Dr. Oz Raw Food Sauerkraut Salad Master Chef Recipe

| January 16, 2013 | 25 Comments

An easy Dr. Oz raw food recipe to help with your New Year’s resolution weight loss plans! This healthy salad recipe brings probiotic lactobacillus benefits to your table. It’s one of the free, easy recipes in our master chef recipe series, allowing you to make restaurant quality foods for your healthy family meals. Complete, step-by-step instructions and cooking tips by master chef Scott Foster of the Hazellewood Grill & Tap, Tonka Bay, MN. A restaurant grade recipe you can prepare at home. Make this vegetarian recipe part of your gluten free diet as well. Enjoy! Frank’s interpretation of the Dr. Oz Sauerkraut Salad developed by Master Chef Scott Foster of the Hazellewood Grill, Tonka Bay, MN. One large can of Frank’s Sauerkraut One tsp. dried Oregano leaves One tsp. Chia seeds Two-three diced Roma tomatoes Ground pepper: to taste One-three cups spring greens Handful of Kalmata olives, pitted and halved Extra virgin Olive oil: splash to taste Three-four Watercress leaves for garnish Drain sauerkraut of all excess juice. Wash and core tomatoes, cut into bite sized pieces. In a mixing bowl fold together all the vegetable ingredients. Plate, garnish with Watercress leaves, drizzle Olive oil and season with pepper. More information and recipes can be found at: www.sauerkrautrecipes.com
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Abeba from www.krazykrackerlady.com shares with you one of her favorite raw bbq dehydrated chip recipes. This raw cracker is as thin as a conventional potato chip. How does she get it so thin? Watch this video and find out. At the end of the video there is an impromptu tasting that gets rave reviews.
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  1. krazykrackerlady says:

    i like the excalibur, but I haven’t tried any other to compare

  2. krazykrackerlady says:

    thank you drkhrt, any questions just shoot me a message, thanks for your support

  3. DrkHrt1010 says:

    I have been raw for 6 weeks and I am craving a good cracker. I am going right to your website to purchase all of your books, especially the book with no nuts as I feel like every recipe I try has nuts!!!!

  4. 7DevineHealing7 says:

    You Welcome.

  5. krazykrackerlady says:

    thank you so much, it’s a joy and privilege to make these krazy krackers and hear back from people being successful finally makeing a good kracker

  6. 7DevineHealing7 says:


  7. 7DevineHealing7 says:


  8. krazykrackerlady says:

    thank you I’ll keep makin krazy krackers and puttin up videos

  9. krazykrackerlady says:

    thank you

  10. krazykrackerlady says:

    thank you I love what I do

  11. krazykrackerlady says:

    thanks so much

  12. krazykrackerlady says:

    I’m doin great

  13. krazykrackerlady says:

    you’re right, blended or ground is what I prefer

  14. krazykrackerlady says:

    why thank you, just trying make people happy with some easy delicious krazy krackers, thank you so much for your compliment, it does my heart well to know some people appreciate what I love doing, enjoy your krazy krackers

  15. KHRN2014 says:

    I love you already!!! You’re AMAZING!

  16. nesterhaus says:

    Ground flax are able to be used by the body where unground will pass through”0) Excellent recipe!

  17. mrfood1 says:

    How you doin?

  18. krazykrackerlady says:

    to miss raw thanks for your order, the 3rd book lip smackin favorites has the kut the cheez, my last book more lip smackin favorites has the new and improved bbq chip and onion ring, thanks for your support.

  19. wakeywakey2910 says:

    Hi There! LOVE your vid..you have made me want to create those crackers!! Regards the onions, if you soak the red and yellow onion rings in a ‘milk’, I believe it takes the harsh/hot flavour away and they then become much milder to use. I have a whole bunch of onions to use up, so going to make them into crackers..thanx for sharing KrazyLady! :-)

  20. krazykrackerlady says:

    yeah these krackers are amazingly krazy good, ya think from their reaction? thanks for your comment

  21. GOONIE H says:

    those crackers look amazing! thanks for the ideas. nice background i see u have been growin your greens…………….com

  22. krazykrackerlady says:

    yes they are good and I love making them

  23. bookmarkthis says:

    i hope these taste as good as your energy 😉

  24. krazykrackerlady says:


  25. Longhairstile says:

    OMG I can’t wait! I thought I bought all that I needed for now but I was wrong. I just kept searching and happened on this page and yall are doing it big with the raw stuff. I’m just getting into this again and I would like to get some recipes so I won’t go back to the unhealthy cooked foods. I stand a huge chance just by knowing what to do. I got my smoothies together so now I just need my dinners and snacks and entress. I’ll take whatever you’ve got. This raw stuff is my new homework :)

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