Depression Gone After Sarah Goes Vegan Vegetarian and Raw Food

| April 21, 2013 | 8 Comments – I interview Sarah Kellet and ask her why she chose a vegetarian diet, where she gets her protein, what he…
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  1. gelflingfaysuzanne says:

    I am not vegetarian, and I am ok with that, but i am also ok with her being vegetarian and am happy for her! I love when people do what is right for them!

  2. alimayrose says:

    Sounds Good, I want to learn more about it and incorporate more of this lifestyle into my life as well. Also, Remember that Candida can cause depression as well, and since most Americans eat so much Sugary/Yeasty foods, this could also be a cause. I have been going off of sugar slowly, and its like the yeasty, bubbly substance over taking the intestines(candida) is LURCHING out for sugar and bread, when I see it. but fighting against it is part of the fun :) Just watch the pasta & bread

  3. Lai Bront says:

    Many Thanks for sharing…

  4. Joshie Matthews says:

    Some people think I’m strange for not wearing wool but, by the time the wool gets in to the shop, the lamb or sheep has been killed for slaughter and I don’t want to wear the ‘hair’ of a dead animal.

    On top of this, buying woollen products is supporting the meat industry. I.e. making the whole sheep-breeding industry more profitable and I’m opposed to it.

    Some people think I’m ‘extreme’ but, most of the time, it’s because they’ve never really thought about it.

  5. Joshie Matthews says:

    I became vegetarian when I was 8, the day I discovered what meat was. Like you, I don’t see fish, meat, poultry or fish as ‘food’. I see it as a pice of a dead animal.

    I became vegan because, in a similar vain, I don’t see milk as human food and eggs neither. I don’t see leather, wool, fur and clothing for humans to wear but as animal parts.

  6. Benoit Massé says:

    I also felt a huge difference. I started to stop eating meat because of the environment, and I was surprised how much better I feel now.

    Like you, I have more energy. And it is so much easier than what I thought!

    Cheers from Germany!

  7. jungledrumnbass4ever says:

    wow your’e very pretty, i’m starting out on raw food today. this video inspires me to at least give it a chance..

  8. ARTHEROPY says:

    A birds leg LOL..same here!

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