Easy Cranberry Banana Bran Muffin Recipe

| October 3, 2012 | 25 Comments

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  1. emerald052083 says:

    And where is Felipe going in his undershirt? lol. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. LovinMyNatural says:

    I’m going to try them, but I am going to try some walnuts in the recipe. I love Banana Nut Muffins.

  3. jamaicannatural says:

    no sugar? wow and awesome. they really look good

  4. cuddlemekiki says:

    that ending was hilarious!

  5. Mellisa Bartley says:

    looks yummy!!! throw me 1 plz :-)

  6. hpysparrow says:

    They look soooo smooshy and yummy! I loved the ending!!!! Felipe’s awesome! Hi Felipe! lol

  7. jnmathis says:

    Looks yummy. And lol at Felipe’s acting debut.

  8. MsTaLaiah says:

    Haha! Y’all are always so precious together :)
    I got to the end and I said, Wait! There’s no sugar in those
    You go girl! Lol. I’ll take some honey instead.

  9. idontbake says:

    mmm that looks good I can’t wait to try em ; )

  10. xxSeddieBarbie says:

    He’s having a affair

  11. avullrich says:

    Got Felipe’s seal of approval, now we know it’s good.
    lol :)

  12. Airianna Merritt says:

    Filipe is so funny lmfao at the end these muffins look really good i wanna try it :)

  13. NaturalNoni says:

    Thanks Naps! They look yummy!

  14. MoiVal88 says:

    Filipe is a natural born actor!!

  15. bunniLovesChrist says:

    I love that honey is the only sweetener! awesome!

  16. EvieE1002 says:

    I think I’ll try this recipe without the cranberries.

  17. Mrsdevsgirl says:

    The end with Filipe was too cute great job Whitney looks delicious

  18. ObedienceOrSacrifice says:

    Looks delish must try these!

  19. mtamorphis says:

    Then ending was really cute…love it! :)

  20. soultomyairr says:

    that was so cute at the end!

  21. xoJuicyxoLipsxo25 says:

    I love this…plus I love you guys!!! Thanks for the video

  22. KTBEverlasting says:

    Seriously, these two must have a blooper reel.

  23. brionnakennedy says:

    Filipe is a funny guy….the muffins look wonderful

  24. stanzza says:

    YUM! thanks! going grocery shopping today and definitely picking up these ingredients. p.s. you guys are too adorable.

  25. nancydrew5 says:

    How many takes fir the last scene when Felipe caught the muffin? Lol

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