Delicious vegan sandwich

| June 7, 2012 | 25 Comments

me making a very tasty sandwich! Try making it yourself and tell me how you like it.
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  1. MRsounddude says:

    got dammit I’m so picky when it comes to food! the only things I can eat here are the bread and the mushrooms

  2. apriltx says:

    I think I would use hummus instead of pb.

  3. DHammerr says:

    vegan means no animal products, so bread is fine

  4. DocStrange0123 says:

    And you need a brain that actually works… fair enough

  5. TrueBritishPatriots says:

    most in the USA contain sodum-2 lactylate though

  6. SissiAteABug says:

    @jessicascorpio1 depends on the ingredients. Not every bread contains eggs and milk.

  7. Jumpingflashlight says:

    Needs lime juice.

  8. Ziakalyan says:

    For those who don’t know, a vegan diet is a diet that just subtracts animal products.

  9. anddihier says:

    Awesome sandwich is a warmed pita bread or tortilla shell (your fav cheese if you eat cheese/melted..provalone is perfect to taste), spread olive sauce over all then add green peppers, mushrooms,tomatoes (lettuce if preferred too) roll it up and it is delicious!

  10. anddihier says:

    The mushrooms would go better 1st of on the peanut butter as it’d keep them in place?…just a thought

  11. OnbekendGHC says: meat , that sucks…and you killed innocent plants!

  12. jessicascorpio1 says:

    Is it truly vegan if you use bread?

  13. cpmc1 says:

    Those very specific mushrooms are actually carcinogenic uncooked. There fine cooked, great (they ARE mushrooms), but do not eat those raw.

  14. RawqinGal7 says:

    my mom was wondering if you used raw mushrooms? -_-
    like was it uncooked?

  15. hipsterpad says:

    the peanut butter seems gross but everything else sounds tasty cant wait to make this with homemade vegan mayo

  16. asimpleaccount says:

    I’m currently in the transition from omnivore to vegetarian, but I eventually intend to become vegan. I’ll try this one out, since it’s simple… any other sandwiches you’d reccommend for someone who doesn’t get full very easily? :)

  17. alexXplum says:

    dairy-free Mayo :)

  18. sludgedozer says:

    I wouldn’t eat peanut butter after all those ecoli cases since vegan is all about health.

  19. cphoover11 says:

    someone can play the harmonica!!!
    this sammie looks good too :)

  20. bobyflip11 says:

    omg i made this sandwih and it tastes like hevean!!!!

  21. darkkissa says:

    organic tahini, a sesame seed paste

  22. bluewater06 says:

    What if you are allergic to peanut butter. What else would you recommend?

  23. k8ee84 says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of putting pb on it, but I guess it makes sense; peanut sauce is good on veggies. Sunflower seed butter is good on veggie sandwiches too.

  24. swimmingaggie says:

    Hahahaha great video, Britta!!!! I made a yummy vegan sammy yesterday– humus and sprouts. Not quite as tall as yours, but I don’t have the income to purchase avocados!

  25. jezmine says:

    wow very interesting lol idk if ima try it but it did luk good i take it ur a vegetarian…i wonder what it fells like

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