ty for your comment it really helped me out, ive been trying to get off meat ever since i read the books of the Essens and they inspired me not to eat meat but its hard living in a irish family they eat meat with everything lol peace

  13. Heather Nauta says:

    I get them dried – if you find a bulk section at a grocery store, there are often a few kinds of dried beans. Otherwise, they might be in a bag on a shelf. I usually find the bags of dried beans with the Indian foods in the store, or if you can find an Indian grocery store they should have dried chickpeas. good luck :)

  14. ganjaking187 says:

    it seems that i can only find chick peas in a can you can never buy them fresh. i dont like the cans cause of the aluminum and i cant live without hummus lol does anybody know a way around this, anyway to get fresh chick peas? peace

  15. Heather Nauta says:

    thank you :) I don’t really have much of a ‘regime’… I actually just use regular soap (I know, the horrors!! I wash my hair with baking soda every other day, so I use the baking soda when I do that, much less harsh on the skin pH) and moisturize with extra virgin coconut oil – same stuff you get for cooking. I don’t wear any foundation or powder or anything – just a bit of mascara occasionally. I may have to do a video about this, I get a LOT of questions on it 😉

  16. kt3ar says:

    You are glowing and beautiful! What is your skin care regime? Do you wear any makeup?

  17. disan06 says:

    Heather, think you are absolutely gorgeous and glowing!  Thanks for the vids and the motivation :)

  18. Heather Nauta says:

    there are definitely LOTS of ways to be healthy, and lots of ways to approach it. very interesting on the yogic diet :) on olive oil – aside from the fact that it isn’t always processed in a healthy way – it’s just super-concentrated fat. Whole foods have vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, fiber and water along with the fat. It makes it easier on our bodies to digest. That’s not to say you HAVE to avoid oils to be healthy, it’s just something to think about :) and thanks btw 😉

  19. prldnh says:

    Veganism is compassion.
    A long time ago I was just a Vegetarian admiring you Vegan guys.

  20. prldnh says:

    I think she looks really healthy :)
    I’m a Vegan too and still strong if not stronger. Cheers!

  21. Martin Shellabarger says:

    I was just wondering what I could eat for lunch. . . problem solved!

  22. Martin Shellabarger says:

    actually vegan lifestyles are much MORE healthy than non-vegan, especially if you eat certified organic products, and be sure to get sufficient (vegetable) protein supplemented with vitamins.

  23. Martin Shellabarger says:

    Why would something like virgin olive oil be anything less than healthy? It is just pressed from the olive without heat. . .

    I used to follow a strict yogic diet, where foods are further divided into three categories: sattvic, rajisic, and tamasic. Yogiis eat only sattvic foods, because of the perceived negative effects of the other two types on meditation. Just another approach to “healthy” . . .

    BTW, Phil is a LUCKY guy, you are gorgeous!

  24. SebbeSucksBawlz says:

    so you’re saying meat is the only source of protein? mate, carl lewis was at the peak of his career as an athlete when he was a vegan. not just a vegetarian, a VEGAN… and you wanna tell me you need meat to get protein? go search up vegan body builders, then tell me I should eat meat to get my daily protein. and veggie meat? if you’re talking about tofu, that’s not meat. and does it bother you that much that some people don’t eat a certain type of food/foods?

  25. evanthemovieman says:

    actually if you go to the doctor they tell you should eat meat to get your daily protein or at least veggie meat, FUCKIN HIPPIES!!!!!

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